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  2. Pakistan Science Club |
    Pakistan Science Club is a science organization, and engages students on various scientific activities aimed at promoting scientific and technological knowledge

  4. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology
    Collection of scientific works publishes refereed original research articles and reviews on various aspects in the field of geological and geographical sciences. Bulletin materials designed for teachers, researchers and students specializing in the releva

  6. Home - Kancil Science
    WHERE CULTURE MEETS SCIENCE Kancil Science Competition is an annual national competition for primary, secondary and pre-university students which aims to challenge students’ science knowledge through critical thinking, problem solving, and general scientific knowledge. Learn More Download Registration Manual Our Objective To increase science enrichment activities among students and teachers which is in line with […]
    Author: Fuad

  8. ICA – International Contests And Assessments
    COUNTRIES AND TERRITORIES OUR GOALS These concept help students to be comfortable with various science olympiad papers in the right environment. ICA wants students to utilize this experience to continue to take part un more challenging science. These contests expose
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  10. Wolfram Foundation: Building for the Future Using Science & Computation
    Contributing to science, computation, and knowledge through programs and resources for educators, researchers & students in a wide range of scientific fields.

  12. SM Online Journals
    SM Journals is newly initiated to disseminate scientific knowledge through open access journals in various fields of Science, Technology and Medicine.
    Author: SM Journals

  14. The Learning Scientists
    We are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Our main research focus is on the science of learning. (Hence, "The Learning Scientists"!). Our Vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators.

  16. Science Enrichment Programs & Activities for Children | Club Scientific
    Welcome to Club Scientific – Established in 1997, our children’s science enrichment company is dedicated to spreading the love of science.
    Author: - Alexa; Age 6

  18. Modern Occult Lifestyle & Practices - Occultissimo
    Occultissimo is a blog about scientific occultism, tarot cards symbolism and various esoteric science and Wicca practises. Learn from Elizabeth and her experience.
    Author: Elizabeth

  20. Neelcrew
    The blog is for various scientific fact, whom you have heard about, but do not know well. We have started new section Science VS Myth .
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  22. Home - Eskom Expo for Young Scientists
    Eskom Expo for Young Scientists is a science fair, where students have a chance to show others their projects about their own scientific investigations.
    Author: JeVanne Gibbs

  24. Science Marketplace: Find Jobs, Studentships, Collaborators, Scientific Services, etc.
    Science Marketplace is an online marketplace for scientists and students of all fields, aimed to facilitate interactions between anyone working in scientific research.

  26. Data Nuggets | Bringing authentic research and data into K-16 classrooms
    Free activities that bring real scientific data into the classroom, guiding students through the process of science while building their quantitative abilities.

  28. Home
    OUR COURSES Today's Hottest Tech News and Tutorials Covering various topics in Computer Science, Cloud Services and Software Development What Our Students Are Saying About Us After I failed the exam I was so frustrated.
    Author: Sensei

  30. AtomsTalk | Community of Seekers!
    AtomsTalk is a community of people into Science and Technology and a platform that provides a channel for researchers, scholars, engineers, doctors, students, etc. to share their content with us and the world via our various communication channels.
    Author: Atomstalk

  32. Home page
    Second Until the Event About Conference Students’ Scientific Society of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is proud to host the 5th International Health Sciences Conference in a virtual format.

  34. IJCRCPS:Home
    IJCRCPS,International Journal of Current Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences,Free Access Scientific Research Journal,Publishers various fields of chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences publishes original research articles
    Author: Dr T Dhanabal; M Sc; M Phil; Ph D

    A Noble Forum For Academics, Professionals, Educators, Practitioners And Students To Contribute Original, Innovative, Unpublished, Articles On Environment, biotechnology, health and food science, Molecular Science And Promote Scientific Discussion.
    Author: Gautam Singh Rathore

  38. Bioneer home - Bioneer
    Transforming scientific advancements into better Life Science solutions for tomorrow Innovative solutions for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. EXPLore our services Transforming scientific advancements into better Life Science solutions for
    Author: Admin

    Other sites like science-expo at

  40. Scientific Minds - Online Science Education Programs for K-12, Professional Development for Teachers
    Scientific Minds is a publisher of technology-based science education products built from state standards. Our product development is based on research proving that students absorb information best in small yet thought-provoking chunks. Our versatile, supp

  42. WINSCO
    As the leading US manufacturer of Scientific Education instruments and their replacement parts, we're dedicated helping you instill a love of science in your students and visitors, world-wide.

  44. IRJMETS- Journal with 599 Rs. publication fees | In 4 hr paper published | Low cost journal | Engineering | Scientific journal
    IRJMETS has 599 Rs. Publication fees, Publish paper in 4 hr, Int Journal for Engineering Science and technology Student, scientific journal
    Author: IRJMETS - International Research Journal; Science

  46. SiROP - Students Searching Theses and Research Projects
    Thousands of Students and researchers use SiROP to post and search open positions such as internships, Master, Bachelor or PhD projects and PostDoc positions. SiROP is run by dedicated graduate and undergraduate students from various scientific fields. Together we aim to connect universities worldwide by enabling students to find the project of their choice. This is our commitment.
    Author: Sirop Org

  48. Scientific Library
    Scientific Library, Science Encyclopedia, Science

  50. Science Equipments Manufacturers - Science, Education Supplies, Equipment India, Scientific Education Supplies, Equipments, Science Educatio
    Science Equipments are leading Lab Manufacturers for School Scientific Equipments. Manufacturer of Scientific Equipments India, Scientific Instruments Exporter, Scientific Instruments, Scientific Equipments, Scientific Equipments Exporter, Scientific Instruments India, Scientific Instruments Manufacturer, India. School Science supplies and laboratory equipment for primary and secondary schools. Technical apparatus, scientific instruments and learning aids, Science products for teachers in biology, physics and general science.

  52. Climate Science Policy Watch - Government Accountability Project
    Climate Science & Policy Watch Promoting Scientific Integrity in the use of climate science in government Climate Science & Policy Watch has moved! Welcome to our new site.
    Author: Whistle Blower

  54. LabInApp - Spark Learning App | Virtual Laboratory
    LabInApp enables students and teachers to perform science activities and experiments on various devices. Courses start from Class 6 to 12.

  56. homeschool science curriculum and courses and kits - Exploration Education
    Looking for a fun, student-led, and thorough science program? Students love our hands-on, project-based, easily implemented and self-directed science courses.

  58. Discover the COSMOS - e-Infrastructures for an Engaging Science Classroom
    The Discover the COSMOS coordination action aims to demonstrate innovative ways to involve teachers and students in e-Science through the use of existing e-infrastructures in order to spark young people’s interest in science and in following scientific careers.
    Author: Interten - Www Interten Gr

  60. Science | AAAS
    AAAS, an international nonprofit scientific association established in 1849, publishes: Science, Science Advances, Science Immunology, Science Robotics, Science Signaling and Science Translational Medicine. Our journals are essential to fulfilling the AAAS mission to 'advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people.' By publishing the very best in scientific research, commentary and news, the Science family of journals furthers the AAAS goal to 'en...
    Author: Raphael J L Townshend Stephan Eismann et al

  62. 2014-2015 CCA Competition Update
    The Christopher Columbus Awards is a national, community-based science and technology program for middle school students. The program challenges the students identify a problem in their community and apply the scientific method to create an innovative solution to that problem.

  64. LGC Group
    LGC Group is a global leader in the life sciences sector; our scientific tools and solutions are essential to our customers’ goals.

  66. Kyle Mills
    I am a graduate student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. In 2015 I completed my Bachelor's of Science in physics, with a minor in mathematics. I am interested in general applications of computational models and techniques to scientific research, specifically in the area of computational materials science.
    Author: Kyle Mills

    Creation Science (creationism, to skeptics) realizes that The Scientific Mathematician has made our universe and has put His laws into place.

  70. American Journal of Research Communication | American Journal of Research Communication
    American Journal of Research Communication (AJRC) is a scientific journal publishing scientific research in Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Economics, Art, Social Sciences and all other fields of sciences.

  72. SciStaff | Scientists Recruiting Scientists
    Scientific recruitment agency provides science jobs South Africa. Scientific recruitment consultant specialises in scientific recruitment, South Africa scientific sales rep jobs, science jobs in the South Africa, chemistry jobs etc.

  74. Home | Cognitive Science Society
    Welcome to the Cognitive Science Society (CSS). The mission of the Society is to promote Cognitive Science as a discipline, and to foster scientific interchange among researchers in various areas of study, including Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Education. Registration now open Join or Renew Membership Sign up for newsletter Join our listservFor […]

  76. Home
    This website offers the appropriate means and tools for the networking of students of the entire European continent and actively contributes to create collaborations in every scientific field, by reinforcing knowledge in order to evolve sciences. UNICLEVER helps students who wish to organize scientific seminars, travel in other countries and meet other cultures and operations, exchange views and express their ideas

  78. Mapping Ignorance — Cutting edge scientific research
    Our goal is very simple: to spread both the latest developments in science and technology and a scientific worldview facilitating the access to it.
    Author: DIPC

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  80. International Journal of Computer Science Issues - IJCSI
    The International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI) is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of computer science research. The purpose of establishing the scientific journal is the assistance in development of science, fast operative publication and storage of materials and results of scientific researches and representation of the scientific conception of the society.
    Author: International Journal

  82. Science Communication & Design | Significant Science Communication
    Visualizing Science for the Bigger Picture. Significant Science Communication offers Graphic Design and Science Communication services. We are scientists, creatives and communicators. We visualize your findings, messages and data by combining our scientific expertise with our creative skill.

  84. Robert Birkelbach
    Scientific employee, doctoral student
    Author: Robert Birkelbach

  86. How to start an interest in science - SCIENCE Award Trust
    Stimulate a lifelong interest in science by completing our Science Awards schemes. The three Science Awards schemes are designed to promote students' interest and participation in a series of science activities
    Author: Angelad

  88. Moon Exploration and Science News brings you daily news on our Moon and various lunar science issues

    My name is Cody! I'm a highschool student interested in Computer Science, Programming and Photography. In my freetime I work on various projects, of which I have many. Most can befound on my GitHub.

  92. OeAW-GIScience
    Scientific commission on Geographic Information Science (GIScience), Austrian Academy of Sciences.

  94. Home
    Physalia-courses provides scientific training courses and Workshops in Bioinformatics, Genomics and related fields, promoting the transfer of new methods and emerging techniques to a broad range of researchers. Our goal is to build a knowledge-sharing platform between highly qualified instructors and participants at various stage of their scientific and academic career (e.g. PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, PIs).

  96. Space Olympiad | Space Olympiad Junior | SOF |
    Space Olympiad Foundation established in 2012 is working for scienctific cause and holistic education for the Indian students in the field of STEM(Science Technology, engineering and Mathematics). Our Organization provides various educational international programs for the schools across the country

  98. Home - Hise Scientific Instrumentation
    Hise Scientific Instrumentation (HSI) helps researchers, students and citizen scientists engage with our planet through tools of observation.

  100. Stars On Earth
    Stars On Earth create free educational videos for students to learn. Students can then use the material to work on various projects. This not only teaches them about computer science but also allows them to experience the field first hand.

  102. Comunicata Scientiae
    Scientific Journal in agricultural and environmental sciences
    Author: Mario Leno Martins Véras; Francisco de Assys Romero da Mota Sousa; Silvanda de Melo Silva

    Resources on Science Education and Scientific Temper

  106. Home | JudicateMe
    JudicateMe is an open access, peer-reviewed journal on Law, Science and Management. It aims to seek and share comprehensive information on various legal issues, scientific developments and managerial administration research areas.

  108. Home
    Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

  110. Scientific American: Science News, Expert Analysis, Health Research - Scientific American
    Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

  112. s diéta recept sütemény dyukanu
    Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

  114. Home | Chesapeake Environmental Communications, Inc.
    Chesapeake Environmental Communications puts the pieces together to connect scientific research with broader understanding. Our team makes science relevant and accessible to non-scientific audiences through a variety of communications products and services. We translate complex science and data through engaging media and products using accessible language, custom graphics and platforms to nurture a more scientifically …

  116. Welcome
    Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) has been a leading provider of scientific, technical, and research support services, primarily to Federal science agencies, since our founding in 1977.

  118. BioCore Conferences |Biocore International | International Conferences | Scientific Conferences
    Best Opportunity to Meet Inspiring Speakers and Experts at Our Scientific Events on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business.

    Other websites similar as

  120. New Zealand Science Media Centre - Science Media Centre
    Our aim is to promote accurate, evidence-based reporting on science and technology by helping the media work more closely with the scientific community.
    Author: Martijn Verhoeven

  122. Project Aiur by
    Project Aiur - Blockchain for Science. The world where the right scientific knowledge is available at our fingertips. Where research is validated and reproducible. Where unbiased scientific information flows freely. Where research already paid for is freely accessible to all.

  124. is a site used for various scientific studies.
    Author: Greater Good

  126. is a site used for various scientific studies.
    Author: Greater Good

  128. is a site used for various scientific studies.
    Author: Greater Good

  130. Starbeamrainbowlabs
    Hi! I am a computer science student who is doing a PhD at the University of Hull. I started out teaching myself about various web technologies, and then I managed to get a place at University, where I am now.
    Author: Starbeamrainbowlabs

  132. Youngtimer Werkstatt Leistungen - Youngtimer Werkstatt in Berlin - Lieblingswerkstatt
    Youngtimer Werkstatt Leistungen. In unserer Berliner Youngtimer Werkstatt kümmern wir uns mit Sorgfalt und Liebe um Ihren Youngtimer oder Oldtimer.

  134. La citerne souple
    La citerne souple est la solution économique et écologique pour la récupération d'eau de pluie. Infos,devis et promotion en achat groupé.

  136. Accueil - Consommer solidaire
    Accueil. Consommer solidaire - Le guide de la consommation éthique

  138. Balloonatiks, Balloon Delivery & Balloon Decoration San Antonio Texas (TX), Birthday, Get Well, Anniversary, Halloween, Mother's Day, Fathe'
    This balloon site is your guide to San Antonio balloons, balloon delivery, balloon decorations; includes information about balloons,color charts, helium tank rentals for do-it-yourself and hundreds of photos of balloon decor in many venues in the San Antonio area where we provide full service decorating; Cindy Seguin Huerta, CBA is Texas' first certified balloon artist, 1993. Balloonatiks is seriously "committed" to balloons. Your Website Description Here

  140. Accueil - Débouchage de canalisation
    Accueil. Recevez gratuitement et rapidement 5 devis pour le débouchage de canalisation, le curage ou le nettoyage par des professionnels proches de chez vous.

  142. Hallo - Café Klatsch Ansbach
    Hallo. Café Klatsch Ansbach

  144. Leidenschaft als Prinzip -
    Leidenschaft als Prinzip.

  146. Save Energy - Energy-Saving Products (Gauteng, Cape Town & Free-State)
    Save Energy. One-Stop Energy-Saving Products Supplier. Save Energy Solar Systems & Hybrid Inverters, energy-efficient products for Home and Business.

  148. Start - Behman Arvaneh
    Start. Über mich und meine Projekte

  150. Home - De Peelhistorie Herleeft
    Home. Deze website is eigendom van Stichting De Peelhistorie Herleeft
    Author: Juri Schledowetz

  152. Lauftreff - Ruhrpotts
    Lauftreff. Eine Internetseite für den Lauftreff BKK-Hoesch Ruhrpotts in Dortmund und deren Gäste und Freunde, Läuferinnen und Läufer und alle Interessierten

  154. Home - Pro Med Development
    Home. The Development website of Pro Med Computer Services.
    Author: Juri Schledowetz

  156. Home - Kraina Grażkowo
    Home. To jest strona Krainy Grażkowo

    More other alternatives for science-expo at

    МАГАЗИН "САНТЕХ" СМОРГОНЬ Главная страница. Сантехника Сморгонь, Отопление, Водоснабжение, Канализация, Вентиляция.

  160. Startseite - Heil Maler Fliesen
    Startseite. Unser Leistungsspektrum umfast Malerarbeiten, Fliesenlegearbeiten, Restauration, Rekonstruktion. Spezialist für alle Malerarbeiten, Denkmalpflege, Fliesen, Maurer, Trockenbauarbeiten, Stuckarbeiten, Rekonstruktion, Restauration, Befunduntersuchung, Badplanung, Putzarbeiten, Estricharbeiten aus Leipzig-Markkleeberg in Sachsen

  162. Domov - ADREKON
    domovská stránka ADREKON. ponuka rekonštrukčných prác v Michalovciach a okolí
    Author: Juri Schledowetz

  164. Home - Vitali Haustechnik AG
    Home. Vitali Haustechnik AG in Lenzerheide, Zuoz und Bergün ist der Spezialist für Sanitär, Badumbauten, Heizungen, Heizungssanierungen und Lüftungen.
    Author: DesignSeven; Www Design

  166. Strona główna - LiSK - Usługi remontowo-budowlane
    Zajmujemy się remontami kapitalnymi i bieżącymi budynków. Proponujemy pełny zakres prac remontowo-budowlanych. Skupiamy się na sprawnej, profesjonalnej i jednocześnie niedrogo wykonywanej pracy. Do każdego zlecenia podchodzimy indywidualnie a do klienta - po ludzku. Działamy na obszarze województwa mazowieckiego wraz z najbliższymi okolicami. Posiadamy wieloletnie doświadczenie pozwalające nam na wykonywanie usług o wysokim standardzie jakościowym, terminowo i rzetelnie.Usługi remontowo-budowlane. Zapraszamy!

  168. von A bis Z - Stadtzentrum Hardegsen
    Das Einkaufszentrum in Ihrer N�he
    Author: Gerd Mller

  170. Skulptur - 11 Frauen - 11 Jahrhunderte
    Skulptur. Projektgruppe der 1100-Jahr-Feier der Stadt Kassel

  172. Home - Al-Amanah Nusantara
    Home. Panti Asuhan dan Pondok Pesantren Yatim & Dhuafa Al-Amanah Nusantara.
    Author: Juri Schledowetz

  174. Home - Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Creglingen
    Home. Herzlich willkommen auf der Homepage der Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde Creglingen

  176. Home - Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Creglingen
    Home. Herzlich willkommen auf der Homepage der Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde Creglingen

  178. Startseite - Malwida von Meysenbug-Gesellschaft e.V.
    Startseite. Malwida von Meysenbug, Memoiren eine Idealistin. Eine Frauenrechtlerin am Anfang der Emanzipation

    Acasa. Totul pentru ca tu sa fii in forma!
    Author: Juri Schledowetz

  182. Weingut Buschenschank Zickl aus Gaweinstal - Weingut Zickl
    Immer aktuelle Information aus dem Weingut Zickl, betriebliches, privates und nateurlich immer alle Aktionen aus Buschenschank und Weingut. Weingut Zickl

  184. Start - Bischoff Schuhtechnik
    Start. Herzlich willkommen bei Bischoff Orthopädieschuhtechnik, dem Traditionshaus aus Ansbach in Mittelfranken. Informieren Sie sich hier über unser breites Spektrum an Leistungen und Angeboten rund um Ihre Füße. Oder besuchen Sie uns persönlich in der Schalkhäuser Str. 18 in Ansbach und lassen Sie sich von unserer Erfahrung und damit verbunden, dem meisterlichen Können überzeugen.

  186. start - Bajeczki Wiesław Drabik autor bajek dla dzieci
    start. Wiesław Drabik autor ponad stu książeczek dla dzieci ukazujących się od 1995 r. w wydawnictwach: Skrzat, Siedmioróg, Debit, Wilga i Pascal. Są to pełne humoru, wierszowane bajeczki chętnie czytane i oglądane przez najmłodszych, ale i rodzice czytający je swoim pociechom nie będą się nudzić... Przyczyniły się do tego wspaniałe ilustracje Marka Szala, Doroty Szoblik, Andrzeja Kłapyty, Pawła Kołodziejskiego i Carlosa Busquetsa. Najbardziej znane książeczki to: "Bajka o Smoku i Kraku i o tym jak powstał Kraków", "Awantura na podwórku", "Łakomczucha", "Kocie łakocie", "MAŁa mYSZ skacze czyli myszomania". Niektóre z książek były prezentowane w programie telewizyjnym pt. ...

  188. Willkommen - TC Gustavsburg
    Willkommen. Der Tennisclub Gustavsburg 1929 e.V. liegt inmitten der Stadt Gustavsburg. Die besondere Lage und die ausgeprägte Jugendarbeit, tragen dazu bei, dass der Tennissport in Gustavsburg so beliebt ist.

  190. Willkommen - Runder Tisch Kasseler Kulturgesellschaften
    Willkommen. Die Kasseler Kulturgesellschaften stellen sich vor

  192. Startseite - Holstein-Chor Neumünster
    Der bekannte gemischte Chor aus Neumünster mit großem Repertoire an Liedern aller Stilrichtungen. Leiter ist Hans-Georg Wolos.

  194. Home - Heizungsbau Kreuter GmbH
    Home. Heizungsbau Kreuter, Vallendar- ein familiengeführter Meisterbetrieb für die Gewerke Zentral Heizungs- und Lüftungsbau sowie Gas- Wasser und Installationstechnik. Wir sind ein Ausbildungsbetrieb und arbeiten innovativ und mit Freude im Beruf des Heizungsbaus, der Sanitärinstallation und Haustechnik. Zu unserem Spektrum gehören neben Planung, Installation und Warten von Lüftungs- und Heizungssystemen, Hauswassertechnik und Sanitäranlagen auch Badgestaltung im Neubau und bei Sanierung.

  196. Wörners Schloss Wellnesshotel in Franken mit Weingut
    EZ ab 75 - DZ ab 50 Euro > direkt online buchen 24/7✓ Wellness✓ Restaurant & Biergarten✓vegane, bioenergetische Weine 🍷.