The best vegan burger

Wedged into a bun with zingy tomato salsa, juicy mango, avocado and extra Tabasco, these black bean burgers are really something rather special
Mike Nye 2022-07-20

Vegan m'hanncha

Topped with a sticky-sweet, nutty crumble topping, my twist on the American classic is a real treat! I’ve swapped pumpkin for butternut squash here as I love the natural sweetness it gives, plus I find it’s easier to get hold of
Barbara Foster 2022-08-30

Vegan Shepherd's Pie

This vegan Shepherd's Pie is so flavorful and comforting it will be your go to meal to curl up with.

Erica Fletcher 2022-09-13

Vegan biscuits

These Easy Eggless Biscuits are buttery, soft, and flaky! With just 5 ingredients and in less than 30 minutes, you can have fresh, warm biscuits on the table
Amanda Sipper 2022-07-26

How to make vegan cupcakes

These vegan cupcakes taste amazing and are quick to make!

Faye Tuplano 2022-07-13

Vegan Thin Mints

These cookies are loaded with peppermint, chocolate chips and Oreos for an explosion of flavor. If you love mint and chocolate (think Thin Mints
Sherry Robinson 2022-07-02

Best Vegan Lasagna

This Best Vegan Lasagna is an amazing meatless, dairy-free lasagna packed with a hummus tofu ricotta

John Hile 2022-08-07

How to make vegan flan

Creamy, sweet, and delicious vegan flan that literally melts in your mouth.

Larry Rosenbaum 2022-07-21

How to make vegan macarons

These Vegan Macarons will blow your mind!

Angela Cottle 2022-09-20

Vegan Macarons

An eggless alternative to the traditional French dessert!
Jeffrey Shipman 2022-07-05

My Go-To Vegan Soup

These vegan soup recipes are too good to be true!

Blanche Hughes 2022-08-11

Vegan Pasteles

"Pasteles are a household dish in the Puerto Rican culture. Though they can be made many different ways this is my recipe that I love. This process takes up to 2 days to complete so if you plan on making Pasteles you should invite people over to create and assembly line
Byron Barks 2022-08-21

Vegan meringues

Vegan meringues are easy to make and require little hands on time.

Lee Torres 2022-09-08

How to make vegan noodles

A simple DIY for three-ingredient homemade vegan pasta - that can be dried, refrigerated or frozen and, made into a whole variety of delicious vegan dishes

Holly Burnett 2022-07-01

Vegan Pinwheels

Serve these vegetable pinwheels as vegan appetizers at your next get-together, or enjoy as snacks or

Peter Boothe 2022-08-10

How to make vegan coquito

A creamy vegan coquito cocktail with sweet coconut flavor perfect to celebrate during the holiday season

Michael Whilden 2022-07-08

Vegan Scallops

A delicious and unique salad reminiscent of guacamole. Easy to make and a quick prep, this is a great substitute for more traditional salads
Andrea Newman 2022-08-07

Vegan Butter

This 10-min creamy homemade vegan butter uses 7-ingredients that exclude palm oil and other not-so-friendly

Christina Upchurch 2022-08-24

How to make vegan brownie

Whether you are vegan by choice or due to food allergies, you may end up having to give up many popular

Joanne Sylvester 2022-07-07