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  2. Accede Maps - Simplify use of your data through Google Maps
    Accede Maps is a custom database builder that allows you to map your own data and see your data display with the use of icons and colours on top of Google Maps.

  4. Tall Tweets - Convert Google Slides to GIF and Tweet!
    Use Tall Tweets to convert your Google Slides presentation into a high-quality animated GIF image that you can download to your computer or share directly to Twitter

  6. Map Developers - we build custom google map api solutions
    Map Developers will work with you to design a Google Maps mashup to add to your website. The map could show a single location, or be a custom mashup containing all of the information your user needs.
    Author: Fred Metterhausen

  8. Welcome -
    ULode is a do it yourself marketing software package which allows you to convert documents into digital flipbooks, add videos, images and audio, as well as conduct your own SMS text message campaigns.

  10. A1 Flags Australia Home Page
    A1 Flags Australia Home Page. Buy online, flags of Australia, international, marketing, historical, plain colour, pirate, chequered, rainbow and novelty. Flag sizes available include extra large flags(1800x1200mm), large flags(1500x900mm), medium flags (900x600mm), handwavers, desk flags, stickers (decals) and badges(patches). Purchases can be made by clicking on the 'add to cart' button, our online shopping cart allows payment with credit cards, direct deposit, money orders and cheques. Flags in the Australian catalogue include boxing kangaroo, red ensign, eureka and all the states and territories.
    Author: Storefront Software Australia

  12. AutoGrab - Every Vehicle Online. Priced, In Real-Time.
    Australia and New Zealand’s most advanced car sourcing and pricing tool.

  14. - AI-driven Candidate Sourcing Software
    Powerful candidate identification and engagement tools to reduce your sourcing process from weeks to minutes. Drive it yourself, or rely on Upsider's service team to deliver the results.

  16. Signkit - Email signature campaigns
    Discover Signkit and increase your business opportunities through employee email signatures

  18. Pulse42
    Unleash product growth and profitability. Streamline engineering, operations, and finance across your product portfolio.
    Author: Charl Porter; VP Global Product; Technology Integration

  20. Salestrigger - Gamification
    Lyft er organisation genom engagerande tävlingar. Med Salestrigger är det enkelt att skapa en säljtävling för alla tillfällen och aktivitetsmål.

  22. Credit Repair for the Modern World
    Improve your credit scores in 6 months or less with our proven AI processes.

  24. TLine
    Llegó la transformación digital. Primer Broker de soluciones digitales de la región.

  26. ETPay - Transferencias fáciles, simples y seguras.
    El primer medio de pago por transferencia electrónica a medida, perfecto para aumentar las ventas de tu negocio. El medio de pago que cuida tu caja, simple, seguro y fácil.

  28. SocialSpark – Die Social Media Flatrate für alle Bedürfnisse.
    Wir sind deine Social Media Flatrate. Verbreitung von Inhalten und markenspezifische Dialoge für alle Online-Communities und Plattformen. 👥

  30. Sonr - A New Way to Effortlessly Share Files
    Sonr is a Decentralized File Sharing Platform that works like Airdrop locally and like Email when you need to share things a bit further.

  32. MOBIDI
    MOBIDI ile Mobil ekiplerinizi yönetin, Form, Rapor ve Paneller Tasarlayın, Maliyetlerinizi azaltın.

  34. Let's step up your trade‑in game
    We built the ultimate widget for dealers to get more trade-in leads from their website. We created a revolutionary process‑driven in‑store appraisal app.

  36. Gitstart | Coding as a Service | Pull Requests as a Service
    YC backed tech startup which delivers world class code quality through its coding as a service platform and helps customers ship faster.
    Author: Karan Talati

  38. Начало
    Платформа за провеждане, анализ и обработка на автоматизирани дистанционни немодерирани тестове за ползваемост.

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  40. SalesCloud - The Sales Platform
    Point of Sale. ePos. mPos. eCommerce. eTags.

  42. Building easily becomes your daily routine •
    Clovis simplifies construction and real estate projects. Leverage all your data and processes from our single all-in-one platform available on all devices.

  44. | Accelerating SaaS Growth
    We help seed stage SaaS companies to focus on what matters most in Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. Get benchmark processes and expert mentoring remote.

  46. Haystack - Analytics for Engineering Leaders
    Visibility Into How Your Software Team Works. Insights, Alerts and Software Development Metrics from Github.

  48. Handgeschriebene Briefe, Postkarten und Paketbeileger auf Autopilot
    Handgeschriebene Briefe, Postkarten und Paketbeileger. Skalierbar automatisiert und kosteneffizient. Mit KI digital und authentisch erzeugt.

  50. Immerse | The First VR English Teaching Platform
    Language schools: elevate your curriculum, empower your teachers, and deliver immersive lessons with the power of VR English language teaching from Immerse.

  52. Home - Fidap Data
    Clean, free data for advanced analytics. Query trillions of rows of clean, up-to-date data to deliver you insights in seconds.

  54. ClearCost Health
    The provider search and transparency solution that keeps up with you.

  56. WAVV - Reinvent how you engage with your clients
    Wavv is a collection of embeddable communication products used by thousands of businesses that reinvent how they engage with their clients. Calling and messaging has never been so easy, efficient, and affordable.

  58. Arrowhead | Innovative Financial Analytics for SME’s
    Business is complex enough. We provide critical insights into the money you spend, reducing your costs and getting more bang for your buck.

  60. Pixie Software | Expert Accounting & Bookkeeping Support
    Pixie software has everything you need to manage your clients, deadlines, workflow, email and team in one simple, flexible, easy-to-use app.

  62. successfactor GmbH
    successfactor ist ein IT Unternehmen. Unsere Dienstleistungen, Beratung, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media, Webseiten, Innovationen fördern, Wachstum generieren.

  64. Skypher - Security Questionnaires Automation
    Automate security questionnaires response and make security reviews easier for your entire organization with Skypher.

  66. Nalia: Customer Success Solution | Detect, Alert, Perform
    Nalia anticipates customer behaviors and send real-time alerts. Identify 80% of your at-risk customers or upsell opportunities. No credit card.

  68. Stress-free, auto-updating demo videos for SaaS – Record Once
    Record video tutorials of your SaaS product once with our app. Our bots update the videos automatically every time you release a new version of your app.

  70. Marky - Visual Feedback Tool For Web Development
    With Marky, we make website feedback super simple to boost productivity and launch your site faster.

  72. IDX Solutions for Webflow, Squarespace, Wix and any other web platform
    Easily integrate IDX and search MLS listings right on your site. Available on WordPress, Weebly, Webflow & other website platforms.

  74. – Recommendations Supercharged
    We use neural networks and computer vision to make recommendations that drive revenue up to 400% higher.

  76. Mobility data and insights | Dspark
    Understand when, why and how people move. We turn mobility data into insights to help you make informed business decisions.

  78. DataSpark: Mobility intelligence and technology that matters.
    Understand when, why and how people move. We turn mobility data into insights to help you make informed business decisions.

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  80. Hyfe AI - Measure cough as an objective clinical finding
    Hyfe Acoustic AI runs on any phone and detects cough in real-time, remotely, and at scale. An ideal tool for Remote Virtual Clinical Trials and operational research

  82. AlertSense - Konexus | The easiest to use Emergency Notification Platform
    Discover Konexus, the easiest to use Emergency Notification Platform. Konexus' next-generation emergency notification and business continuity platform is the easiest way to communicate and coordinate your team during a disaster or an emergency.

  84. ERG Software Platform For Employee Resource Groups
    ERG Software Platform For Employee Resource Groups Platform. Boost your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts to recruit and retain diverse talent through ERGs.

  86. BitLabs - Monetize with Rewarded Surveys
    BitLabs helps publishers monetize user opinion with rewarded surveys. Boost your business by integrating BitLabs into your app now!

  88. Home | LearnLux Financial Wellbeing
    LearnLux is the leading provider of workplace financial wellbeing. Our award-winning program blends fiduciary digital planning with guidance from our Certified Financial Planner™️ professionals.

  90. Muylocal - Vende online sin complicaciones
    Descubre Muylocal, la solución que necesitas para crear y gestionar tu tienda online desde tu móvil y recibir pedidos a través de WhatsApp.

  92. OptIO - Optimal Inventory & Operations For SMB Retailers
    Discover OptIO, the best inventory management system that is integrated with Lightspeed Retail. OptIO automates and streamlines laborious tasks such as ordering, balancing, counting and maintaining stock levels. Several features are specific to footwear retailers.

  94. Bloom Cannabis Point of Sale System
    Bloom is a Cannabis Point of Sale System built for Oregon Dispensaries.

  96. Home – Soobr Smart Cleaning
    Soobr bietet eine optimierte, bedarfsorientierte Planung und Ausführung von Reinigungstouren basierend auf Daten und künstlicher Intelligenz.

    A personalized peer to peer platform that connects Prospects, Students & Alumni

  100. Home : Sunwise
    Proposal generator for solar installers

  102. ArborMetrix // Trusted Healthcare Analytics Solutions
    Advance healthcare by leveraging trusted, clinically-deep evidence to improve outcomes and achieve results that matter.

  104. Aplikacja dla przedszkoli i żłobków. Sprawdź system Inso
    Program dla przedszkoli i żłobków usprawniający zarządzanie placówką. Aplikacja automatyzuje pracę. Sprawdź co potrafi i zyskaj przewagę nad konkurencją!

  106. Visual Ideation & Planning Software
    ThoughtFlow is a Visual Collaboration tool for Product Leaders that combines the Flow of a Mindmap, the Number Crunching of a Spreadsheet and Agility of Kanban Boards.

  108. GreenScreens
    Green Screens provides cannabis dispensaries with a suite of Saas products & digital signage to educate curious consumers on product information while delivering real-time menu updates to increase sales and showcase store identity.

  110. anecdotes | Enjoy Smart Compliance
    anecdotes is the first enterprise-grade compliance management platform. Compatible with SOC 2, PCI, ISO, ITGC, HIPAA & more. Get started for free!

  112. DataWhys - Bringing interpretability & transparency to decision making
    With DataWhys, supplement your existing analytic and modeling approaches by building rules-based knowledge out of your data - without disrupting your current workflow.

  114. Home | BON DIGITAL - Effortless Digital Receipts
    Effortlessly issue digital receipts with your existing point of sale setup. Activate in minutes.

  116. Portal: Best Customizable Client Portal Software
    White label client portal software that supports messaging, file-sharing, eSignatures, and payments. Branded client portal. Modular customer portal. Customizable client portal software.
    Author: Bill Barth; President

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  118. demostory
    Presenting the first browser designed for product demos. Build demos. Tell Stories!
    Author: Chris Colburn

  120. InstaFuel
    Il servizio di crescita più Sicuro in Italia secondo gli Influencer. Follower Italiani e Attivi. Rifornisci il tuo profilo con il miglior carburante Italiano per la crescita organica su Instagram.

  122. Hiboo | Feel Empowered At Work
    Meet Hiboo, the AI-powered ally-at-work at the heart of a new type of organizational culture designed for women and underrepresented groups’ advancement.

  124. Extend | Powerful Product Protection Technology
    Extend leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a better way for customers to protect the products they love. Our digitally-native solution delivers a modern experience that is a win for both merchants and their customers.

  126. The Only Licence You Need | Big Studio Movie Licence
    The Big Studio Movie Licence (BSML) provides Churches, Religious Institutions plus Aged Care & Retirement Village facilities the legal coverage to show films from Hollywood's biggest studios, all covered under one single blanket licence. The BSML has been operating in Australia and New Zealand since 2009 and has been chosen over 7,000 times by local organisations to ensure they are doing the right thing with regards to movie copyright.

  128. Sixty Seconds | Build Branded Videos in Seconds
    A fast and simple way to build brand aligned videos as scale. Trusted by the best companies to increase video output and keep brand consistency aligned company wide.
    Author: Sarah Ellis-Barker Marketing Manager; Hamilton Barnes