High Protein Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This Chocolate PB Hi-Protein Smoothie Bowl is loaded with lots of protein in the Greek yogurt, peanut, butter and chocolate protein powder, among lots of vitamins and is super healthy and tasty!, Over 37 grams of protein!

Willie Henderson 2022-08-07

High calorie high protein smoothies

This 1000 calorie smoothie is not only delicious, but offers a lot of calories in a small, easily consumed, smoothie

William Green 2022-08-07

Whole and simple protein smoothie

This easy berry protein smoothie uses mixed frozen berries and multiple sources of protein for a filling

Anthony Lumpkin 2022-07-10

Mint Chocolate Protein Smoothie

This healthier for you Mint Chocolate Chip Shake is a nutrient-dense food and gets its gorgeous green color from an ample amount of spinach making it a creamy and delicious St
Rhiannon Jarvis 2022-09-17

High Protein Smoothie for Kids

Looking to boost the protein to your child's diet -without using protein powder?, This simple and delicious kids protein shake takes less than 5 minutes to make and is packed with 10, grams of protein per serving!

Dustin Smith 2022-09-12

Quinoa Protein Bowl

I adapted this from a turkey burger recipe when I went vegan., I use it as a post-workout meal, as it is delicious, satisfying and relatively high in plant-based protein

Janice Gunn 2022-09-06

Diabetic smoothie recipes with protein

Only 5 ingredients & 5 minutes to cure your sweet tooth with a low carb smoothie that’s healthy & tastes

Nancy Robison 2022-09-05

Mango Smoothie Bowl

Easy banana-free smoothie bowl with raspberries, blackberries, frozen cauliflower, and walnut butter., Perfect to blend up for a lower sugar protein

Richard Ryan 2022-08-28

Smoothie king protein shake recipes

An incredible Smoothie King Hulk recipe that you can create simply at home., The Hulk smoothie is available at Smoothie King in chocolate, coffee, strawberry, or vanilla flavors

Danny Lane 2022-08-07

Hemp protein powder smoothie recipe

A super healthy hemp protein smoothie, with flax, tahini, banana and blueberries.

Jack Lopez 2022-08-10

Premier protein shakes smoothie recipes

A recipe for Cinnamon Roll Smoothie from Premier Protein.

Jennifer Comstock 2022-08-02

Premier protein shake smoothie recipe

A recipe for Protein Coffee Shake from Premier Protein.

Lonnie Connaughton 2022-07-21

Chocolate protein powder smoothie recipe

This chocolate berry green protein smoothie is so tasty, naturally sweetened, and packed full of nutrients, Less than 300 calories with 26 grams of protein

Diane Bowen 2022-06-26

Chocolate Strawberry Protein Smoothie

This chocolate protein shake is chocolatey, packed with protein, and the perfect post workout snack or, easy breakfast recipe!

Lawrence Fields 2022-07-28

Keto High Protein Chocolate Smoothie

This keto chocolate smoothie is the perfect way to start your day!

Frederick Dingle 2022-09-20

Fruit smoothie with protein powder

This recipe for a protein fruit smoothie is a great way to make sure you're getting the protein you need, The recipe includes protein powder, strawberries, banana and yogurt

Fred Beltran 2022-07-26

Banana Orange Protein Smoothie

If the fruit is cold the ice-cubes are optional.If the fruit is at room temp and you do not have ice-cubes, cut all the fruit and place in the freezer for 20 minutes to chill before blending
Bonnie Craig 2022-09-04