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  2. Практические курсы по Apache Spark для аналитиков, разработчиков, администраторов Big Data
    Обучение Apache Spark в Data Science: анализ больших данных, администрирование кластеров Big Data, интеграция, Machine Learning- курсы для аналитиков, разработчиков и администраторов

  4. Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, AI - KDnuggets
    Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, AI

  6. TwoDots (OPC) Private Limited | Big Data, Cloud Analytics, ML, AI company
    TwoDots is a leading Data Analytics service provider, specialised in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Scala and many other technologies.
    Author: Sonil Singh Gogarage Founder

  8. Self-Service Data Analytics Platform
    Datamorphix is an innovative and Cost-Effective BIG-DATA Analytics Product built with Machine Learning & AI

  10. Blog - Data Analytics
    Helpful tips, articles and other resources on data analytics, data science and machine learning topics with Apache Solr and the projects.
    Author: Seo

  12. Analytics Vidhya - Learn Machine learning, artificial intelligence, business analytics, data science, big data, data visualizations tools an
    Analytics Vidhya - Learn Machine learning, artificial intelligence, business analytics, data science, big data, data visualizations tools and techniques.

  14. Fusionex International – AI | Big Data Analytics
    Fusionex is an established multi-award winning data technology provider that specializes in Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
    Author: Fusionex International

  16. Java Data Mining Package | Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics
    The Java Data Mining Package is a library for Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics with support for classification, clustering, and much more.
    Author: Holger Arndt

  18. French School in Data Science, Big Data Engineering & Data Analytics
    Interested in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Engineering or Data Analytics? Start your journey with us at the Data Science Tech institute !

  20. Data Science Machine Learning Python Big Data
    Data Science Machine Learning Big Data Professional Development Spark Python

  22. ProStream - Platforms Built for Big Data Solutions ZiMetrics
    ZiMetrics Big Data Solutions Provide you ProStream - Platforms Built for Big Data Solutions, Built for Scale, Connect, Devices, Analytics, Respond, Enterprises, Built for Machine Learning.

  24. Data Analytics | Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke, Data Analytics expert based in Vancouver, BC. Experienced in the use of python, sci-kit learn, matlab, SQL and Machine Learning. Interested in all things computer science and sustainable engineering

  26. Antarctic Analytics | Big Data Analytics | DataOps
    Antarctic Analytics.Transformamos los datos brutos de tu empresa en conocimiento de valor para tu negocio. Servicios: Data Management, Machine Learning y CEOgraFIX plataforma SaaS de Big Data Analytics para apoyar la Transformación Digital de tu empresa.

  28. Cyzne - AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Advanced Data Analytics, Big Data and Strategy by Paulo C Rios, Jr.
    AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Advanced Data Analytics, Big Data and Strategy by Paulo C Rios, Jr.
    Author: Zirelio@Gmail.Com

  30. | Your Expert for Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning is your expert for Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, whether in Munich, Berlin, Germany, or abroad.
    Author: Holger Arndt

  32. Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science & AI | Tibil
    Tibil Solutions is a Data engineering and Data analytics company. Get best big data solutions, data science & advanced analytics services.

  34. Big Data Training Institute in Bangalore
    Big Data training in Bangalore organized by PrwaTech institute. Learn Big Data with Yarn, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase, and Apache Spark with 100% Placement

  36. WeirdGeek - Data Science | Machine Learning | Automation
    Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Python, SQL.
    Author: WeirdGeek

  38. Business Analytics & Intelligence for Big Data | BIRD Analytics
    BIRD Analytics provides real-time data analytics & practical business intelligence for organizations through artificial intelligence & machine learning.

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  40. Scalein | SQL, NoSQL, Big Data, Data Analytics Consulting
    Scalein is a consulting company focussed on implementation, integration, administration and supporting of data driven SQL, NoSQL, Data Analytics and Big Data solutions

  42. ARUS INFO - Data Engineering & Data Analytics - Aspire to Inspire
    ARUS, Data Science , Data Model, Data Modeling, Data Analytics, Data PipeLines, Data Stream, Data Engineering Consultant, Elan Chezhian, Data Architect, Azure Power BI Consultant, ARUS, Big Data, Big Data Modeling, Power BI, ARUS Business Intelligent, ARUS Data Performance Engineer, ARUS INFO PRIVATE LIMITED., ARUS arus consulting , Data Magic. Data Catalog, Data Model, ARUS Data Modeling, BEST DATA Consultant, Data engineering company in chennai, Data Analytics company in India, Chennai, Data Engineering expert ARUS ARUS, Data Science , Data Model, Data Modeling, Data Analytics, Data PipeLines, Data Stream, Data Engineering Consultant, Elan Chezhian, Data Architect, Azur...

  44. Big Data - Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Real Time
    Analytical platform based on Big Data & Graph Analytics for real time processing, integrating business users and data scientists in a single environment.

  46. Home - Factored | Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Data Analytics Company
    We help ambitious companies build world-class AI, machine learning, data analytics and data engineering teams at greater speed and lower cost.

  48. Presto | Distributed SQL Query Engine for Big Data
    Distributed SQL Query Engine for Big Data

  50. MECBot - Augmented Data Management Platform for Real Time Analytics
    MECBot’s smart data fabric enables auto-detection of patterns by unifying structured & unstructured data into semantically enriched enterprise graph & concept lattice. Our pre-built models in AI, machine learning, deep learning and NLP deliver unprecedented business intelligence.

  52. Big Data Analytics Solutions, Python Software Development, AWS DevOps
    Python software development. Big data research and development. Data analytics and machine learning. DevOps on top of Amazon Web Services.

  54. Data Science - AI, ML, Analytics, Analyze, Tools, Big Data, Data
    Learn more about and how to handle Big Data, analytics, AI, ML, handling data, analyze of data.

  56. iStream » Big Data Analytics
    Big Data Analytics
    Author: — Tim Berners-Lee

  58. Business Analytics Big Data Analytics Consulting Service
    RDBI, We are consulting service provided Business Analytics / Big Data Analytics solution and knowledge of Business Analytics / Big Data Analytics for success on Business Analytics and Big Data Analytics solution and sustainability of business.

  60. Holger Arndt | Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Neural Networks
    Holger Arndt: Your Expert for Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Text Mining.
    Author: Holger Arndt

  62. Datanami: Big Data, Big Analytics, Big Insights
    Big Data, Big Analytics, Big Insights

  64. Data Science, Engineering and Machine Learning - Growing Data
    Growing Data is an Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning Consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.

  66. Data Application Lab - Big Data Expert: Data Scientist / Data Engineer / Business Analyst - Consult Your Business
    Data Scientist Bootcamp, Big Data Engineer Bootcamp, Business Analyst Training, Learn Python in Data Science, SQL Data Analyst, Java Training, Algorithms

  68. Data Science Tutorials - Machine Learning | Data Analytics
    Machine Learning | Data Analytics
    Author: Sharma

  70. Expertise on Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI
    Expert content on data science, data analytics, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and data automation.

  72. fractalytics – Analytics Big data & data-viz
    Analytics Big data & data-viz
    Author: MF

  74. DATASPECTRUM | Data Science Software Development Services: Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP, Data Intelligence
    Software development company specializing in data science. Full cycle solutions. Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP, Data Intelligence, AWS & Cloud.

  76. Automated Analytics & ML on Any Cloud or Big Data Platform: EDO2
    Infoworks software, the leading EDO2 system allows organizations to scale analytics & machine learning on any cloud or big data platform with any data!

  78. Data Analytics Courses and Data Science Certification | Black Board Learning
    - Mentorship Driven, complete Hands-on sessions in Bootcamp format. Tired of trying to learn data analytics online??? Come visit us. Learn Data Science in a fun way. Earn Data Science certification in big Data Analytics courses, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning. Learn Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with uci Machine Learning repository. Enroll for our Analytics courses with Machine Learning examples and ensemble learning. For best Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore and Chennai visit Black Board Learning.
    Author: Karthik Veer

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  80. Glow
    Glow is an open-source toolkit that makes it easy to aggregate genomic data together with rapid algorithms for data preparation, statistical analysis, and machine learning at biobank-scale. The toolkit is natively built on Apache SparkTM, the leading unified engine for big data processing and machine learning, enabling the scale of the cloud for tertiary genomics workflows.

  82. Apache Kudu - Fast Analytics on Fast Data
    A new open source Apache Hadoop ecosystem project, Apache Kudu completes Hadoop's storage layer to enable fast analytics on fast data

  84. Learn AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data | CloudxLab
    Learn and practice Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark and related technologies
    Author: Savita Singh; Director Engineering Target Technology Services

  86. Software and Hardware Acceleration for Big Data Platforms
    Bigstream provides hyperacceleration technology for popular big data processing engines like Apache Spark using both hardware and software accelerators. Hyperacceleration of big data, machine learning and AI workloads is achieved using advanced compiler techniques and transparent support for FPGAs, many-core CPUs and GPUs. Unlike other hardware- or platform-specific approaches, Bigstream delivers orders of magnitude performance acceleration instantly and with no application code changes or special APIs.

  88. Omniscope | Business Intelligence and Data Analytics software
    Unified data processing, analytics and reporting. A smart experience on any device.

  90. Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data
    Seeq's machine learning powered advanced analytics software provides trending, pattern recognition, and predictive analytics for time-series based process data

  92. Sam Elamin
    Big Data Engineer. Interested in Big Data, Metrics Driven Development and Real Time Analytics with Apache Spark and BigQuery

  94. Trino | Distributed SQL query engine for big data
    Trino is a high performance, distributed SQL query engine for big data.

  96. Apache Spark | AWS | makes Apache Spark data pipeline development simple by providing an intuitive, web-based, drag-and-drop interface and built-in connectors for range data sources. With, you can build, visualize, and automate powerful data pipelines in minutes.

  98. Data Science Academy | Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics & Big Data
    Data Science Academy provides training in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics & Big Data. We set the right foundation to fulfill your dream of becoming a Data Scientist.

  100. Spark big data didžiųjų duomenų apdorojimas
    Spark big data didžiųjų duomenų apdorojimas

  102. Big Data Analytics News | Big Data news, Hadoop, NoSQL, Predictive Analytics
    Big Data Analytics News offers information, case studies, insights on big data, Data science, Analytics, Hadoop News, blockchain, Fintech and artificial intelligence.

  104. Predictive | Advanced Analytics – Retail Data Science
    Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, y Advanced Analytics para Retail para tomar mejores decisiones de marketing y ventas

  106. Cognilytica | Research, Advisory, and Education focused on Big Data Analytics, Automation, AI, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Technology
    Research, Advisory, and Education focused on Big Data Analytics, Automation, AI, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Technology

  108. My Big Data Analytics by Dr. Kamal Gulati - All About Big Data and Business Analytics
    All About Big Data and Business Analytics
    Author: Dr Kamal Gulati

  110. MarcusRB | consultor & profesor data analytics • AI • Big Data
    +10 años consultor • freelance • profesor en Data Science & BI | machine learning & Big Data | Digital Analyst
    Author: Marco Russo

  112. Coralogix - Stateful Streaming Analytics for Observability Data
    Stateful streaming analytics with machine learning enables teams to monitor and visualize observability data in real-time before indexing.

  114. Experts in Analytics, Data Visualization and Machine Learning | Questra Consulting
    Questra Consulting is specialized in Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Science and Machine Learning in a Big Data context.

  116. Data in Action | Blog | Big data
    Blog focado em Big Data e análise de dados utilizando ferramentas como Data Factory, Data Lake, Databricks, analises em real-time com Kafka, HDInsight e Apache Spark.

  118. Pingax - Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop
    Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop
    Author: Amar Gondaliya

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  120. Home - Niyuj | Product Engineering | Cloud | Big Data
    Engineering partners to Data Centre, Fintech and ISV segment through Product Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Big Data & Analytics services

  122. DS Stream - Big Data Solution and Advanced Analytics
    We are a dynamic and highly-ambitious startup specializing in Data Engineering and Data Science. From designing analytical platforms to applying cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and performing data quality assurance assignments – our teams of Data Engineers and Scientists deliver innovative ideas to enhance business performance and monetize data.
    Author: Wpp_Admin

  124. - Machine Learning and Big Data Training with Frank Kane
    Join over 500,000 students around the world. Learn AWS, Big Data and Machine Learning with Frank Kane. Already a student on this site? Log in to see your courses. Which course should I take? Get Certified for AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning Learn Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data
    Author: Frank Kane

  126. Acies Analytics Consulting | Data Analytics Consulting For Small Business | Big Data Analytics Consulting
    Acies Analytics Consulting specializes in big data analytics consulting and data analytics consulting for small businesses.

  128. Learning Machines - Making Machines Think and Work for YOU - Learning Machines
    Partner with Learning Machines and Databricks Learning Machines and Databricks have partnered to drive business value by unifying data and artificial intelligence (AI). Databricks is a leading data and AI company, founded by the original creators of Apache Spark. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform helps organizations accelerate innovation by unifying data science with engineering and business. Learning… Read more

  130. Speed
    Smile is a fast and general machine learning engine for big data processing, with built-in modules for classification, regression, clustering, association rule mining, feature selection, manifold learning, genetic algorithm, missing value imputation, efficient nearest neighbor search, MDS, NLP, linear algebra, hypothesis tests, random number generators, interpolation, wavelet, plot, etc.

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  134. Investments | Insights | Franklin Templeton Institutional
    Franklin Templeton offers institutional investors a broad range of investment capabilities spanning equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives.

  136. MobileInsight — MobileInsight Official Website

  138. ものづくりドットコム - 製造業のプロセス革新、課題解決を支援するWebサイト
    Author: Koh

  140. Ogłoszenia
    Ogłoszenia znajdujące się w miejscowości

  142. Athlete Recruiting Centre
    Formerly operating under the name of Recruit Quebec, Athlete Recruiting Centre is a women's basketball scouting service, approved in accordance with NCAA bylaws, policies and procedures, for University coaches in Canada and in the USA. Our women's basketball database provides university coaches with all necessary academic and athletic information on future prospects of the next couples of years..

  144. سفارش طراحی وب‌سایت | بهترین و ارزانترین | 09028888092
    Author: مسعود جواهری


  148. Massachusetts Real Estate Center, Lowell MA, Chelmsford MA, Ayer MA, Westford MA, Shirley M
    Find listings in Ayer MA, Find listings in Lowel MA, find listings in Fitchburg MA, find listings in Chelmsford MA, find listings in Dracut MA, find listings in Shirley MA, find listings in Andover MA, find listings in Massachusetts. free, mls

  150. HomesJustForYou Team Home Sales Leominster and Central MA - Keller Williams Realty North Central
    Search the MLS for Homes in Leominster and Central Massachusetts! Home buying and selling questions answered - marketing, staging, and mortgage help. Sell your house quick.

  152. Kristen Dailey | Hanover Real Estate, Braintree Real Estate, Weymouth Real Estate
    Kristen Dailey, your number one source for Hanover Real Estate, Braintree Real Estate, Weymouth Real Estate, Norwell Real Estate, Hingham Real Estate, Marshfield Real Estate, and surrounding towns.

  154. RE/MAX Andrew Realty Services | Search listings throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire
    RE/MAX Andrew Realty Services - Search listings throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Your number one source for Medford MA Real Estate, Stoneham MA Real Estate, Malden MA Real Estate, Boston MA Real Estate, Reading MA Real Estate

  156. Gail DuBois Realtor To Find A Home In Southborough
    Find 1,000’s of homes and listings in Southboro MA and surrounding towns in The Metro West Area including: Westboro, Northboro, Hopkinton and Natick.

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  158. Home
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  160. Roolo - Buy and Sell Bitcoins quickly and easily.
    Roolo helps you to buy and sell Bitcoins quickly and easily with payment made directly to you so there is no delay. Trade with people you can trust from around the world in a safe and protected environment backed by the Universal Bitcoin Transfer Contract – a legally binding contract and proof of transfer.

  162. Dr Shardul Sontakke| Best Dentist | Dental Clinic Erandwane | Pune
    Looking Dentist in Pune - Book an Appointment at Smile Gallery Best Dental Clinic in Pune with Dr Shardul Sontakke

  164. Diabetologist in Satara | Nutrition Care & Research Centre in Satara | Dr Jaydip Revale
    Dr. Jaydeep Revale is a leading and experienced Diabetologist in Satara who provides comprehensive care for Diabetes treatment in Dr Revale's Diabetes Nutrition Care & Research Centre in Satara. Contact us Today.

  166. Facethetics Pune -Dental, Facial Cosmetics(BOTOX), & Hair Transplant Clinique
    Facethetics Pune is amongst the best multispeciality clinic situated conveniently at Law College road, Pune serving patients for their Dental, Facial Cosmetics(BOTOX) & Hair Transplant.

  168. Best knee replacement Surgeon in Mumbai - Dr. Anuj Singh
    Dr. Anuj Singh is best knee replacement surgeon . He specializes in minimally invasive total and partial knee replacement surgery.

  170. Home | Lutterworth Cycle Centre
    Author: Lutterworth Cycle Centre Ltd

  172. Point of Sale System & Credit Card Processing Solutions
    National Retail Solutions (NRS) offers a network of Point of Sale services and credit card processing solutions to help your business succeed.

  174. Homepage Templates, Wordpress Themes, Drupal, Joomla, HTML5, Bootstrap
    Author: Homac E U

  176. Fair Go Casino : Best Review + $1,000 Welcome Bonus
    Read the Fair Go casino review for a $1,000 signup bonus and free spins codes for mobile and desktop. Play top RTG slots and table games at FairGo casino today.
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  178. Manchester, New Hampshire real estate,homes,condos
    Manchester, NH real estate ,homes, condos, property and land in Southern New Hampshire - search the entire MLS for free - no registration required!

  180. Anasayfa | Evrensel Müzik Merkezi
    Evrensel Müzik ve Sanat Merkezi, ilk olarak 1990 yılında İrfan MUŞLU tarafından kurulmuştur.

  182. Macular Health Supplements | Macutec
    Macutec offers quality macular health supplements that help maintain and support healthy eye function.

  184. LALUR
    LALUR : - Pisos Lalur Otros Productos
    Author: HTT Commerce

  186. Mercer | Mettl: Best Online Talent Assessment Company - Assessments, Platform, and Proctoring
    Online assessments made easy with Mercer | Mettl's virtual talent assessment tools. Best remote assessment company to conduct organizational and employee talent mapping, management, and acquisition - Take a free demo today!

  188. Everest Fort
    Everest Fort : - Accesorios Ediciones Especiales Everest Grill Everest Wear Hieleras Promociones Termos termos de acero inoxidable
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  190. : Découvrez les véhicules disponiblent chez les pro de l'auto en Rhône Alpes - Auvergne - Labonauto ®
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  192. Goedkoopste energieleverancier oktober 2021 { Hoge kortingen! }
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  194. Pets On The Park - Keeping your dogs, horses, cats & birds happy & healthy
    Australian owned & operated company bringing quality products & service to pet owners.

  196. Portal ogłoszeniowy - Kupię, sprzedam, zamienię na
    Portal darmowych ogłoszeń kup, sprzedaj, zamień, Importuj ogłoszenia z serwisu olx oraz plików XML Twojego sklepu, wystawiaj przedmioty w każdej kategorii ZA DARMO. Portal ogłoszeniowy zapraszamy!