How To Cook Elk Chops

How to cook elk ribeye

This Elk Ribeye Steak is tenderized with a cilantro lime marinade and perfectly grilled to medium rare

Charles Swinehart 2022-08-26

How to cook elk tenderloin

Deliciously tender elk tenderloin recipe with a rich homemade rosemary butter garlic sauce.

Shawn Dugue 2022-07-11

How to cook elk heart

This easy pan fried deer heart recipe makes delicious use of a very underutilized meat from your harvest. Flavorful, easy to prepare and a great use of a tasty meat
Vicky Carter 2022-08-21

How to cook elk roast

As I mention in the headnotes, this method works with all large, red-meat roasts, so beef, deer, moose, caribou, etc. It is intended for hind-leg roasts you want to eat rare to medium
Rosetta Taylor 2022-07-12

How to cook elk backstrap

Love elk backstrap? Looking for the perfect grilling recipe? Elk back strap is a great cut of meat!

Toni Hall 2022-07-17

How to make elk burgers

These juicy elk burgers are so hearty, savory and flavorful!, Grated butter is added into the ground elk which produces such a juicy and tender burger

Michael Lewis 2022-07-07

How to make elk sausage

This Elk brat with a touch of cayenne and a hint of sweet ushers your taste buds from summer to fall.

Margaret Brown 2022-09-06

How to make elk jerky

Spicy elk jerky recipe; the marinade can be used on beef, venison, elk etc.

Mark Smith 2022-09-06

How to cook deer chops

I personally am not a big fan on wild meat BUT my husband is! With this recipe it doesn't taste 'gamey' at all. It's very tender as well. I even go back for seconds!
Sylvia Hainley 2022-09-17

How to cook chump chops

This is a cheap, old recipe that uses ingredients that you probably already have on hand. It isn't low on fat, but so tasty!
Mary Day 2022-07-31

How to prepare elk heart

These tacos are a great way to enjoy the heart from any wild game. Flavorful marinated heart paired with spicy jalapeƱos, juicy pineapple, and tangy avocado crema
Melissa Sims 2022-09-02

How to grill elk steak

My husband brought home a freezers worth of elk meat from a hunt in Montana.

Ruth Lusk 2022-09-07

Ground Elk Casserole

This ground elk stroganoff is a delicious homemade comfort food recipe made with fresh ingredients., It's an easy ground elk recipe that's perfect for this year's elk harvest

George Villagomez 2022-08-06

Smoked Elk Roast

Make and share this Elk Roast recipe from

Ronald Romero 2022-07-14