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  2. - Receive SMS Online. Phone Number Verification
    Our service is the best way to receive anonymous SMS or verification SMS without using your real number. Verify With Our Phone Numbers You Can Verify Nearly Any Web Service The following websites work with our phone numbers: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Alipay, Ebay, WeChat, Baidu, Odnoklassniki, VK, eBay, Weibo, PayPal, Shopee,
    Author: Fesih Ana Sayfa

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  8. Account activations via SMS for any services
    Virtual numbers for account activations via SMS. SMS for any services:Facebook-0,1$ Gmail-0,1$ Instagram-0,1$ Microsoft,Bing,Hotmail-0,03$ Twitter-0,05$ Steam-0,1$ Uber-0,1$

  10. Receive SMS Online
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  12. Receive SMS Online For Free - US,UK,Austria,Sweden,BELGIUM Free Virtual Numbers
    We provide Receive SMS Online services,you can use a Virtual Numbers to Receive SMS with Multiple countries include US,UK,Austria,Sweden,BELGIUM

  14. Receive SMS online is free service for receiving SMS online in: United Kingdom, Germany, United States,France

  16. Virtual phone for calls, sms and fax
    Virtual phone » Get phone numbers for voice, text and fax from countries all around the world

  18. Receive SMS Online Free text,USA,UK,Germany,France,Italy
    Receive SMS online for FREE. receive text with Virtual Phone Numbers,UK,United States,France,Germany,Brazil,China,Hong kong,india.

  20. Receive SMS Online | Free SMS Verifications
    Receive SMS online for FREE. No registration needed. Temporary phone numbers for SMS verifications.

  22. Receive SMS Online | Temporary Phone Number | Receive SMS Free
    Receive Sms Online( provide receive sms online,temporary phone number, free virtual phone number,receive sms online free
    Author: Receive SMS Online

  24. Receive SMS Online for FREE - UK,Romania,USA,Spain,France,Germany,Russia
    Receive SMS online for FREE, without Registration and without use your personal phone number.Numbers from United Kingdom, Romania ,United States,Spain,France,Germany

  26. Welcome TO
    Pvapins online code activation Services are very powerful and Instant SMS are delivered to you. You can contact us for your all social account online verification.

  28. Receive SMS Online
    Receive SMS Online. Use our online numbers with your online registrations. Avoid any unwanted messages on your personal cellphone.

  30. Temp Online Phone Number | Receive SMS Online | SMS Online Service
    Temp Phone Number | Receive SMS Online | SMS Online Service: Use a temp disposable sms mobile phone number to receive sms online from all around the world

  32. home | Temporary phone number | Receive SMS online is a free service to allow anyone to receive SMSmessages online, the numbers are real SIM numbers and not virtual

    Other sites like smscodes io

  34. Receive SMS online for Free - without a Phone or Registration is a free service to receive SMS online. It works from all countries. Use it for Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, PayPal, AliPay and more

  36. Receive sms online for free, Free sms receive online, Temporary phone number for verification code
    Temporary-Phone-Number.Com(Receive Sms Online for free) provide temporary phone number,free virtual phone number, the free phone number from China,USA,UK,HongKong..., you can use a temporary phone number to register the website or app google voice,apple id,gmail,facebook,whatsapp,telegram,twitter,instagram,yahoo and more, this is completely receive sms online free!

  38. Telegram: Contact @safemooncash
    Please join the SGC TG if you want to swap your SFMC to SGC

  40. Receive SMS Online,Receive SMS Free,Free SMS,Free Phone Number
    Receive SMS Online Instantly,you can use our free phone number for sms verification service,Receive SMS Free Without Registration or Personal number,Keep your privacy with free SMS Online!

  42. GetFreeSMSNumber ! Receive SMS Online Instant ! is free Online SMS Services, 300+ free virtual temporary phone numbers for receive verified SMS Code online,Including Belgium, China, Korea, US, India, Russia, Uk, Receive sms free with no register, You can receive sms verification service online likes Facebook,Telegram,whatsapp and more

  44. JustCall - Cloud Phone System for Sales and Support Teams
    JustCall is a cloud based phone system for your remote sales and support teams. Integrates with HubSpot, Intercom, Pipedrive, Salesforce & other CRM/Helpdesk tools.

  46. Leading Provider of US SMS Verification – PVA | Global SMS
    Global SMS is leader in US SMS Verification, Voice Verification, Google Verification, WeChat Verification, Weibo Verification and US SMS PVA

  48. Login - Account -
    Purchase private SMS numbers for account verifications

  50. Receive SMS messages and SMS Verification Codes Online
    Receive SMS messages and SMS Verification Codes Online. Copy one of our phone numbers and use it to receive online messages and verification codes via SMS. With our phone numbers you can receive SMS messages online and also SMS verification codes from services such as Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Instagram and others. Use our phone numbers with confidence, they have no expiration date, so they will be here whenever you need them.

  52. - Receive SMS Online | Verification Service
    Private SMS service to receive SMS online. Get your SMS codes to our real numbers. Bypass any SMS verification online with our temporary numbers.
    Author: SMSPLAZA io

  54. Bypass Voice, SMS and Text Verifications
    Bypass phone verifications for your favorite sites with our disposable mobile numbers. We help with voice, sms and text verifications. Long-term rentals are available as well. Our numbers are US non-VoIP and come directly from major US mobile phone carriers.

  56. Get an US Phone Number | Best SMS Verification Service
    US phone number sms verification service offered by American Phone Number to verify any type of PVA account with real phone number which all are non-voip number
    Author: Admin

  58. Bypass Phone Verification, Verify SMS Online, Pva Numbers
    Phone verification form any website we used real carrier numbers to verify your call & SMS form any website non-VoIP numbers only original sim cards

  60. Receive SMS Online - Text Verification -
    Receive SMS online for FREE, using our temporary phone number from all countries to receive text verification for social media, apps and any services etc.
    Author: Sms

  62. | Bypass SMS Verifications helps with your sms verifications. Bypass phone verifications for all major apps and reward programs in seconds with our disposable mobile numbers. Our numbers are US non-VoIP and come directly from major US mobile phone carriers. We offer both disposable / temporary numbers and long-term rental numbers. SMS verifications are a thing of the past!
    Author: ST Centauro

  64. SMS Verification Service from $1 Only
    Sms Verify Service from $1 Only. Temporary Phone Number for Sms Verification Code. Online sms verification for ZAO, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Many More. No Login No Membership Fees!

  66. Anonymous Texting by Secret Text - Send Private Text Messages & SMS
    Text anyone with a free, new phone number without exposing your private number. We make anonymous texting safe and easy. You can even use our burner numbers to send fake and prank SMS!

  68. Receive SMS Online | Free SMS Verification | Virtual number online For free
    Receive SMS Online without registration, Free receive sms with any number. Receive sms bypass verification, virtual numbers online

  70. Non VoIP Number in 5 minutes | Online SMS Verification
    Non VoIP number app for online SMS verification. A variety of services such as Craigslist PVA, Gmail accounts, Google voice, VIPN Verizon, SMSPVA.
    Author: Jason

  72. Free SMS Verification
    Receive free sms message online for phone system verification purposes on phone numbers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom

    What else alternative websites

  74. Receive SMS Online | Free SMS Verification | Virtual number online For free
    Receive SMS Online without registration, Free receive sms with any number. Receive sms bypass verification incoming with disposable virtual mobile numbers online

  76. Send an anonymous SMS text message to Australia | Send Anonymous
    Send an anonymous SMS text message to any Australian mobile number, safely, securely & privately.

  78. Free Temporary Phone Numbers for SMS Verification | Receive SMS Online Now • quackr
    Use our free temporary phone numbers for SMS verification and receive SMS now. Phone Numbers from USA, UK, India & more.

  80. Free Receive SMS Online | Temporary Free sms Number | Verification
    Receive SMS Online without registration, Free sms verification. USA, Uk, Brazil, India, Belgium, Indonesia and more. Disposable sms numbers to receive sms online.

  82. Receive SMS Online from $0,05 - SMS Verification Service
    Buy virtual number for SMS. Receive sms online and pass online SMS verification on Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, VK, and other platforms from $0,05. Including China, US, India, Russia, UK.

  84. SMS Dakia - Home (Send FREE SMS text messages in Pakistan)
    Send free SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan. smsDakia, sms Dakia... is a free internet-to-mobile sms service from where you can send SMS to any number in Pakistan for FREE!!. Send 1000!!! characters long SMS. SMS are delivered to mobile phones instantly. This sms service is completly free.

  86. Branded SMS Pakistan - Business through text messages
    Branded SMS Pakistan - Send Bulk Marketing SMS with Company Name to All Mobile Network in Pakistan. High Speed SMS Gateway - SMS Marketing in Karachi - SMS Marketing in Lahore - Mobile Number Data Karachi - Marketing SMS Service - SMS Software - Mobile SMS Software
    Author: Muhammad Nawaz Soomro

  88. PVA Blast - PVA Phone Numbers | Phone Verification
    Excellent Quality Forwarded Phone Numbers used to Create Phone Verified Accounts PVA. 100% Reliable Numbers Forwarded to Any USA Number including: Home Phones, Mobile Cell Phones, Vonage, G-Voice and even Skype. We also offer FREE Email Voice Forwarding & Text SMS Messaging.

  90. Text Message Coverage, SMS Pricing Worldwide
    View a FULL list of all Countries supporting SMS, MMS and Local Numbers, average pricing per SMS and MMS, text message coverage, and more...

  92. SMS Verification - AutoFications
    We are the perfect choice when you need a SMS verification. We provide fully automatic SMS verification for any website/app, in order to help you maintain your privacy.

  94. Receive SMS Online | Free SMS temporary | incoming sms
    Receive SMS Online without registration, Free receive sms with any number. Rceive sms bypass verification, virtual numbers online

  96. Receive SMS Online New Numbers Verification |
    Receive SMS verification codes online with our new disposable phone numbers. We provide the highest quality 100% real mobile phone numbers, never VoIP numbers.
    Author: Luke Barton

  98. SMS Gateway | OTP SMS API | Mobile Number Verification | Bulk SMS Sri Lanka | SMS Advertising | Web SMS | SMS Marketing | BulkSMS | Bulk SMS
    Best SMS Gateway to Sri Lanka with OTP SMS APIs for Mobile Number Verification. Try Our Low Cost SMS Gateway Service to reach your Clients Effectively. Promote your Business today using Bulk SMS Service
    Author: - Colombo; Sri Lanka

  100. GlobalOTP - Get text verification codes direct to your email!
    Register a private number to attach to everything from your bank to WhatsApp and, when abroad, get all your verification codes by email.

  102. FelixMerchant - Online Phone Verification Service Facebook Twitter Gmail
    Receive text verification code with online phone verification service via private sim-based phone number. Now bypass SMS verification on any website or app.

  104. CDYNE | Communication APIs | SMS, Voice, Phone Verification
    CDYNE offers reliable and flexible SMS, voice, phone number verification, and address verification APIs that are easy to integrate and scale for your business. We also offer other marketing solutions like ringless voicemail and much more!
    Author: CDYNE Corporation

  106. Receive sms online - Get your free verification code here!
    No registration. Receive sms online FREE. Use virtual and real numbers to receive verification codes from your favorite website. Stay anonymous!

  108. TeleSign CPaaS, SMS & Phone Number Verification APIs
    APIs Delivering Global Verification and Programmable Communications as a service. SMS, Voice and phone number intelligence solutions. Get started now.

  110. Anonymous SMS Messaging
    International SMS provider. Send sms anonymously. Anonymous Messaging. Send sms from any cell number to anybody. Free sms credit will be given for registration.

  112. Receive SMS online and SMS verification
    Receive SMS with new Virtual Mobile Numbers. SMS receiving from online services and social media

    Other websites similar as

  114. Free SMS Voting | Text Message Audience Polling : SMS Poll
    SMS Poll offers FREE Text Message (SMS) Voting and Polling Solutions that rival a sophisticated Audience Response System at a fraction of the cost. Your audience votes by sending an SMS to a local phone number and the results are updated in real-time, in your PowerPoint presentation or on your website.

  116. SMS Text Message Gateway
    SMS Versand aus eigenen Programmen
    Author: Lutz Schulze

  118. SMS Short Code Numbers: Text Message Marketing » Mobile Short Codes
    SMS Short Codes: UK 5 digit text number or short code. SMS short code numbers for SMS marketing promotions » sms advertising campaigns » mobile marketing

  120. SMS text messaging on the Macintosh (and iOS)
    SMS Mac for macOS, Send an SMS text message with your Mac, SMS text messaging on the Macintosh

  122. Bulk SMS | SMS Service | Text Messaging | Faretext
    Bulk SMS - Connect today and communicate with your customers through our SMS services, send texts via API, or through email to SMS, or with Oello, our online code-free SMS portal

  124. SMS Everyone Australia | Text Messaging Experts
    2 way SMS messaging. SMS Reminders. SMS Alerts. Bulk SMS & Marketing. Replies. Full support. FREE TRIAL. Rest API. Email to SMS. SMS Everyone Australia

  126. Free Text Messaging | Send & Receive SMS Online for Free - No phone number required – send and receive unlimited SMS for free. Access via PC or Download for iOS, Android .

  128. Latest Text / SMS Messages
    Huge collection of SMS Messages, Text Messages. Send love messages birthday messages from the best selection.

  130. Affordable SMS and Voice API for 2FA, OTP, SMS Marketing.
    SMS API, iOS, and Android SDK with global connectivity to build OTP, mobile number verification, 2FA, MFA, and SMS marketing flows.

  132. I Love Text Messages – Great Collection Of Free Text Messages and Sms
    Great Collection Of Free Text Messages and Sms
    Author: Abdullulahi

  134. LiteSms.Com - Text Messages Collection, Birthday Sms, Adult Sms And More
    Our site have thousands of Text Messages for your friends and family. We have more than 50 SMS categories to choose from. We have birthday sms, love sms, Adult SMS and more.

  136. Receive SMS Online - Free Temporary Phone Numbers
    Free Temporary Phone Numbers To Receive SMS Online And Bypass SMS Verifications. Fake Phone numbers From US,UK,Canada,Romania,India etc.

  138. Global Sms - Send text message
    Global Sms is a world leading Sms serice provider. We offer Api solutions and an online app in order to Send text messages worldwide.

  140. SMS Factory | White Label Text Marketing | Business Line Text Messaging
    SMS Factory is a white label text messaging platform allowing an existing business landline, VoIP, or toll-free phone number to send or receive text messages.

  142. RemindMe-SMS reminder/text message sms alerts and sms appointment reminder service-schedule sms marketing text message alert reminders for f
    RemindMe-Send text SMS reminder messages and sms marketing text messages and schedule text SMS message reminders for future delivery to friends and family or create recurring SMS reminders.

  144. SMSVerification - The cheapest sms verification service!
    Affordable sms verification service. Sign up now for prices starting from $0.01 and numerous platforms !

  146. Bulk Text Messaging | SMS Marketing | Text Republic
    Looking for a low cost bulk SMS solution? We now offer unbeatable rates at just 3.7c or 2.5p per SMS! Excellent connections, no contract, full support.

  148. >SMS Marketing Premium Mobile Telecom Services IVR Text Message Telephone Billing
    Premium Rate Phone Numbers, Premium Rate SMS, Premium Phone Virtual Adult, SMS Marketing, SMS Reverse Billed, Text Chat, IVR Virtual Chat

  150. Bulk SMS Send Bulk SMS Text Messages BulkSMS Messaging Software Gateway Download
    Bulk SMS How to send BulkSMS Text Message download Bulk SMS Software for Bulk SMS Text Messaging Service Provider Bulk SMS Services Bulk SMS Messaging Services Bulk SMS Gateway Bulk SMS Providers BulkSMS Gateway

  152. - professional mobile messaging
    Wir ermöglichen den professionelle & günstigen SMS-Versand für Privat- und Geschäftskunden. Wir bieten Ihnen alle SMS-Features!
    Author: Emediagroup - Sms-Service Org

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  154. Receive SMS Online | Voice call verification | SMS to email - SELLAITE
    Receive SMS online and Voice call messages for free verification via Sellaite service.

  156. SMS Bomber Online - Unlimited Text Messages
    Unlimted SMS Bomber Online Now you can send Unlimted Text Messages free in a minute without any issues. SMS Bomber for Android ios SMS Bomber Apk.

  158. Infusionsoft SMS Text Messaging Addon | Text Integration
    Text Integration is the Leading Integration for Infusionsoft Text & SMS Messaging Services

  160. Text Message SMS Marketing – Phoenix Az 623-255-4088 – SMS Marketing phoenix,Text Message Marketing phoenix
    SMS Marketing Service SMS Marketing ~ Reach Your Customers Instantly! Have You heard of (Short Message Service)SMS Marketing?Do you understand what it is, or how it works?Relax, WE DO! CHECK OUT OUR SMS MARKETING PROFIT CALCULATOR SEE
    Author: Dean Schlenker

  162. W2WTS Software SMS and IT Solutions Company - Sms Text Messaging
    sms text messaging, Marketing SMS Campaigns, Enterprise Security, Cloud Solutions, Business Data BackUp solutions, AI-ChatBots, PushMessaging etc
    Author: A ANDY LAW CEO

  164. Send Free SMS - Text Messaging by SendSMSnow
    Send Free SMS worldwide and communicate with your friends and family. SendSMSnow offers free sms, 2-way messaging and groups for text messaging
    Author: SendSMSnow com Corp - USA

  166. Message Box Login – Text Marketer
    Log into your Text Marketer Message Box account and send SMS messages to your customers.
    Author: Text Marketer Ltd

  168. World Text - Inbound, Two-Way and Bulk SMS Specialists
    World Text the bulk SMS, inbound and two way SMS specialists. SMS Virtual Numbers (aka Long Numbers), VSIM Hosting (Virtual SIM), Short codes, Email to SMS, HTTP REST API, SMPP API

  170. Business SMS Text Messaging | Pidgins
    Pidgins Business SMS Messaging will transform the way you interact with your customers using business text messaging.

  172. Online SMS verification | Temporary number to receive Verification SMS
    Smsarlein Helps you get a temporary virtual phone numbers from more than 50 countries for receiving SMS and activating eBay, Facebook, Gmail, and other services.

  174. Branded SMS Pakistan - Masking SMS - Ecommerce Order Verification SMS - Custom SMS Pakistan - Business SMS - Bulk SMS - SMS Marketing in Pak
    Branded SMS Pakistan - Send Bulk Marketing SMS with Company Name to All Mobile Network in Pakistan. High Speed SMS Gateway - SMS Marketing in Karachi - SMS Marketing in Lahore - Mobile Number Data Karachi - Marketing SMS Service - SMS Software - Mobile SMS Software
    Author: Branded SMS Pakistan

  176. Receive SMS online free,Free temporary phone number,Receive sms free - Receive-Sms-Free.Cc
    Receive SMS online Free(Receive-Sms-Free.Cc) has more than 200 free temporary phone numbers or virtual phone numbers,Including China, US, India, Russia, Uk, Receive sms free with no strings attached, You can receive sms verification service online, Eg Facebook,Telegram,whatsapp and more.
    Author: Receive Sms Online Free Receive-Sms-Free Cc

  178. Cute sms Zone - cute quotes, text messages collection
    A collection of love sms, friendship sms, birthday sms, good morning sms, good night sms, cute quotes & many free cute sms text messages

  180. Alta Precisión S.R.L.
    Alta Precisión S.R.L. - Soluciones Móviles

  182. NutzBoot
    它是开源的,商用也是完全免费的。详尽的文档,众多线上项目 不吹嘘概念,代码严谨可靠,近千个testcase,坚如磐石。

  184. NutzBoot
    它是开源的,商用也是完全免费的。详尽的文档,众多线上项目 不吹嘘概念,代码严谨可靠,近千个testcase,坚如磐石。

  186. VideARo
    VideARo - Donnez une nouvelle dimension à vos impressions.
    Author: Nicolas Mouron

  188. Earn Money By Reviewing Apps
    Write short app reviews and earn $1 per review. Top users earn $100 per month.
    Author: Earn Money By Reviewing Apps

  190. AGcloud - Convocation et Procès Verbal de l’AG de Copropriété par Lettre Recommandée Electronique

  192. Web Régis - Des solutions Web
    Outil de Gestion, Saisie des temps, Saisie des notes de frais, Gestion RH, Gestion de Projets
    Author: Régis Guyonnet-Benaize