Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Notepin - Extremely simple note taking
    Extremely simple note taking + blogging | By @okozzie_

  4. - Publish Hyperlinks - Anonymously publish text with hyperlinks enabled.

  6. | Die Suchmaschine für exklusive Inhalte
    Linkvertise hilft dabei, exklusive Inhalte zu finden. Durchsuche mehr als 15 Millionen Links auf Downloads, Applikationen und vieles mehr.

  8. MEGA
    MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 20GB now

  10. ControlC Pastebin
    The ControlC pastebin is the original next generation tool for sharing text. We offer a full suite of tools and a affiliate program for users to make money. Formerly known as Pasted and Tinypaste

  12. Shorten, Share & Earn Money - Monetize your traffic with the highest CPMs!

  14. Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform
    Gofile is a free file sharing and storage platform. You can store and share data of all types. There is no limit and everything is free.

  16. Cloud Storage

  18. Anonymous File Upload - AnonFiles

  20. DropGalaxy - Upload Files & Earn Money
    DropGalaxy offers you free best file hosting platform to host your files for free even we pay for downloads. we pay 30$ per 2000 downloads.

  22. MediaFire
    MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

  24. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

  26. - Free Text Content Hosting and Text Uploader Service
    TextUploader is a free text hosting service. Features include: syntax highlighting, text uploading, syntax highlighting, revision history, and post by emails.

  28. Happy holidays !
    RARBG - Torrents , movies , download , music , games , free , RARBG Rarbg Index page

  30. Dropbox
    Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork-so you can focus on the things that matter. Sign in and put your creative energy to work.

  32. WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
    WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world

  34. No Risk Domain - your online safety check
    Place, Where Your Safety Matters. Our service will check the domain you want to visit for you and will tell you if it’s safe to browse.

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  36. Rapidgator
    Download file from Rapidgator. Cloud hosting solutions, safe and secure file hosting

  38. program-LZ-2 — ImgBB
    Image program-LZ-2 hosted in ImgBB

  40. - Markdown Pastebin
    Markdown pastebin service with preview, custom urls and editing.

  42. Pastin - a FOSS pastebin
    Pastin is a FOSS pastebin service, made in Finland.

  44. pastebin
    pastebin - outil de debug collaboratif

  46. Pastebin Türkçe
    Pastebin, Paste Paylaş, Lua, Paste Code. Türkçe Pastebin Sitesi.
    Author: Pastebin Türkçe

  48. asocialfolder | Markdown-based, Dropbox-enabled website hosting
    asocialfolder helps you create a website using Markdown and Dropbox.
    Author: Asoxial; Llc

  50. - Vim based pastebin
    vpaste: Vim based pastebin

  52. PasteBin — копируем, постим, обсуждаем
    Pastebin помогаем работать и общаться: скопировал, вставил, отправил

  54. - secure encrypted pastebin
    Secure and anonymous sharing of temporary text and online notes with, an encrypted Pastebin.

  56. Verybin - Anonymous, Encrypted and Opensource pastebin. is an anonymous, encrypted and opensource online pastebin using 256bits AES.

  58. Markdown Guide
    A free and open-source reference guide that explains how to use Markdown.

  60. LightPaper - Probably the best text+markdown editor for your Mac
    Admired by thousands, LightPaper is a powerful markdown editor with features such as Multi-Tabs, Folder Navigator, Distraction Free Mode, Quick Open, Live Preview, Full GFM Support, Math rendering etc

  62. Online Markdown Editor - Dillinger, the Last Markdown Editor ever.
    Dillinger is an online cloud based HTML5 filled Markdown Editor. Sync with Dropbox, Github, Google Drive or OneDrive. Convert HTML to Markdown. 100% Open Source!
    Author: Joe McCann; Martin Broder

  64. Taio - Markdown & Text Actions
    Taio - Markdown & Text Actions
    Author: Katrine Zhu

  66. | new encrypted pastebin is similar to Pastebin website where you can store code/text online for a set period of time and share to anyone anywhere.
    Author: PastBin net; New Encrypted Pastebin

  68. Versatil Markdown | Markdown Editor and Note Taking for macOS
    Versatil Markdown for macOS is a hypernotebook built around Markdown/CommonMark, with 1Password integration, HTML/CSS support, syntax highlighting, frictionless keyboard flow, smart drag-n-drop insertion, multiple themes, document aliasing, and more.
    Author: Digitalmoksha Io

  70. clbin: command line pastebin.
    Command Line Pastebin - Use curl, wget, python, php, and other command line tools to store text and images online. Post, paste, upload, share, terminal output.

  72. A Markdown Editor for the 21st Century - Zettlr
    A powerful Markdown editor for researchers and journalists.

  74. 1Writer — Powerful, beautiful Markdown editor for iOS
    Powerful, beautiful Markdown editor for iOS.

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  76. Torchpad - The Simplest way to make a Markdown Wiki
    The Simplest way to make a Markdown Wiki

  78. Markdown & LaTeX Editor
    Upmath helps writing math texts for the web. It converts Markdown syntax to HTML, and LaTeX equations to SVG images.

  80. MindForger - Thinking Notebook and Markdown Editor
    Thinking notebook and Markdown editor web site home page.
    Author: Martin Dvorak com

  82. | Markdown Syntax-Dokumentation
    Markdown ist ein einfacher Syntax, um HTML-Code aus Textdokumenten zu generieren, angelehnt an die Formatierung von nur-Text E-Mails.

  84. 日本語Markdownユーザー会
    Author: Japanese Markdown User Group

  86. Markdown Live Preview
    This is the online markdown editor with live preview.

  88. Znote - Markdown and code editor inspired by Jupyter notebook
    Markdown and code editor inspired by Jupyter notebook

  90. InkMark - A Simple and Powerful Markdown Text Editor for iPad
    A Simple and Powerful Markdown Text Editor for iPad

  92. Inkdrop - Note-taking App with Robust Markdown Editor
    The Note-Taking App with Robust Markdown Editor

  94. Remarkable - The Best Markdown Editor for Linux and Windows!
    Remarkable is the best fully featured markdown editor for Linux and Windows

  96. Markdown 指南中文版
    Markdown 指南 是一份免费且开源的 Markdown 参考手册,详细讲解了 Markdown 这一简单、易用的文档格式化标记语言的用法。

  98. Tutorial Completo de Markdown™ [Passo a Passo]
    Tutorial de Markdown™ completo para iniciantes com os melhores exemplos práticos de como usar a linguagem de marcação mais simples do mundo.
    Author: Robert Salles

  100. Texts — Markdown Word Processor for Mac OS X and Windows
    Markdown editor for Mac and Windows. Tables, images, footnotes, math and more. Export to PDF, HTML, Word, ePub.
    Author: Text Software Limited

  102. Cryptobin
    Share data securely and anonymously with Cryptobin. The ultimate secure pastebin service since 2011.

  104. is a free and open source temporary pastebin and file hosting service. Business plans available for permanent usage

  106. Markdown 語法說明
    Markdown 是很簡單的純文件格式,由於語法設計得好,近幾年廣泛應用在各種領域,包括 Github、Stack Overflow 等知名的網路服務都使用它,本網頁為該語法的中文說明

  108. TextBin
    Text Bin is a service similar to pastebin, where you can paste and store any type of text or code snippets online and share it with your friends.

  110. The Ultimate Secure Pastebin: at StatsCrop
    Cryptobin(The Ultimate Secure Pastebin): Share data securely and anonymously with Cryptobin. The ultimate secure pastebin service since 2011. at StatsCrop.

  112. - Rocket Powered Pastebin is a simple, no-frills, command-line driven pastebin service powered by the Rocket web framework.
    Author: Sergio Benitez

  114. python|vue|json|mysql|linux|redis|docker|markdown|golang|设计模式|postman-嗨客网
    嗨客网(提供各种有关编程技术的教程及使用案列,包括:Python、Vue、Json、Mysql、Linux、Redis、Docker、Markdown、Golang、设计模式 和 Postman 等。

    Other websites similar as

  116. AJE: English Editing & Author Services for Research Publication
    Get published faster with our industry-leading English Editing and Author Services – 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee & Personalized Customer Support

  118. Mary McCauley Proofreading -
    Proofreading & Editing Services

  120. The Writing Centre
    Academic & Professional Editing Services

  122. - Shorten URLs, images, text and email, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin addresses URL, image, text and email, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin address shortener. Lots of features like click statistics, URL preview, link editing and public API.

  124. lucid design studios
    Web site design and graphic design that is refreshingly elegant. Book editing and audio/video editing services. Competitively priced.

  126. HK URL Shorten
    A URL shorten, file sharing, online preview, and cloud download services provider.
    Author: Yuanyi Sun

  128. Laskin Publishing / Les Editions Laskin
    Laskin Publishing provides professional editing and publishing services for selected Canadian manuscripts. Editing of manuscripts for a fee for those not selected for publishing by Laskin.

  130. Hawkeye Proofreading: professional proofreading and copy editing services
    Proofreading and copy editing services for self-publishers and business owners

  132. Tiny URL | Free Short URL Redirects with Tinycc
    Changes a big URL into tiny URL. With link editing, detailed click statistics, QR Codes and Custom Domains.

  134. English Editing Services & English Proofreading for Academic Papers|Forte Science Communications
    English Editing Services & English Proofreading ensure your academic paper meets journal submission requirements. Our subject matter experts increase your chances of publication. Quality, satisfaction & personalized customer support guaranteed!|Forte Science Communications

  136. WRITE ON TRACK - Write On Track
    Write on Track offers contract editing and writing services as well as offering publishing services to Canadian authors on a limited scale.

  138. HOME
    Grey Matter Media offers smart and creative personalized writing, editing, and publishing services.

  140. The domain name is available!
    Great short memorable name for any kind of text-based service or platform, or for editing and publishing.

  142. Quality Web Designs from Newport News VA Website Designers and Consultants 757-875-9721
    Affordable Rates for designing, writing, editing, publishing, SEO and management services by Industrial Documents in Newport News, VA.

  144. Home | Dream Write Publishing
    Dream Write Publishing helps you publish a book, tell your story, or editing, design, and writing services.

  146. LinkPreview API - Free Link Preview Service
    Preview Web links with our reliable API service. Get Detailed JSON Response for any URL.

  148. Proofreading Australia with Full Proofreading services
    Freelance proofreading and editing services to companies Australia wide. Prompt, efficient and adaptable to a wide variety of industries and subject areas.

  150. Susannah Ortego, Editor
    Editing, proofreading, formatting and other publishing services for publishers, packagers, institutions, organizations and individuals by versatile professional with 25 years experience.

  152. Adala Group | Creative Services for Small Business & Authors
    Professional graphic and web design for small business. Writing and editing service, blogs, books, magazines. Book and magazine publishing.

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  154. BMS Editing and Publishing
    BMS provides specialist copywriting, editing and publishing services. BMS Books is an independent publisher specialising in regional authors with challenging themes

  156. The Urlist
    Group links together in a list and get a custom URL to share them. Edit your lists at any time.

    Bitly URL Shortener | Short URLs & Custom Free Link Shortener | Free URL Shortener, URL Shorten Service

  160. Crescent Design - Web Sites Tailored for Small Business
    Crescent Design is a small business custom web site design company. Dedicated to outstanding design and customer service.

  162. Rotate Traffic to Multiple URLs
    Easy URL Shortener + Link Rotator with Pixel Retargeting. Powerful, Free Link Management Tools For Marketers. Evenly split traffic between two or more URLs with our URL Rotator. Editable Destinations & Custom Domains.

  164. Linksplit at StatsCrop: Powerful, Free Link Management Tools For Marketers. Easy URL Shortener + Link Rotator with Retargeting. Evenly split traffic between two or more URLs with our URL Rotator. URL Shortener with Editable Destinations & Custom Domains. at StatsCrop.

  166. FriesenPress | Self-Publish Your Book in Canada
    Self-publishing in Canada? FriesenPress is Canada’s largest publishing services provider. From editing and design to marketing and promotion, we've helped over 4,500 authors self-publish and succeed

    A publishing venture that makes many an aspiring author's dreams of becoming a published author come true. We offer cover design, interior design and editing services.

  170. Foolscap Press
    Foolscap Press is a small letterpress printing, hand binding and publishing company located in Santa Cruz, California. We publish limited edition hand made books. We also do custom printing, binding and portfolio case construction.
    Author: Willow Glen Productions

  172. Sandglass Enterprises - Home
    Diverse professional services, including custom software, web design, publishing and massage.

  174. Mindvision Media Ltd
    We are in the business of providing branding, advertising and graphic design services to help you stand out from everyone else and perform better. By creating want and desire for your products and services, we can help you entice new customers and delight existing customers.

  176. Startseite | Toyota | Ferdinand Nobbe GmbH
    Herzlich willkommen bei Ferdninand Nobbe GmbH - Ihrem Toyota-Autohaus in Sulingen, Warmsen, Nienburg und Porta Westfalica! Informieren Sie sich hier über die Toyota Produktpalette und unsere Serviceangebote.

  178. Startseite | Toyota und Hyundai | Autohaus Bach
    Wir bieten Ihnen umfangreiche Leistungen wie beispielsweise Toyota und Hyundai Neuwagen, Gebrauchtwagen, Tageszulassungen und vielen weiteren Angeboten.

  180. Habitat Concept - Constructeur de maisons individuelles
    Faites confiance à Habitat Concept pour construire votre maison dans la moitié nord de la France, et choisissez l'élégance architecturale au meilleur prix.

  182. Shoperies - Get Indian Groceries delivered to your door
    Fresh Indian Groceries delivered home. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. Same day delivery, FREE next day delivery, Curb-side Pick-up options available

  184. Startseite | Willkommen | Autohaus Gerding
    Herzlich Willkommen beim Autohaus Gerding | Neu- & Gebrauchtwagen von Toyota, Crosscamp & Kia | Werkstatt- & Fahrzeugservice u.v.m. Kommen Sie vorbei!

  186. Startseite | Ihr Partner für Toyota und Fiat in Kaltenkirchen | G+S Autohandel
    Ihr persönlichem Ansprechpartner rund um Ihr Automobil. Wir vertreten am Standort Kaltenkirchen die Marke TOYOTA und FIAT und freuen uns, Sie auf unserer Homepage oder im Autohaus begrüßen zu können! Wir stehen für erstklassigen Service, faire + kompeten

  188. Startseite | Willkommen | Autotechnik Hahn e.K.
    Wir bieten Ihnen umfangreiche Leistungen wie beispielsweise Toyota Neuwagen, Gebrauchtwagen, Tageszulassungen, Aktionen sowie Service & Zubehör für Ihren Toyota

  190. Startseite | Autohaus Stelzer GmbH

  192. Top SAP Partners for Successful Digital Transformation
    Leading SAP partners in UAE, helping top notch businesses to digitally transform and grow to its fullest potential through advanced cloud-based ERP solutions.
    Author: Exalogic Consulting

  194. Интернет-магазин "Рыбная лавка"
    Интернет-магазин "Рыбная лавка"