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Filipino mango ice cream is a delicious sweet treat made with fresh mango, coconut milk, coconut syrup and glucose syrup. Mango ice cream is a delicious treat from Vanuatu, a Melanesian archipelago in the Pacific Ocean consisting of 83 islands.

Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream
No-Churn Mango Ice Cream is rich, creamy, and bursting with fresh mango flavor. This homemade tropical ice cream is easy to make with only four ingredients and no ice cream maker needed!
Provided by: Lalaine Manalo
Total time: 375 minutes
Prep time: 15 minutes
Yields: 8 servings
Cuisine: Global
Number of ingredients: 4
  • 2 large mangoes (or enough to make 1 cup mango pulp)
  • 1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 drops yellow food coloring, optional
  • Calories: 389 kcal
  • Carbohydrate: 34 g
  • Protein: 5 g
  • Fat: 26 g
  • Saturated Fat: 16 g
  • Cholesterol: 98 mg
  • Sodium: 86 mg
  • Sugar: 32 g
  • Serving Size: 1 serving
How to cook:
  1. Blend mangoes
  2. Slice mangoes and scoop flesh, discarding pit and skin. In a blender or food processor, process mango to an applesauce-like consistency.
  3. Combine ingredients
  4. In a large bowl, combine mango pulp, condensed milk, and heavy cream.
  5. Beat
  6. Using an electric mixer at low speed, beat mixture until it begins to thicken. Increase speed to medium and continue to beat for about 8 to 10 minutes or until stiff peaks form.
  7. Add food coloring
  8. While beating, squeeze a few drops of food coloring until the desired color is achieved.
  9. Transfer to pan
  10. Transfer mixture into a 9 x 5 loaf pan. Cover with plastic film, lightly pressing the film against the surface of the cream mixture.
  11. Freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight. Serve frozen.
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Mango Ice Cream Recipe - Homemade Ice cream (few

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Filipino Mango Ice Cream

Filipino Mango Ice Cream
Filipino mango ice cream is a delicious sweet treat made with fresh mango, coconut milk, coconut syrup and glucose syrup.
Provided by: A Hedgehog in the Kitchen
Yields: 0 servings
Number of ingredients: 4
  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp of coconut syrup or honey
  • 1 tbsp of glucose syrup
How to cook:
  1. Peel and remove the pit of the mango. into
  2. Chop into chunks and pop in the blender make mango juice.
  3. Mix the mango juice with the coconut milk, coconut syrup and glucose syrup.
  4. Using an ice cream maker, mix for 30 minutes.
  5. Put it in the your freezer for 30 minutes.
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Mango Mochi Ice Cream Recipe

Mango Mochi Ice Cream Recipe
This Japanese dessert is a delicious sweet treat that's extremely easy to make.
Provided by: DGIC
Total time: 483 minutes
Cook time: 3 minutes
Prep time: 60 minutes
Yields: 12 servings
Number of ingredients: 7
  • ¾ cup glutinous sweet rice flour
  • ¾ cup water
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ cup cornstarch
  • 1 pint mango ice cream
  • 3-4 drops yellow food coloring
  • Serving Size: 72 g
  • Calories: 143 kcal
  • Carbohydrate: 31.42 g
  • Protein: 2.42 g
  • Fat: 1.22 g
  • Saturated Fat: 0.324 g
  • Cholesterol: 3 mg
  • Sodium: 57 mg
  • Fiber: 0.4 g
  • Sugar: 8.83 g
  • Unsaturated Fat: 0.709 g
How to cook:
  1. Line your muffin tin with twelve cupcake liners and scoop the mango ice cream into each cup. Place the mango ice cream balls in the freezer for 2-3 hours until they are frozen solid.
  2. When the mango ice cream has frozen solid, whisk the glutinous sweetened rice with the granulated sugar in a bowl. Stir in the water, vanilla extract, and yellow food coloring until it is well combined.
  3. Cover the mochi with plastic wrap, then heat it in the microwave at full power for 1 minute. Partially remove the plastic wrap and mix it with a wet rubber spatula.
  4. Cover the mochi and cook it for another minute, then give it a stir, cover it and cook the mochi for an additional 30 seconds until it is slightly translucent.
  5. Arrange a layer of parchment paper on your work surface, generously dust it with cornstarch, place the mochi on top of the parchment paper, and dust the mochi with more cornstarch.
  6. When it is cool enough to handle, dust your rolling pin with cornstarch and roll the mochi into a thin dough. Pick the parchment paper up, transfer the mochi to a cookie sheet, and chill it for 15 minutes.
  7. Dust the cookie cutter with cornstarch and cut out eight circles, and remove the excess cornstarch with a pastry brush and place the mochi onto a plastic wrap-lined plate.
  8. Place another piece of plastic wrap on top of the mochi circle and repeat. Next, roll the scraps of mochi dough into a ball, roll it out and cut more mochi circles out.
  9. Place the plastic wrap with the mochi on top of your workstation, add a mango ice cream ball and bring the corners of the mochi dough together to encase the ice cream ball.
  10. Cover the mochi ball in the plastic wrap, place it back into the muffin pan, and freeze it for 2-4 hours. Allow the mochi to sit out for 3-5 minutes to soften the outer layer before serving.
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Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream
Mango ice cream is a delicious treat from Vanuatu, a Melanesian archipelago in the Pacific Ocean consisting of 83 islands.
Provided by: Vera Abitbol
Total time: 50 minutes
Cook time: 5 minutes
Prep time: 45 minutes
Yields: 8 servings
Cuisine: Ni-Vanuatu,Vegetarian
Number of ingredients: 8
  • 2 cups mango pulp
  • 6 oz. mango (, cut into small dice)
  • ¾ lb sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1½ cup evaporated milk
  • 4 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice
  • A pinch of salt
How to cook:
  1. Heat milk and take off the head just before boiling.
  2. Beat the eggs with the sugar until foamy, then incorporate the milk slowly, while continuing to beat.
  3. Stir in evaporated milk and mango pulp, lemon juice and pinch of salt, and mix well.
  4. Finally add the mango dice and mix well.
  5. Leave to cool and pur in the refrigerator for 12 hours.
  6. Place the preparation in the bowl of an ice cream maker (placed in the freezer for 12 hours beforehand).
  7. Turn the ice cream maker on and stir for 30 minutes.
  8. For a firmer texture, place the preparation in the freezer 30 minutes before serving.
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