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  2. Greg Carlin — Computer Science Student
    @@@@~I'm currently an undergraduate studying computer science and economics. I'm passionate about using techno
    Author: Greg Carlin

  4. Eva Sharma
    Eva Sharma- Computer Science - Microsoft
    Author: Eva Sharma; Guoli Ye; Wenning Wei; Rui Zhao; Yao Tian; Jian Wu; Lei He; Ed Lin; Yifan Gong

  6. Yash Sharma
    Yash Sharma is a Final Year Student at IIIT Allahabad.
    Author: Yash Sharma

  8. Sachin Pendse
    Hi, I'm Sachin! Learn more about me here.

  10. Niek van Leeuwen | Computer Science and Engineering student
    I am Niek van Leeuwen and I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam.

  12. Eklavya Sharma
    I'm Eklavya Sharma, a student at CSA, IISc Bangalore.
    Author: Eklavya Sharma

  14. Bio - Ax Sharma
    M.S. in Computer Science, Georgia Tech.B.S. in Software Engineering, Drexel University Ax Sharma is a Security Researcher, Threat Intel Analyst,
    Author: Ax Sharma

  16. Sachin Mehndiratta - Technology Specialist
    I'm Sachin Mehndiratta, application architect / creative programmer with good knowledge of front-end techniques.
    Author: Sachin Mehndiratta

  18. Computer Science Student | Andrew Boyley
    Aspiring developer with a passion for programming and learning new technologies. Currently studying Computer Science at the University of the Witwatersrand

  20. Sachin Sharma Blog
    Founder Townscript. Musings on Startups, Technology, Science, and Ideas

  22. Rishab Sharma
    Rishab Sharma - Data Scientist and Visual computing Researcher

  24. Hi, I'm Edward Kim
    I'm a software engineer who loves to make web services and useful tools. I'm currently studying computer science and living in Riverside. Plus, I enjoy building…

  26. Dr. Sachin Gadekar
    Dr Sachin Shankar Gadekar is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Peace Studies at MIT-World Peace University, Pune. He has 8+ years experience of teaching. Dr Sachin Shankar Gadekar received Ph. in English from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Dr Sachin Shankar Gadekar has also completed M.Phil. and M.A. in English from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

  28. Shagun Uppal
    Senior undergrad at IIIT-Delhi, Computer Science
    Author: Shagun Uppal

  30. Matthew Walinga
    I'm a software developer studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

  32. Jason Addison
    Hi! I'm an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at Carleton University.

  34. Lucas | KNWS: Software Developer & Student. |
    I'm a Software Developer & Student majoring in Computer Science.

  36. Pranav Sharma | Software Engineer, MS Computer Science
    Pranav Sharma's personal porfolio website. Pranav is a software engineer currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science from Nottheastern University, Boston. Pranav has nearly two years of professional experience as a software engineer and loves to work on personal projects in his free time.
    Author: Pranav Sharma

  38. Sudheer Achary | I am Sudheer Achary, a research student in Computer Vision and a Machine learning enthusiast, with major in Computer Scienc
    I am Sudheer Achary, a research student in Computer Vision and a Machine learning enthusiast, with major in Computer Science, International Institute of Information Technology(IIIT), Hyderabad.
    Author: Sudheer Achary

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  40. Melanie Gutzmann
    I'm an undergraduate student at Oregon State University studying Computer Science.

  42. Sam Thomas | CS Student
    Sam Thomas is a computer science student studying at the University of Bristol.
    Author: Sam Thomas

  44. Home | Aditya Pakki
    Welcome! I'm a Ph.D. student studying Computer Science and Engineering at UMN, specializing in computer security and systems.
    Author: Aditya Pakki

  46. Ben Mitchell | University of Leeds Student. Studying Computer Science
    University of Leeds Student. Studying Computer Science
    Author: Ben Mitchell

  48. Computer Science student & Software Engineer - Alexander von Studnitz
    I'm a Computer Science student at TU Darmstadt and work as a Software Engineer.
    Author: Follow

  50. Jack Cook
    Hello! I'm Jack, and I'm studying computer science and brain and cognitive sciences at MIT. Right now, I'm working on natural language processing at The New York Times.

  52. Hakan Kimeiga Alpay
    I’m a game, graphic, and web developer! I'm studying computer science at UCLA.
    Author: “Too Many Authors” React App

  54. Luke Briggs
    I'm Luke Briggs: a Computer Science student from the UK studying at Newcastle University.
    Author: Luke Briggs

  56. Xavier Tilley
    I'm an undergraduate at University of Memphis studying Computer Science and working as an intern at LensRentals.

  58. Jakub Papuga | DevOps | Linux Administrator
    Hello, I'm Jacob. I am currently working as DevOps at RainbowTours.plI'm also studying Computer Science at International Faculty of Engineering at Lodz University of Technology. I can't read your mind
    Author: Jakub Papuga

  60. Ankit Sharma's Blog
    Ankit Sharma blogs about the ASP.NET Core, Angular, Blazor, Quantum Computers and other Microsoft technologies
    Author: Ankit Sharma

  62. gnuyent
    Hi! My name is Brandon. I'm a senior at San Diego State University studying Computer Science.

  64. Nico Srnka
    My name is Nico Srnka and I am a 20-year old software engineer from Austria. Currently I'm studying computer science. Recently I have specialized in programming, web development and mobile development.

  66. Esteban SAINZ
    WHO AM I ? My name is Esteban SAINZ, I'm a computer science student. I am currently studying computer science at the University of Bordeaux 1, in France. My main interest are gameplay and Engine programming. I love creating and tweaking the feel of a game, making things feels nice and smooth, as

  68. Sarthak Navjivan
    Hi, I'm Sarthak! I'm currently an undergraduate computer science student at Georgia Tech. Explore this site to learn more about me!
    Author: Sarthak Navjivan

  70. Rasmus Buchholdt
    Rasmus Buchholdt - Full-stack developer currently studying Computer Science

  72. Nat Baulch-Jones - Computer Science Undergraduate
    Nat is a conscientious, award winning Computer Science student, currently attending Aston University in Birmingham, studying for a BSc in Computer Science.
    Author: Nat Baulch-Jones

  74. Josep Medialdea
    My name is Josep Medialdea. I'm a Math and CS enthusiast from Barcelona, Spain. At the moment, I'm studying a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the UPC.

  76. Jacky Ly | Ryerson CS Co-op
    Hi there! I'm Jacky Ly, a co-op student studying Computer Science at Ryerson University. Check out my projects on GitHub! - @lyjacky11
    Author: Jacky Ly

  78. Hjalte Sorgenfrei Mac Dalland
    Currently studying Computer Science at IT University of Copenhagen and working as a software engineer at cVation

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  80. Aditya Chetan
    Undergraduate from IIIT Delhi, majored in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Interested in Deep Learning and its applications.
    Author: Justachetan

  82. Mukund Shah • Home Page
    Hi, I'm Mukund Shah. I'm a Computer Science Student and a programmer, currently a web developer. Learn more about me, my life and my work from my blogs.

  84. Eric Wang
    I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo. Currently looking for internship opportunities for Fall 2019.
    Author: Colin Marsch

  86. Alex Omar – I'm a computer science student at UCLA. I like space, robots, and 3D printing.
    I'm a computer science student at UCLA. I like space, robots, and 3D printing.
    Author: Alex Omar

  88. Eric Moynihan
    I am a Computer Science Student currently studying in UCC. I do both personal and professional software projects.
    Author: Eric Moynihan

  90. John Nguyen
    John Nguyen is an aspiring software engineer currently studying computer science at Oregon State University.

  92. Portfolio of Carlos Henrique Reis
    Hi, I'm Carlos. I'm currently working with web development and studying various things related to computing such as Artificial Intelligence and Optimization of Hyperparameters. Below is a resumé about me.

  94. Homepage | Austin Pham - Full Stack Developer
    Hey there!! My name is Austin. I'm a Full Stack developer Melbourne based currently studying Computer Science at RMIT. My areas of interest include problem solving, cloud infrastructure, machine learning and IOT. Visit to find out more.

  96. Home
    I'm a third-year undergraduate student in Computer Science at UCSB. I'm currently working on a neural ranking research project with Prof. Tao Yang. I'm looking for summer internship in 2019.

  98. Diploma Student
    previous year questions and notes, Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering, students interested in programming, Computer Science and technology
    Author: Diploma student

  100. David Cheng
    David Cheng is a programmer and engineer who loves design. He currently attends Duke University and is studying computer science.

  102. Tanay Sharma- Google Certified Digital Marketer & Web Designer | Tanay Sharma
    Tanay Sharma- Google Certified Digital Marketer, Web Designer. SEO Analyst, Social Media Analyst, Web Developer, Web Designer, Website Designer In Delhi NCR
    Author: Admin

  104. RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 to 12 Maths
    RD Sharma solutions provided here have been carefully structured and developed so that students can make the most out of their study time and improve their grades successfully.

  106. Fernando Mendoza Rodriguez Website
    Fernando Mendoza Rodriguez's online resume, born in Mexico and currently based in the US, I'm a systems engineer with a BS in computer science.
    Author: Fernando Mendoza Rodriguez

  108. Peter Luba
    I’m a student at Lehigh University studying Computer Science, Business, and Design. Right now, I'm exploring my passions in design, edtech, and entrepreneurship.

  110. What Is Computer Science? | meaning | Fields & Branches
    Computer Science is a branch of science that deals with the study of computing, programming & computation associated with computer systems
    Author: Dr Hania Khan

  112. Susith Hemathilaka | Full Stack Developer
    Hello, I'm Susith Hemathilaka, A Computer Science & Engineering undergraduate with 4 years of experience in Software Engineering & Deep Learning. Currently learning Cloud Computing.
    Author: Susith Hemathilaka

  114. Blog - Arthur Rump
    Tells computers what to do. Makes things. Studies Computer Science and Science Education.
    Author: Arthur Rump

  116. Sameer Ali | Computer Science Student
    Sameer Ali is a current computer science student and a proficient software developer. He also provides freelance services for web & software development.

  118. André Raider | HCI Student
    I study Human Computer Interaction at the Hochschule Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences and am interested in how technology can be used to increase well-being and develop human potential. Besides my studies I work as a freelance software developer.

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  120. Rahul Ramkumar
    Hi! I'm a computer science student that has experience in...

  122. Tanujit Chakraborty's Blog
    About Me : I am a researcher who wishes to contribute to Statistical Science and Machine Learning . Currently, I am working at IIIT Bangalore. I have obtained my B.Sc. from Bidhannagar...

  124. Computer Studies|| Computer Science
    Computer Science,Computer,Computer Studies,Computer Architecture,Python,
    Author: Qasid Ahmad Rana

  126. Tom Kilminster
    Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer. Current Masters student studying Computer Science at the University of Warwick, UK.

  128. Junaid Rahim
    I am currently a sophomore at KIIT, Bhubaneshwar studying Computer Science and Engineering. Mostly interested in Systems Engineering and Machine Learning.

  130. Karna Malone - Web Developer
    I'm currently in my last year studying computer science at the University of Canterbury. But my passion for design and development of apps and websites has existed for many years prior. I love to tinker with new technologies and have experience working on projects, both big and small.

  132. Marc Went's portfolio
    Marc Went has a very wide range of interests, and is expanding it daily, currently studying MSc Computer Science. Main interest are computers and how it works.
    Author: Marc Went

  134. Home - About Jonas Sulzer |
    I am Jonas Sulzer, student in computer science and cellist. Apart from my musical activities I currently enjoy spending my spare time on web servers and services, and I'm interested in computer science with a focus on IT security and opensource software.

  136. Seung-Gu Lee
    Hi! I'm Seung-Gu, and I'm a junior at Kansas Academy of Math and Science (KAMS). I'm passionate and computer science and programming. Welcome to my portfolio website!
    Author: Seung-Gu Lee

  138. Portfolio of Marvin Ackermann
    I'm Marvin Ackermann a Software Engineer from Karlsruhe Germany. I'm currently studying Computer Science at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology. Beside my continuing studies I'm working on several hobby projects which you can see on the My Projects page. My current hobby focus lies on the game Banyan which a fellow student and I are developing. Our journey began in late 2015. In our university every Computer Science student has to pass the class PSE (Practice of Software Engineering). There we, with 4 other dudes, made our first game called Wedloop. If you're interested you can download it here. After that we wanted to flesh the game out with better graphics and gamepl...

  140. Vera Kaeser Portfolio
    This is the Portfolio of Vera Kaeser. Vera Kaeser is a Swiss graphic designer based in Berne, Switzerland. She is currently studying Computer Science.

  142. Antonio Navas - Software Product Engineer
    Antonio Navas - Software Product Manager

  144. My Name is Khanafi
    Khanafi creative resume

  146. Ritesh Hota - Portfolio
    Ritesh Hota - Creative Resume Portfolio

  148. Nemanja Kostic Homepage
    Nemanja Kostic Homepage

  150. De Grave Michael - Graphic design, responsive webdesign and web applications
    Responsive webdesign, SEO expert, Online Reputation management, webbased applications
    Author: Michael De Grave - MDG Pomotions bvba

  152. | Tales of a Software Craftsman
    Tales of a Software Craftsman

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  154. Luis Pando
    Web and mobile programmer in Asturias

  156. Sylvain - Connecté, branché et allumé
    Creative Resume Template

  158. Développeur web et logiciel à Liège - Cédric Falletta
    Développeur web et logiciel, création de sites web et services informatiques à Liège
    Author: Veronique Messager Rota

  160. Jonathan THOMAS - Développeur web à La Réunion
    Serial développeur à La Réunion : conseil, stratégie, SEO, community management, formation web wordpress. Vous souhaitez gagner de l'argent, choisissez-moi !

  162. Andre Young Resume
    Andre Young Resume

  164. Seba Garcia | Senior Front-end Developer Javascript
    Seba Garcia | Senior Front-end Developer Javascript

  166. Fraser Murray | Certified Laravel Developer | Remote PHP | Glasgow
    Remote PHP Developer based in Glasgow, available for short term or part time projects.

  168. Scott Hennessy | Videographer
    Camera & Broadcast Operations

  170. Austin Brookie Web Design
    Austin Brookie Web Design - Specializing in Web Design & Web Application Development

  172. Asif Maniar - Technical Architect and Developer, New York City
    Solutions-orientated Technology Team Lead based in New York City with strong success in progressive roles developing and implementing complex infrastructures and technical solutions for large clients in Marketing, E-commerce, Pharma and Finance.

  174. Pablo López Ponce - Industrial Engineer | Web resume
    Interactive and extended version of my resume, with references, titles, knowledge, projects and more things of professional interest.
    Author: Pablo López Ponce

  176. I'm Iskandar Suhaimi
    Personal resume from iskandar suhaimi for enterprise or organization that needs some product in business, digital art, and Information technologies, iskandar suhaimi
    Author: Iskandar Suhaimi

  178. Direction-Informatique
    Site web de présentation de Bruno LENOIRE

  180. Mark Steenbakkers, Freelance Online Marketeer.
    Online marketeer resume en portfolio
    Author: Mark Steenbakkers

  182. SP im. Igora Sikiryckiego w Woli Zaradzyńskiej Szkoła Podstawowa
    Informacje o szkole, osiągnięciach uczniów, nauczycielach, planie lekcji, dokumentach szkolnych, imprezach i uroczystościach szkolnych.
    Author: Akcessnet Eu

  184. Startseite - Cartellverband (CV)
    Studium, Berufseinstieg und Lebensweg gelingen auf Basis stabiler Werte, Persönlichkeit und Gemeinschaft: Entdecken Sie den Cartellverband als Netzwerk und Lebensbund für katholische Studenten und Akademiker.
    Author: Commact Tp

  186. Pension Froschprinz - Monteurzimmer Seligenstadt Übernachtung
    Übernachtung in Seligenstadt - Froschhausen ... Die Pension ist als preiswerte und zentral gelegene Monteurzimmer Seligenstadt in der Rhein-Main Region.

  188. Roshan Bagdiya- Hadoop Developer / Data Scientist

  190. Автополив РІ Тамбове, автополив газона, цветов, кустарников, деревьев, капельР
    Автополив Тамбов. Проектирование, монтаж, установка и продажа оборудования для автоматического полива. Официальный представитель Hunter в России. Автополив газона, цветов, кустарников, деревьев. Капельный полив и системы автоматического полива. Гарантия и низкие цены.
    Author: Светлана К