English Apple And Almond Trifle With Calvados

English Apple and Almond Trifle with Calvados

This is a cake that borders on being a dessert, and would be my choice for a celebration supper party, served warm with crème fraîche. If you are not a lover of Armagnac, the prunes also taste good served with port or amaretto liqueur
Jennifer Davis 2022-09-06

Apple Cake With Calvados

This incredible Apple Crumble Cake is a most welcome addition to my table this week., As Autumn begins to wave at us from the back row my apple trees are weighty with beautiful Bramleys

Chan Schmit 2022-07-09

English trifle recipe - bbc

It is delicious and elegant looking layered in a trifle bowl or individual dessert glasses

James Mcdade 2022-08-24

English trifle recipes with liquor

There is no rule that says you can't make these in individual glasses. I did this year along with a small-ish 7"x11" Pyrex baking dish. The custard is just my good old reliable scale-able vanilla pudding made extra silky by leaving out the butter
Kathleen Aguilar 2022-07-10

Apple Walnut Upside-Down Cake with Calvados Caramel Sauce

Using a cast-iron skillet means you cancaramelize the apples and bake the cake all in one vessel., Plus, the remaining apple juices form the base for the caramel sauce

Nickolas Calhoun 2022-08-13

Apple and almond cake delia

Since this recipe was given to me many years ago by the proprietor of the Sign of the Angel in Lacock, it has become really popular with readers, as I know from their many letters
Betty Zimmerman 2022-08-08

Apple cake with almond meal

A moist, not too sweet cake that is topped with thick slices of apple and an almond-cinnamon topping.

Nancy Brown 2022-09-07

Apple crisp with almond flour

Almond flour apple crisp is warm and comforting with the wonderful flavors of fall - only made better

Raymond Hazelwood 2022-07-12

Sherry trifle

Strawberries and Cream Sherry Trifle., A real old fashioned style sherry trifle with homemade sponge cake, custard, strawberries and vanilla

Florence Blakeslee 2022-09-08

Trifle of four chocolates

Shop bought ingredients are used to great effect in this easy chocolate trifle.

Matthew Yingst 2022-08-14

Classic Trifle

It doesn't need to be Christmas to enjoy this classic dessert. Layers of cake, custard and jelly come together to create a thing of beauty.
Evan Hyer 2022-08-10

How to make sherry trifle

Delicious special dessert
Rico Webster 2022-07-12

How to make easy trifle

It only takes 30 minutes to create this beautiful and delicious arrangement of fresh berries, butter loaf cake and whipped topping.
Richard Hoyle 2022-07-16

How to can english peas

Pressure canning peas is makes them shelf stable for year round enjoyment right out of the jar.
Scott Joubert 2022-07-01

Healthy full English

Enjoy a hearty full English breakfast without worrying about your waistline.

Kimberly Fritsch 2022-07-09

English Peas with Mint

Tired of just peas and butter? The mint and lemon zest give these peas a flavor boost.
Mary Bommarito 2022-08-31