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  2. iconstorm : designing the next – Innovation, User Experience and Digital
    Designing the next : iconstorm is a Design Company offering both strategic and operational support on Innovation and User Experience Projects.

  4. Design Sojourn is a Design Thinking, User Experience (UX) & Innovation Consultancy
    We are a Design-led innovation and transformation consultancy passionate in using Design Thinking to make people’s lives better. We deliver customer insights, design innovative business models, prototype user experiences (UX) and service design solutions.
    Author: Design Sojourn @designsojourn

  6. zigzag GmbH | A multi-disciplinary Design Company for Innovative Digital Experiences
    Acknowledgement | zigzag is a multi-disciplinary design company for innovative digital experiences
    Author: Zigzag Gmbh

  8. Loki English – Product Innovation and Experience Design
    Product innovation and user experience design

  10. QGLUE - Design Led Innovation
    Design Thinking india. Design Thinking certification India. A QAI promoted venture, QGLUE brings a unique Design and Innovation led human-centered approach to building products, services and businesses —for a better future with happier people.

  12. Mohamed Yahia — Experience Designer, Innovator & More!
    Experience Designer, Innovator, Entrepreneur & Digital Business Expert! Who Believe That Every & Each Single Moment Meant To Be Designed.
    Author: SADFASD FSADFSADF; Mohamed Yahia

  14. Chhavi - A design & innovation firm that delivers distinctly better design experiences.
    a design & innovation firm that delivers distinctly better design experiences.

  16. Innovative LED Leuchten direkt vom Designer kaufen! - revolite online shop
    Shop für innovative Design LED Leuchten von Dietmar Tappe

  18. Development and manufacturing of custom UV-C LED applications.
    Ldiamon is a company with over 15 years of experience designing and producing innovative UV-C LED equipped devices and sensors.

  20. Essential Design - Innovation Strategy, Product & Experience Design
    Essential Design is an Innovation Strategy & Design firm providing Product Design, Service Design, and Digital Design services to help clients create breakthrough customer experiences.

  22. A design led innovation company - fsd
    We are a 20 year old , Bangalore based firm and our areas of expertise are design , design build ,business design and innovation consulting .We help businesses innovate with strategies for business relevance and thought leadership. We design experiences that involve products , spaces and services. Our success is informed by our capability to infer from our understanding of people, their behaviour , experiences and most importantly their unmet and un-arcticulated needs.

  24. We enhance user experiences through innovation & design
    innovation. design. experiences. deeply believes great design is not just about how things look but rather how well they function. Applying design is always a purpose-driven process. It is about understanding our clients – their company & brand, their people & culture, their products, offerings and services and most of all
    Author: Obiimobi

  26. - user experience innovation
    We are Innovators, Experience Designers, Product Developers and Software Engineers. Together we transform innovative ideas into digital realities.

  28. LED lighting solutions, Ambi-FX designing and manufacturing LED lights - Home
    LED Lights by Ambi-FX an Australian company who are innovating, designing and manufacturing LED lighting for Industry, Govt bodies, Commercial Projects, Architects, Designers, throughout Australia, S/E Asia and internationally since 2009.

  30. XYZ Design | Design Inspired Innovation !
    Improving peoples lives and businesses through design-led innovation. Reintroducing design into business.

  32. Experience Brands Global | Innovative Luminaire Design | Luxembourg
    Experience Brands Global is an international innovative luminaire design manufacturer for interior and exterior lighting

  34. Zettastrom — Design Experience
    A company of strategists, designers and technologists sharing a passion for crafting innovative and engaging experiences through creative digital solutions tailored specifically to fulfill your needs.

  36. Design Thinking - Business Innovation
    Discover the benefits of this innovative approach by getting hands-on experience. MJV is a global consulting company specialized in Design Thinking
    Author: MJV Technology; Inovation

  38. Design Thinking - Business Innovation
    Discover the benefits of this innovative approach by getting hands-on experience. MJV is a global consulting company specialized in Design Thinking
    Author: MJV Technology; Inovation

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  40. D&P | Brand Innovation | Experience Design | Retail Design | Branding
    Dalziel & Pow - a brand innovation studio. We reimagine brands & design breakthrough experiences to help businesses make meaningful connections with people

  42. PDD | Product & Experience Design Innovation Consultancy
    PDD designs innovative products and experiences. Our talented multi-disciplinary team delivers tangible results that help clients grow.

  44. Power Experience – Innovate. Design. Iterate.
    Innovate. Design. Iterate.

  46. L!FESQUARE • Innovation Design Company
    Innovation Design Company

  48. Experience Design & Innovation Consultancy | FreshForm
    A Customer Experience (CX) Design, UX Research & Digital Innovation Consultancy in San Diego, California. We add business value through customer-obsessed experiences for patients/providers (healthcare), users (technology), students/faculty (education), and visitors (retail/tourism).
    Author: Rick Kramer; American Honda Motor Co. Inc

  50. PlumLED Innovative LED Technology
    PlumLED Innovative LED Technology
    Author: Adeo Group

  52. Branding and Customer Experience Design, London Ontario
    Bullsh*t-free branding expertise and customer-focused experience design innovations to help companies grow and profit.

  54. Standing By stories, systems and experiences
    A brand experience design company led by Scott Mackenzie and Trent Barton.

  56. Next4 - Innovation Experience
    Su Next4 - Innovation Experience
    Author: Export Digitale srl

  58. DODO | Design, Innovation and Strategy Agency in Lagos Nigeria
    DODO is a Design Strategy and Innovation company that helps businesses bring better products and experiences to market.

  60. DODO | Design, Innovation and Strategy Agency in Lagos Nigeria
    DODO is a Design Strategy and Innovation company that helps businesses bring better products and experiences to market.

  62. Stephan Cass - Experience Designer
    Experience designer and creative coder from Detroit with a passion for innovation and human-centered design.

  64. Exo Digital - Digital Design & Innovation Consultancy
    Exo Digital inspires Australian companies in creating innovative solutions. Digital strategy from concept to implementation is what we're about. We design and develop innovative design solutions that enhances your customer's experience.
    Author: Paris

  66. Design and Innovation Consulting Firm | Punchcut UI UX Design Agency
    Punchcut is a digital product design and innovation company specializing in seamless user experiences across future-forward devices and services.

  68. D&Co - Experience Design Consultancy
    D&Co is an experience design consultancy that leverages the power of brand, cx, innovation, human centred design and technology to create connected experiences that enhance the lives of real people.
    Author: D; Co nail Mitre; Trade CX Strategy

  70. Customer Experience Design for the Insurance Industry | Cake & Arrow
    We are an experience design and innovation company that works with organizations in the insurance and financial services industries to identify new opportunities and design innovative products and services that are grounded in real customer needs.

  72. Technology | Engineering | Innovation - Commercial LED Lighting
    Elemental LED is a leading U.S.-based engineering and technology company that creates, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells innovative, configured, and integrated LED lighting solutions. Learn more at

  74. Heist – Global Innovation Consultancy | UI UX Design Agency Singapore | Design Firm | Design Consultant
    UI UX design agency Singapore - Heist is a research, design company, user experience agency, innovation design consultant and design firm based in Singapore and focused on Asia and the Middle East. Global Innovation consultancy in Singapore.

  76. Home - Innovated Studios - An Experience Design Company
    WE BRING EXPERIENCES TO LIFE WITH A WOW FACTOR! Innovated Studios utilizes our plethora of experiences, vast knowledge and dedication to perfection to create incredible destinations and experiences. As technology integrators and Experiential Designers, we have experience across all fields, such as (but not limited to) Custom Fabrication, Audio/Video, 3D printing / rapid proto-typing, animatronics, special effects and more!

  78. StereoBot : next-generation experience design – Building technology for next-generation experience design.
    STEREO.BOT is a full-fledged design and technology integration company combining innovative 3D building systems and 4D visualization into fully immersive real time experiences.

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  80. E2 - We are an experience driven design consultancy.
    E2 is an award-winning experience design company that help brands and businesses innovate and grow. We’re optimistic, curious, informed and collaborativ

  82. Michael Heimrich Innovation & Customer Experience Copy
    Alles über Michael Heimrich - Innovation Manager, Design Thinker und Customer Experience Enthusiast.

  84. Disco Innovation Studio
    Disco Innovation Studio is an experience design company. We solve problems and drive change through design.

  86. LED's Go : Eclairage LED design
    Fournisseur Français de rubans de LED, spots encastrables LED, projecteurs LED, ampoules LED et luminaires LED design pour les professionnels et les particuliers.

  88. Customer Experience, Beratung Design & Innovation - CODE64
    Designing Customer Experiences München. Beratung Digitale Transformation, Customer Experience und Design Thinking
    Author: Code

  90. V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting
    V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting

  92. V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting
    V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting

  94. V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting
    V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting

  96. V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting
    V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting

  98. V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting
    V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting

  100. V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting
    V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting

  102. V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting
    V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting

  104. V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting
    V-TAC Europe | Innovative LED Lighting

  106. Phase 5 - Marketing Research, Innovation, Experience Design
    We help clients on their journey to customer-centricity by focusing on Innovation and Experience, bringing together expertise in market research, user and customer experience, innovation & design, and advanced analytics. Our unique, collaborative approach drives business results by applying strategic insights to product development, go-to-market and customer relationship decisions.
    Author: Stephan Sigaud

  108. Design LED - Hochwertige LED Leuchtmittel
    Design LED - Hochwertige LED Leuchtmittel
    Author: Design LED - Hochwertige LED Leuchtmittel

  110. PixMob - customizable LED solutions for enhanced crowd experiences
    PixMob is a renowned innovator in LED solutions and immersive crowd experiences. Reach out to see how we can make your next event unforgettable!

  112. Prolimit - Experience Innovative Technology
    Experience Innovative Technology

  114. | Experience Innovation & Quality
    Experience Innovation & Quality

  116. @LED | Kreative und Innovative Leuchtenmanufaktur - LED Beleuchtung › @LED
    @LED entwickelt und produziert innovative und nachhaltige Leuchten und Lichtlösungen. Ökologisch- und Ökonomische Aspekte fließen in die Entwicklung mit ein.
    Author: Root Ml

  118. ALDO — Experience Design Professional
    Aldo is an Experience Design Professional. His work leverages Human Centered Design frameworks for innovation projects in the products, services, and communications spaces. His expertise is in designing and prototyping for digital and physical experiences.
    Author: Aldo Padilla

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  120. ACL Digital: Product Innovation
    ACL Digital is a design led Digital Experience, Product Innovation, Solutions, and Consulting offerings leader. From strategy, to design, implementation and management we help accelerate innovation and transform businesses.

  122. Innovate Brazil - Paineis de LED
    O Innovate, possui uma variedade de produtos, como: painel de Led, painel de vídeo, Full Color, ribalta de led, pole poste, Letreiro Digital luminoso

  124. Worxwell Innovation | Product Design and Development Firm | Product Design Agency | Innovation Consultancy | Design Studio | Ahmedabad India
    Product Design and Development Company | Innovation in Ahmedabad

  126. Hidden Innovation - Digital experience innovation studio
    We use design to help organisations innovate and deliver memorable customer experiences that solve real problems and drive business results - faster, and with less risk.

  128. LED Lighting Design, UK, - Look4Ideas Design
    Look4ideas LED Lighting is a UK company based in Nottingham dedicated to bringing the very latest in LED lighting Design, technology, equipment and services to our customers.

  130. Experience People - User Experience (UX) Designers in Ireland.
    User Experience Designer with 15 years experience working with some of Ireland's best known companies.

  132. Ahsan Ali Thakur – Experience and Innovation
    Experience and Innovation

  134. Innovative Lighting - LED Lighting Solutions
    Innovative Lighting is a recognized leader, innovator, and manufacturer of LED Lighting solutions for retrofit, remodel, and new installations.

  136. XAL see the light | Innovative LED lighting solutions - XAL
    See the light: As a manufacturer of high quality LED lighting systems, XAL is renowned for advanced technology, innovative production and timeless design.

  138. Designing the User Experience at Autodesk
    Insights on innovation, inspiration, and the practice of design. Autodesk user experience professionals—including researchers, interaction designers, visual designers, and user assistance writers—share ideas and insights on innovation, design, usability, methods, and connections to business strategy.

  140. Innovative Digital Experience |
    Creating Innovative Digital Experience |