Pasta house pasta con broccoli

This is the acutal recipe (not a copycat) as posted on their website and as printed in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. THE REAL DEAL HERE MY FRIENDS (there are others posted on this website, but none of them are this exact recipe)
Jordan White 2022-07-02

Pasta e piselli (Pasta and Peas)

How to make Pasta e Piselli Recipe - A classic Italian Pasta dish with Peas Recipe

Patrick Morris 2022-09-22

Easy Pasta Pescatore (seafood pasta)

Mixed Seafood Spaghetti with mussels, prawns/shrimp, calamari rings and scallops with a spicy kick, a fantastic 15-minute recipe that is bursting with amazing flavours
Lino Chandler 2022-07-15

Pasta E Lenticchie (Pasta With Lentils) Recipe

This Italian pasta with lentils is one of the best nourishing meals you can cook using a few cupboard, essentials such as dried lentils and pasta

Jeffrey Prendergast 2022-07-09

What Pasta Goes with Vodka Sauce? (9 Kinds of Pasta)

Cheesy baked pasta makes for a weeknight dinner favorite.

Susan Aubuchon 2022-08-31

Broccoli Pasta

A local family restaurant has a dish very similar to this one that has been a favorite for years. My friend and I came up with this recipe when we were unable to find one anywhere, even in Italian cookbooks
Marion Streicher 2022-09-07

One Pot Sausage Pasta

This is a super easy recipe to throw together and, with the addition of different vegetables, can make lots of variations.
William Hudspeth 2022-08-07

Pasta with Ham and Peas

With crispy Parma ham, fresh parsley and a hit of lemon zest, this pasta recipe is a fantastic combination

Audrey Guard 2022-09-15

Lobster Pasta

I grew up in Nova Scotia where seafood was cheap. My Mom and grandmothers had some pretty inventive ways of making lobster 'not-boring!' Now, lobster is a treat and costs a fortune
Therese Wilks 2022-07-09

Pasta - Lasagna

Muellers Classic Lasagna recipe recipe by Angie Brady-Daniels/Mueller's, is from The Brady-Daniels Family Cookbook Project, one of the cookbooks created at FamilyCookbookProject
William Labbe 2022-06-30

One Pan Shrimp Pasta

This One-Pan Creamy PASTA with SHRIMP & VEGETABLES is insanely delicious.

William Turnbull 2022-09-14

How to make colourful pasta

This simple, healthy homemade rainbow pasta is naturally coloured and a beautiful way to add the rainbow

Edward Bergeron 2022-08-30

How to make rasta pasta

Rasta pasta is creamy pasta tossed with Caribbean style jerk chicken and sauteed bell peppers.

Mandy Monarez 2022-07-23

Once upon a chef pasta

Simple yet spectacular, this fusilli alla Caprese requires just a handful of ingredients, comes together quickly, and is delicious hot or cold
Vicky Hodges 2022-08-20

Pasta peperonata

This quick and easy linguine recipe is bursting with summer flavours – tomato, baby capers, and zingy lemon zest, all topped off with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese
David Sanner 2022-06-24

Homemade Pasta

You CAN make homemade pasta without a pasta maker!, Our step-by-step homemade pasta recipe is a game plan to enjoy your favorite pasta recipes with fresh, pasta

Hilaria Geerdes 2022-07-26

Cheeseburger Pasta

This hearty, warming cheesy savoury mince is the perfect meal on a cold day. Set it to cook in the morning, then let the slow cooker work its magic
Shane Wegner 2022-07-28