Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Android platform for developer and user
    AppBajar is a new platform for Android developer and user. Developer can upload app easily without any fees and User can buy those apps using his local currency.

  4. | API Development, Deployment and Scaling made simple. is a serverless API development platform with scalable json rest and graphql apis, headless cms, built with nodejs, mongodb, parse server, kubernetes and docker.
    Author: SashiDo™ Team

  6. Build Apps on Salesforce, the #1 Customer Success Platform
    Learn to develop apps on the Salesforce Platform with Trailhead. Build and deploy secure, scalable cloud applications with the Lightning Platform.

  8. Build API Fast | Cloud Based Backend-as-a-Service for your App | Firebase Alternative
    The Simplified Way of Building Your REST API & GraphQL Server easily for your App with Auth, Authorization, CDN, Webhooks, Custom Functions, and much more

  10. Low-code backend to build modern apps | Back4App
    Store and query relational data on the cloud. Make it accessible over GraphQL and REST with a scalable, open-source backend, based on the Parse platform.

  12. Mainframe Cloud
    Mainframe Cloud surfaces mainframe data via RESTful API's enabling applications to be built in modern programming languages.

  14. M3O - A cloud platform for API driven development
    M3O is a cloud platform for API driven development

  16. Platio- An IoT business app development platform
    Platio is a non-programming platform that allows you to develop IoT business applications. Develop, operate and distribute your customized apps easily.

  18. Xoxzo Cloud Telephony
    Cloud telephony for building SMS and phone voice applications via RESTful web APIs built for web developers

  20. W3Start | Offshore Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, E Commerce Portals
    W3start provide solutions for business by creative design, scalable development and interactive digital engagement. w3start design team helps you in translating your services and products into powerful business. At W3start Web we design and develop technology-driven robust, reliable, user-friendly, secure, scalable and easily maintainable software application.

  22. MaxBlox - SaaS Cloud platform for you business apps, PaaS Web application development
    Take your business application development to next level with our platform-as-a-service (PaaS), the SaaS Cloud Platform for your web apps.

  24. Firecamp, A universal API development platform | Firecamp
    Firecamp is a multi-protocol API development platform. It offers dedcaited GUI clients, tools and services for legacy to modern protocols and styles like Http/Rest, GraphQL, WebSocket, MQTT etc.

  26. – Upplýsingatækniráðgjöf og Hugbúnaðarþróun – Software Process Management – DB/Service/API/App/Web Development – Cloud Development
    Software Process Management - DB/Service/API/App/Web Development - Cloud Development and Management

  28. Phunware | Mobile App Development - Mobile Cloud Platform - Mobile Advertising
    Phunware offers iOS & Android application development platforms, category-defining mobile experiences & monetization for leading publishers & advertisers.
    Author: Phunware

  30. Rapidly Develop .NET Core Business Apps That Run on the Cloud with PowerBuilder Bundles | Appeon Website
    PowerBuilder, .NET DataStore, PowerServer, and PowerScript Migrator make the development of client/server apps, cloud apps, and REST APIs easy and rapid.

  32. Landing Page - 42Gears Developers Site
    Welcome Developers! Imagine, Design, and Build on the Power of 42Gears Mobility Management Platform Develop with 42Gears mobility frameworks SureMDM Rest API Use this documentation to configure REST APIs. It is intended for developers who are building applications that use the SureMDM Web Services to invoke core product functionality. Get Started SureMDM Hub API Use…

  34. ChoiceOne Presents RASPro - The most powerful cloud platform — ChoiceOne Dynamic e-Solutions Private Limited
    Finally Tally is on Mobile Platform powered by RASPro Cloud Computing Technology. RASPro Platform enables any Windows application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the data center and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device. Host on your own server with full control. One time cost. Easy to use.

  36. Frontend development | Mobile apps | Angular | Ionic development | astech
    astech is a frontend development company focussing on cross platform application development in Mumbai delivering scalable web and mobile apps for their clients.

  38. MySignals - eHealth and Medical IoT Development Platform
    MySignals is a development platform for medical devices and eHealth applications. You can use MySignals to develop your own eHealth Cloud, Android or iOS applications or even to add your own sensors to build new medical devices. MySignals includes more than 15 sensors which can be used to monitor biometric signals. All the data gathered by MySignals is encrypted and sent to the user's private account at Libelium Cloud.

    Other sites like stryke io

  40. Zerops - no-nonsense, developer-friendly cloud platform ~
    Zerops is a powerful cloud platform built specifically for developers. It can build, deploy, run, and manage your runtimes, databases and storages, all high availability enabled.

  42. Custom Application Development Platform - Custom Apps for Small business |
    Custom application development platform that has everything you need to build, deploy and manage custom apps for small and medium businesses.
    Author: RIKSOF Private Limited

  44. OTT & SmartTV platforms development | Tyris Software
    Especialized in the development of OTT platforms and multidevice apps. Create your own system and start managing your content!

  46. UniCloud- IIoT Cloud Platform- by Unitronics
    The Complete, No-Code, IIoT Cloud Platform for Unitronics Controllers. Go cloud in less than 30 minutes! No need for programming or cloud development skills -Upgrade your machine capabilities without even changing your PLC application!

  48. OTT & Video Streaming App Development Low Code SaaS Platform for Digital Transformation
    Enveu is a low code SaaS platform for OTT and video app development and management. Get solutions in OTT, streaming video engineering, and scalable complex media solutions
    Author: Chandan Luthra Aug

  50. All-in-one Video platform - Pstream
    your videos easily Higher advertisingrevenues Manage and share your own videos A powerful video platform A platform Complete and intuitive Upload or import your videos easily from any platform Broadcast and Share your videos with our players Customize your player, add your own logo, choose colors, fonts and more Join our Partner Program and Earn […]

  52. TrueCue | The Data Management & Cloud Analytics Platform
    Power your data with TrueCue's cloud analytics platform. Manage your data & discover true data-driven insights to inform your decision making. Enquire today.

  54. Mobile App Intelligence | 42matters
    42matters offers top-notch app market data and audience data that helps you to build your business around mobile. All mobile data is easily accessible via our REST API and easy to use Explorer.

  56. NodeChef Platform | Deploy Cloud-Native apps
    NodeChef Cloud is a platform as a service (PaaS) for deploying and running Cloud-native Node.js, Python, Elixir, PHP, Go, Ruby, Java, .Net Core applications via docker containers and kubernetes.

  58. App Development, Cloud & Digital Transformation Company - Scalex
    Scalex leverages the power of digital technologies to provides the best-in-class Android/iOS Mobile App Development, Cloud, and Data Analytics services

  60. App Development & UX Design Company for Mobile, Web & Cloud
    Best UX-UI Design & Application Development Company. Top applications for mobile, web and cloud platforms.

  62. Build apps with HERE Maps API and SDK Platform Access | HERE Developer
    Build apps with HERE Maps API and SDK Platform Access - HERE Developer High-quality location APIs and SDKs from HERE Technologies, including documentation, code samples and developer support.

  64. Software Development | Mobile Apps | Weavik Inc. | Ontario
    Weavik is a Web 2.0 full stack software development studio focused on robust and scalable applications in cloud and mobile apps.

  66. AskSensors IoT platform | The easiest application to manage your IoT devices and data in the cloud
    AskSensors is an IoT platform designed to be the easiest application on the market. You can control your actuators remotely, connect your sensors easily, manage connected devices in real timeand analyze the acquired data over the cloud.

  68. Build Your Own App Store - OpenChannel
    Build, brand and launch your own app store platform - Apps and add ons for your product, submitted by developers, discovered by users and managed by you.

  70. Meets Cloud - The key to building commerce apps for Magento.
    Meets Cloud is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) that provides scalable and easy-to-use tools for developers to build custom applications connected with Magento stores. It's focused on the developer's productivity, high performance, and security.

  72. Microservice platform for SAP ERP and S/4HANA.
    MICROSERVICES FOR SAP is a microservice platform for SAP ERP and S/4HANA. It is a powerful SAAS platform from Arch delivering low cost, high value microservices to complement SAP development tools. Use the library of powerful REST-based APIs to accelerate your enterprise application development. DESIGNED FOR SAP Every
    Author: Chris

  74. On Demand Clone App Development Company
    Planning to invest in apps based on demand business like Uber, Gojek, Postmates? Hire on demand app developers to develop your own application for Android and iOS platform.

  76. Custom App Development Company in Dubai, UAE | Infoxen UAE
    Custom Apps Development Services - Build scalable, secure & interactive web & mobile apps. We Build Native And Hybrid Mobile Apps For Android And iOS Platforms. Hire highly skilled and experienced mobile app developers as per your requirements

  78. Cloud based digital signage software platform - Signage Rocket
    Cloud based digital signage software platform to easily display any content on screens, monitor your displays, deploy your own signage apps to screens in seconds

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  80. netBI | Cloud data platform and BI solution for deep insights
    Improve your data stack and get BI and analytics tools powered by advanced ML algorithms on one cloud platform. Transport industry data management experts.
    Author: Net BI

  82. Kamran Nazir | Software Developer | Specializing in React, React Native, cloud-enabled and cross-platform application development.
    Specializing in React, React Native, cloud-enabled and cross-platform application development.

  84. Windows Mobile Apps Developers for Hire | Cross Platform Application Development Solutions – A4C
    As an experienced website app development agency, we offer state-of-the-art android application and mobile API development services. Call us now to talk to our developers!

  86. AppWatch - Cloud based Android App Security Scanner | Audit your Android Apps for Security Loopholes
    AppWatch is the ultimate cloud based Mobile Application security scanner which helps app developers identify the security vulnerabilities and loopholes in their apps in few minutes.
    Author: Mobile Security

  88. Red e App | Mobile Cloud Platform for the Non-desk Workforce
    Red e App is the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the world’s deskless workers and managers, turning communication chaos into engaging connection.

  90. Rapid Mobile App Development Platform for Ecommerce, Enterprise APP | APPSARA
    APPSARA is very powerful and affordable platform which suits enterprise content and Ecommerce mobile app with no programming background or advanced developers
    Author: Jitendra Dadhaniya

  92. Xojo: Cross-platform App Development Tool
    Xojo is a cross-platform development tool and object-oriented programming language for creating powerful, native applications for macOS, Windows, Linux, the web, iOS, and Raspberry Pi.

  94. Cloud-Powered HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Development Tools | Monaca
    Monaca makes hybrid app development with Cordova a lot easier with its comprehensive cloud-powered mobile app development tools and services.

  96. Cloud hosting solutions on a magic Platform as a Service
    Scalingo is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that lets you magically host your application in 2 minutes. No server to manage, cloud hosting becomes instant and easy! Scalingo is about empowering software teams to manage entire application lifecycles. Try Scalingo today and get 30 days free trial.

  98. SensorCloud™
    LORD Sensing’s SensorCloud is a unique sensor data storage, visualization and remote management platform that leverages powerful cloud computing technologies to provide excellent data scalability, rapid visualization, and user programmable analysis.
    Author: Okler Net

  100. Aquaweb | App, Cloud & Web Development Specialists
    Aquaweb provide high-end bespoke cloud platforms & app developments, responsive web design and digital consultancy services. Get in touch today
    Author: Aquaweb Ie

  102. DronaHQ - Low Code platform to build internal tools rapidly
    DronaHQ offers a low-code platform to build internal tools. Drag-and-drop UI components and connect them to your databases and APIs to build your own tools, rapidly. Connects with Postgres, REST APIs, GraphQL, Firebase, Google Sheets, and 3rd party systems like Hubspot, Shopify, Razorpay, Asana, Freshdesk, Zendesk and more. Built by developers, for developers. Trusted by startups and Fortune 500s. Start a Free Trial.

  104. Business Application Development Platform | clearString
    Complete low-code app development platform for ALL size businesses. Full-stack, hybrid-cloud: no manual coding needed. Create your own solutions with your existing skills.

  106. Simplest way to deploy Python/Django apps
    Appliku is a platform as a service(PaaS) that enables developers to build, run and manage Python/Django and Node applications entirely on their own cloud account
    Author: Appliku DOO NOVI SAD; Republic of Serbia

  108. Fast, Easy and Secure Project Management in the Cloud | LoadSpring
    LoadSpring Cloud Platform is the world’s leading project application cloud portal. LoadSpring gives you access to all your cloud project management apps, data and cloud BI solutions through one centralized cloud and dashboard. Learn more.

  110. Platform | DeltaBlue
    The user-friendly PaaS for everyone Deltablue is an aPaaS platform to improve time to value by automating the full application life cycle management while leveraging existing investments. It combines the technical and functional cycle from development to production to maintenance. You build great apps. We Lift and Shift your apps. We manage the complete application […]

  112. Low Code Development Platform - Build Mobile Apps with Kalipso Studio
    Kalipso Studio is a low code development platform for mobile applications. Build native apps for Windows, Android and iOS.

  114. Dashboards | CRM | Cloud Digitizing | Web and Mobile Apps Development - is a Sydney based software agency specialise in developing and managing custom web applications, data visualisation, design and mobile Applications.

  116. Mobvista: A Leading Technology Platform for Global App Developers
    Mobvista is a leading technology platform providing mobile advertising and mobile analytics services to the app developers globally. With its robust big data and AI capabilities, Mobvista has provided user acquisition services to over 2,000 advertisers and has delivered ads to over 7 billion unique mobile devices.
    Author: Penny; Mobvista

  118. RadioMax - Mobile App Development for Radio Stations.
    RadioMax is a mobile platform solution providing apps to radio stations with advanced user engagement tools, unique and custom advertising opportunities, and real-time data analytics. The app includes interactive and entertaining user experiences, social media integration and rich social engagement

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  120. Mobile App Development Company for Enterprise, IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Cloud Computing & Wearables Apps
    i-Verve Australia is an Enterprise Mobile App Development Company offers Android Apps Web App, Cloud Computing, Wearables Applications, Website Design & Web Development services.

  122. - Simple online database backend with NoSQL - automatic REST API - dynamic web - MongoDB support - low code hooks - free developme lets you create online cloud databases and REST APIs quickly without coding. Development databases have a free plan. Powerful web-based and mobile-friendly data management.
    Author: The Team

  124. migenius - Photorealistic Rendering in the Cloud Made Easy
    migenius RealityServer® enables developers to easily integrate photorealistic 3D rendering into any application using the power of the Cloud. With a simple to use API and powerful NVIDIA® Iray® rendering technology, RealityServer provides a comprehensive toolset for building applications incorporating 3D Web services that produce stunning results.

  126. Appdrag | Cloud development platform for digital transformation
    AppDrag is a serverless development platform made for enterprises. Produce 100% custom applications 10X faster, world class level performances and high availability, 24/7 professional support. Join hundreds of enterprises building the future with us in the cloud.

  128. Concept Branch - Cloud server platform - NVMe SSD Servers, Cloud Servers and Cloud Hosting by Concept Branch -
    Concept Branch is a Cloud Server Platform that capacitates businesses to build, deploy, scale and manage scalable web applications. Our premium quality service ensures simplicity, performance and choice for every client. Super fast & Brilliantly speedy NVMe SSD VPS Cloud Servers. 100% **** Virtualization

  130. App Development | Built to Roam | Cloud Solutions | Cross-Platform
    Consumer and line-of-business (LOB) app development using Mobile, Web and Cloud tools to deliver, monitor and evolve the right solution.

  132. AppChef - A SaaS platform for mobile app development
    The AppChef platform enables rapid mobile application development by drastically reducing the time it takes from an idea to native iOS and Android implementation from weeks to days. We allow users to convert designs directly into working code and prototype at incredible speeds.

  134. Easy app development | Raptool
    Raptool App development for iOS, Android and Windows, 15 times faster than traditional coding. Make your own, outsorce or select from 2800 ready app. Integrate to ERP or cloud data storage.

  136. Medma Infomatix - Cloud,iPhone Android Apps,Magento Development Lucknow
    Leading Android, web, iPhone app development IT company Lucknow that develops enterprise grade eCommerce Cloud applications and websites using Magento, PHP, iOS

  138. Bee-IoT - Homepage - One Cloud Platform, a hive of possibilities
    Bee-IoT is an IoT software platform in cloud that connects, controls and integrates different objects and systems. Through Bee-IoT services are developed for monitoring, managing, analyzing and integrating devices and data.

  140. JB Web Dev | Web & App Development in Brighton UK
    A web and app development company based in Brighton UK. We build powerful data-driven web applications, iOS/Android apps, and fully bespoke websites.

  142. Build a booking page for your business
    Build your booking system and start appointing visits in 3 minutes

  144. Build your E-shop
    Start selling online now! Build your own shop! under your domain and branding! Use marketing tools to generate more profits! Pay us as much as you want

  146. Bestellsystem für Geschäfte und Restaurants
    Erstellen Sie Ihre Bestellwebsite und lassen Sie Ihre Kunden Ihre fantastischen Produkte bestellen. Mit der Lieferung und zum Mitnehmen können Sie unsere Apps nutzen. Verwenden Sie Marketing-Tools, um Ihren Gewinn zu steigern. Alles unter unserer oder Ihrer Domain

  148. Система заказов
    Создайте свой сайт для обработки заказов на еду. Ваши клиенты смогут воспользоваться доставкой или забрать еду навынос. Используйте наши маркетинговые инструменты для увеличения прибыли.

  150. Plateforme de livraison de commandes pour commerces et restaurants
    Créez votre site Web de commande et laissez vos clients commander vos produits incroyables. Traitez la livraison et les plats à emporter avec l'utilisation de nos applications. Utilisez des outils marketing pour augmenter vos profits. Tout sous notre ou votre domaine

  152. Un sistema de pedidos para tiendas y restaurantes.
    Cree su sitio web de pedidos y permita que sus clientes soliciten sus increíbles productos. Lidiar con la entrega y la comida para llevar con el uso de nuestras aplicaciones. Use herramientas de marketing para aumentar sus ganancias. Todo bajo nuestro o tu dominio

  154. System zamówień online dla restauracji
    Zacznij zbierać zamówienia od swoich klientów. Kontroluj dostawę, płatności, promocje, zwiększ swoje przychody

  156. Un sistema di ordinazione per negozi e ristoranti
    Costruisci il tuo sito Web per gli ordini e consenti ai tuoi clienti di ordinare i tuoi fantastici prodotti. Gestisci la consegna e il take-away con l'uso delle nostre app. Utilizza gli strumenti di marketing per aumentare i tuoi profitti. Tutto sotto il nostro o il tuo dominio

  158. Objednávkový systém pro restaurace
    Vytvořte si objednávkový web a nechte své zákazníky, aby si objednali vaše úžasné produkty. Zabývejte se dodávkou a sebou s použitím našich aplikací. Pomocí marketingových nástrojů zvyšte své zisky. Vše pod naší nebo vaší doménou

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  160. Encrypted file storage
    Store all your files in an encrypted cloud. Have access to files within your organization from the any place you need

  162. Sell your content online
    Start making money on your content. Sell videos, music, books, tickets, lessons and more. Build a website that automatically serves content to your customers after purchase. Let your clients view the content on the dedicated app

  164. DATAROCKSTARS.AI - Kickstart your data career !
    Formez vous aux métiers de data scientist, data engineer et AI Scientist. Décrochez le jobs de rêve de vos rêves grâce à notre plateforme de recrutement 2.0

  166. 모바일 안내장 가이드짱
    모바일 앱을 만드는 가장 쉽고 빠른 방법

  168. Emozioni in Umbria - Itinerari turistici ed enogastronomici
    Scopri l'Umbria ed Emozionati con tanti eventi ed itinerari turistici ed enogastronomici. È sempre il momento giusto per visitare l'Umbria.

  170. Build your marketplace
    With use of mip you can build sharing economy system. Connect people that offer things with those looking for it

  172. The Australian Institute for Commercial Recovery

  174. Build video rooms
    With use of vli, you can build simple video rooms. Send the link to the other parties and enjoy private and secure video or audio room with help of Peer-to-peer technology

  176. Location matrimoni Milano: Ville e Castelli per ricevimenti - Acquaroli
    Location per matrimoni a Milano, Bergamo, Brescia e Lecco: Castello di Marne, Villa Acquaroli e Castello di Monasterolo per ricevimenti. Vendiamo abiti da sposa e sposo.

  178. Biuro rachunkowe, księgowa | PROFIN Księgowość Białystok
    PROFIN Księgowość Białystok - biuro rachunkowe, finanse, pełna księgowość, kadry i płace, wirtualne biuro, doradztwo podatkowe, raportowanie, outsourcing,

  180. Bill your clients
    With use of you can bill, charge, invoice, remind your clients on a regular basis

  182. Stack Multipurpose HTML Template
    Site Description Here

  184. 국제학생증 ISEC | 전세계 주요 명소 입장권 할인 및 학생 인증
    국제학생증 소개, 국제학생증체크카드, 다양한 기능 및 혜택, 국제학생증 고객체험기, 국제유스증 및 국제교직원증 소개

  186. 국제학생증 ISEC | 전세계 주요 명소 입장권 할인 및 학생 인증
    국제학생증 소개, 국제학생증체크카드, 다양한 기능 및 혜택, 국제학생증 고객체험기, 국제유스증 및 국제교직원증 소개

  188. Saltimbanco Animazione | Animazione Feste Bambini Roma
    Saltimbanco animazione è un'agenzia specializzata nella programmazione e gestione dell'animazione e dell'intrattenimento nell'ambito dell'infanzia, manifestazioni di piazza, fiere ed eventi pubblicitari.

  190. 자동차검사대행 모터맨
    자동차검사 대행이 필요하십니까? 2017년 기준 전국을 대상으로 15만대의 자동차검사 대행실적을 보유한 믿을 수 있는 기업! 모터맨이 있습니다.

  192. Autopflege & Service Tanner | Lackveredelung in Wölfersheim
    Ihre professionelle Autopfelge in Wölfersheim.

  194. Welcome - Web64
    Understanding the world through data
    Author: Www Web

  196. nano3D - Druk 3D, modelowanie 3D, prototypy, CNC,MJ,SLM,FDM,SLA
    Druk 3D dla przemysłu i firm, dystrybucją drukarek 3D, prototypy. Zamów online, skanowanie, projektowanie, modelowanie.

  198. GyroPalm | Universal Remote for your Wrist
    GyroPalm is a universal remote for your wrist that lets you control anything from computers, smartphones, electronics, appliances, and even robotics.
    Author: Dominick Lee