Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Old English Translator
    Translate Old English text and words to Modern English and Modern English text and words to Old English
    Author: Blue Engine Web Development; Bratton; Wiltshire UK

  4. Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton – Learn Theravada Buddhism free from venerable monks
    Place of Buddha’s Teachings… Buddha Meditation Centre of Halton is a place for you to learn and practice the authentic teachings of the Buddha. We are a part of the ancient Theravada Buddhist Tradition which began 2600 years ago. We provide a variety of activities
    Author: Buddhistmonks

  6. English dictionary
    It`s a simple and easy English dictionary. You can use it to know the definition, pronunciation, transcription and word forms for many English words.

  8. Learn American English Online | Speaking Friends
    How to learn english fast? By learning American English most common English words. Try our unique method to learn American English online.

  10. About - Plain English Politics
    Plain English Politics is currently in development. The goal is to provide simple, inclusive and reliable articles about politics.
    Author: Admin

  12. Lusine
    Lusina is personal for teaching simple english words, jokes, coloring pages and poem

  14. My Perfect English - Teaching English, Business English
    My Perfect English - Teaching English in Annecy
    Author: My Perfect English

  16. WordUp: Discover & Learn the most useful English word
    Discover and Learn the most useful English word that you don't know yet!

  18. English Language
    English Language English Teaching

  20. SAIEI Online English | Teach English with us!
    Teach English with us!

  22. Grace Mueller — The all-in-one English text edit
    Convenient, highly structured and process-driven English text edits. A simple path to great words.

  24. Teach English in Korea
    Teach English in Korea. Teach English Korea. Best ESL jobs in Korea. First time teaching English in Korea? Start here! To teach in Korea, contact us.

  26. StyleWriter Software - Your Plain English Editing Software and English Grammar Checker
    StyleWriter software is a powerful manuscript editor and English grammar checker that will identify and correct thousands of writing mistakes, including complex words, jargon and abstract words, wordy phrases, hidden verbs, passive verbs, clich�s and long sentences.
    Author: YOUR Plain English Manuscript Editing Software

  28. GoCambio - English Language Teaching Jobs Worldwide
    Be hired to teach English online | Find your dream TEFL job at Go Cambio | Discover teaching jobs abroad from our recruiting partners

  30. Kannada to English Dictionary, English to Kannada Dictionary, Kannada Meanings, Synonyms, Transliteration, English Kannada Translation, Kann
    Free Online English to Kannada Dictionary & Kannada to English Dictionary with Kannada Meanings for English Words and English Meanings for Kannada Words, Synonyms, Transliteration, Usage Phrases - Search for English and Kannada words for their meanings
    Author: Tamil Dictionary tamildictionary org

  32. English Urdu Dictionary | انگلش اردو ڈکشنری
    Consult free online English to Urdu dictionary for Urdu to English translation and from English to Urdu meaning, this English Urdu dictionary is authentic and trustworthy for definition, antonyms, synonyms, similar words, meanings, translations and pronunciation.

  34. Home - English Teaching : English Teaching
    Program English Teaching
    Author: Projekt i realizacja artneo pl

  36. Home - Monks & Nuns
    Buddha Shakyamuni’s flawless words are spreading across the Earth. Wherever the perfect Buddha’s teachings flourish, people discover compassionate love and a peaceful, carefree state of mind. If one puts these profound instructions into practice, the result can only be liberation and complete enlightenment. Isn’t the presence of the Buddha’s teachings in our world extremely precious? ...

  38. Teach English Online | TPR Teaching
    TPR Teaching is blog dedicated to online english teaching. Discover how to become an online ESL teacher and achieve success working online from home.
    Author: Caitriona Maria

    Other sites like suttafriends org

  40. Bengali to English Dictionary, English to Bengali Dictionary, Bengali Meanings, Synonyms, Transliteration, English Bengali Translation, Beng
    Free Online English to Bengali Dictionary & Bengali to English Dictionary with Bengali Meanings for English Words and English Meanings for Bengali Words, Synonyms, Transliteration, Usage Phrases - Search for English and Bengali words for their meanings
    Author: Tamil Dictionary tamildictionary org

  42. Japan English Teacher - English Teaching Jobs in Japan
    Find English teaching jobs in Japan. Japan's No.1 English teaching job site.

  44. Meditation and Study Programs in Modern Buddhism
    Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia offers authentic meditation and teaching sessions on ancient Buddhist wisdom for our modern, busy times.

  46. Speak and Play English - Classroom Games for Teaching English
    activities to teach english as a foreign language, classroom games for teaching english, english speaking activities for beginners, games for english learners, teaching english as a second language, teaching english as a foreign language resources, english teaching materials for beginners, english materials for beginners pdf, english for beginners pdf free download, teaching english preschool games, esl games for 4 year olds, esl games for 3 year olds, esl games for 5 year olds, preschool esl activities, english games for kindergarten, english games for kindergarten in classroom, kindergarten games for the classroom, english games for the classroom, classroom games for te...
    Author: SpeakAndPlay

  48. Plain English Campaign
    Plain English Campaign is an independent group fighting for plain English in public communication. We oppose gobbledygook, jargon and legalese.

  50. Largest English to Thai Dictionary | Accurate Thai to English Translations
    English Thai dictionary, English to Thai dictionary, Thai to English Dictionary, Translate English to Thai, Translate Thai to English, English to Thai, Thai to English, Thai words, English words, dictionary, online dictionary
    Author: Michael R Stanton

  52. Learn English and listen to English with podcasts in English
    The podcast site for people to learn and teach English

  54. New English File, NEF, How to teach the New English File course to English language students, become an expert New English File language tea
    New English File, NEF, How to teach the New English File course to English language students, become an expert New English File language teacher, start teaching English with confidence, how to teach English using Skype, anyone can become an expert English language teacher, teach English with no qualifications

  56. Home - One Minute English
    Hi, I’m ConorI teach English and recommendthe best English classes, courses,and ways to learn English. Most Popular Posts 5 podcasts to learn English on Spotify The Best Websites to Learn English What are the 7 WH question words? (+ how) 16 Ways to Learn English At Home (+ 1-Week Study Plan) Online English Courses Espresso … Home Read More »

  58. The Well-Tempered City » Jonathan F. P. Rose
    The Well-Tempered City discovers what modern science, ancient civilizations and human nature teach us about urban life — and its future.
    Author: Philip Glass; Composer

  60. English to Urdu Dictionary & Urdu to English Dictionary & Translation - انگلش اردو ڈکشنری
    Online English to Urdu Dictionary and Urdu to English Dictionary and Translations - Islamic Names Dictionary - Words Sentences and Pair of words - Urdu English Words Meaning.

  62. Skeebdo - Learn English words with any movie or TV show
    Skeebdo finds, translates and teaches you the unknown words in any movie or TV show, based on your English level.
    Author: Mátyás Szaszkó

  64. Teach English in China_Teach English in China_DEPTH Teach English in China
    DEPTH English Teaching Opportunities in China

  66. Invisible Folk Club – enabling authentic music, ancient and modern
    enabling authentic music, ancient and modern

  68. RainWords, the letter fairy in English
    Advanced searcher of english words. in English,

  70. Meaning and Definition. Sense. English dictionary.
    Words meaning, definition of words, words in english.
    Author: - if you are looking

  72. English Made Simple: Extensive Grammar Lessons | Learn English Online
    Welcome to English Made Simple. Here we teach grammar lessons for non-native and native speakers. Explore our curriculum includes nouns, verbs, adverbs, & more.

  74. WESLI English | Teaching English Since 1981
    Teaching English Since 1981

  76. Elemental English – Teaching the English of Everyday Life
    Teaching the English of Everyday Life

  78. English - Hindi - English dictionary is a english - hindi - english dictionary, General Knowledge in Hindi - English, also you can search online definition of english words in both hindi and english with synonym, antonyms in english.

    What else alternative websites

  80. English For Free
    ⭐ English For Free ⭐ Most popular English words + grammar 🇬🇧

  82. Learn To Speak English Fluently
    Discover Adept English, the modern way to learn to speak English. Our goal is to help you speak English fluently. The Adept English language teaching approach is to learn through listening. We publish two new English audio lessons, with full transcripts, weekly. Every one of our English lessons will help you learn to speak English in ways that are interesting and lead to success. We have lots of podcasts, at all difficulty levels, on many topics, suitable for all listeners, ready for you to listen to right now.

  84. Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery
    Mahamevanawa Buddhist Monastery was established to benefit the spiritual development of human beings through the teachings of Buddha. Here the Buddha’s teachings are presented in modern language that is easy to understand.
    Author: Wevauska

  86. Software for Writers Plain English Grammar Checker Editor
    Software for Writers - Plain English Grammar Checker Spellchecker -Editor Software - for MS Word StyleWriter 4 improves how to edit like a professional editor.

  88. My English Hebrew Dictionary - English to Hebrew Translations
    The free online English to Hebrew dictionary includes English transliterations and Hebrew words with vowels. Words are organized by subject. 400+ study sheets.
    Author: Jacob Richman

    A blog about teaching/learning English: students' assignments and teaching ideas.
    Author: Isa

  92. English My Way
    English My Way is a resource for tutors who support and teach adults with no or low levels of English - providing free teaching resources and tools to manage classes

  94. English
    English lessons conversational courses classes teaching learning

  96. English Online Lessons | English Bridge
    Teaching business English online with an experienced and certified Canadian native English speaking teacher.

  98. English by Ann
    My ideas for teaching English and learning, of course.
    Author: Anna Smoczyńska

  100. English to Urdu, Urdu to English Translation & idioms -
    Online English to Urdu Translation & Urdu to English Translation for words and idioms. View meaning, definitions, related words & idioms list -
    Author: - Alicia Keys

  102. Vic DiCara's Astrology – Authentic Modern Astrology from the Ancient and Classical World
    Authentic Modern Astrology from the Ancient and Classical World

    English Language Teaching in the UAE

  106. Teaching English Language
    Teaching English Language (TEL)

  108. 21st Century English Education
    Remixing the teaching of English for the 21st century. Teaching ideas, book reviews, and digital activism from and for English teachers.

  110. Workplace English Training E-Platform: Online Business English Training for Non-Native English Speakers
    Workplace English Training E-Platform: Business English Teaching Resources and Online Business English Training for Students

  112. English Indonesian Dictionary | English Indonesian
    The online English to Indonesian Dictionary. Over 30,000 Indonesian translations of English words and phrases. Check spelling, grammar and

  114. Afrikaans English Dictionary | Afrikaans English
    The online Afrikaans to English Dictionary. Over 20,000 English translations of Afrikaans words and phrases. Check spelling, grammar and

  116. Richmond – English Language Teaching
    English Language Teaching
    Author: Romina

  118. Richmond – English Language Teaching
    English Language Teaching
    Author: Raúl

    Other websites similar as

  120. Richmond – English Language Teaching
    English Language Teaching
    Author: Raúl

  122. Billiot English
    This is my blog about Teaching English and Living in Japan.
    Author: Unknown

  124. Deutsch WĂśrter: German language teaching game
    Game to teach simple German words. Match the pictures with words.
    Author: SzilĂĄgyi DonĂĄt

  126. English Educational Materials
    educational materials in the domain of learning&teaching English,English Educational Materials
    Author: Safari

  128. Buddha Meditation Centre Winnipeg at Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery Winnipeg - Home
    Discover the original teachings of the Buddha in Winnipeg as faithfully preserved in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.

  130. Cekgu English Blog
    A blog about English As Second Language Learning and Teaching, MUET, English writing, English reading, English speaking and English listening
    Author: Azari Masili

  132. Nglish by Britannica | English-Spanish Translator and English Learning
    Nglish by Britannica: The leading on-line comprehensive Spanish – English and English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica, Including: Translation of words and sentences, English synonyms, example sentences, related phrases, audio pronunciation, personal word lists and more

  134. English for Aviation
    Aviation English, Aviation English teaching materials, English for pilots, English for Aeronautical Engineers, ICAO Language Requirements, ICAO Doc 9835, Aviation Technical English,

  136. Welcome to English Teacher Websites
    Teaching jobs and English language resources for English teachers, plus English resources for people studying English as a second language.

  138. Accredited TESOL Courses | Train to Teach English | TESOL Direct
    Teach English to speakers of other languages. Highly accredited distance TESOL courses. Teaching business English & teaching English to young learners.

  140. LinguaEdge-Online TESOL TEFL Certification, Online English Courses - Learn English Online
    LinguaEdge offers online TESOL,TEFL,TESL Teaching Certificate courses to teach English abroad, online English courses, English conversation class.

  142. SKYNET資訊生活雜記 - 現代生活不能不知道的資訊
    Author: Skynet

  144. - Absurd oszukanego świata
    Author: RudaWeb

  146. 股票入门基础知识_股票配资期货_配资炒股-聊城市金融网

  148. Zoliblaze Blog für Vinyl, Mixtapes, Rap, HipHop, Funk
    Auf dieser Seite siehst du die coolsten Beiträge zu HipHop, Funk, Soul und House Musik. Außerdem gibt es News zu Mixtapes und Vinyl Scheiben!
    Author: Zoltan

  150. 24 مووی | دانلود فیلم جدید، دانلود آهنگ جدید
    24 مووی دانلود فیلم با لینک مستقیم، دانلود آهنگ جدید، دانلود رایگان فیلم
    Author: Sara

  152. کرد موزیک | دانلود آهنگ، فیلم و سریال
    دانلود آهنگ جدید، دانلود فیلم، دانلود سریال
    Author: برسام

  154. ترانه فارسی
    آهنگ های فارسی از خواننده مشهور ایرانی

  156. موزیک پرطرفدار ایرانی
    ترانه جدید با کیفیت بالا و متن آهنگ ، تکست آهنگ های پرطرفدار خواننده های مشهور ایرانی ، موزیک جدید ایرانی

  158. دانلود آهنگ جدید
    گلچین بهترین موزیک های بروز ایرانی

    More other alternatives for suttafriends org

  159. دانلود-آهنگ-جدید.com
  160. دانلود آهنگ جدید - دانلود آهنگ های جدید ایرانی
    دانلود آهنگ های جدید ایرانی
    Author: Maziyar

  162. چتی ها | سایت تفریحی و سرگرمی | مجله اینترنتی ایرانی
    سایت تفریحی و سرگرمی | مجله اینترنتی ایرانی
    Author: درباره ما

  164. berlinUp
    Nebensächliches zur Lage der Welt
    Author: Veröffentlicht durch wpzehn um

  166. گیگا موزیک - دانلود آهنگ
    دانلود آهنگ

  168. Sangha Brasil – A vida humana vivenciada com a consciência espiritual
    A vida humana vivenciada com a consciência espiritual
    Author: David

  170. - nasza lokalna telewizja internetowa
    Jesteśmy z kamerą tam gdzie się dzieje się coś ważnego dla Tychów. Liczą się nie tylko masowe wydarzenia ale i indywidualni ludzie, związani z Tychami.

  172. 律师名录网 | 提供全国律师及律师事务所名录查询服务

  174. رسانه وان موزیک - رسانه وان موزیک , دانلود آهنگ جدید
    رسانه وان موزیک , دانلود آهنگ جدید رسانه وان موزیک -
    Author: Amir Hosein

  176. New To Las Vegas | Occasional observations, musings and commentary from William P. Barrett, a well-traveled newcomer
    Occasional observations, musings and commentary from William P. Barrett, a well-traveled newcomer
    Author: William P Barrett

  178. R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX
    R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX is a collaborative online journal of digital media - alive and sometimes interactive. A venue for political, social and personal commentary. We invite you to join us.

  180. Party Style - Por Carla CâmaraParty Style | – Por Carla Câmara
    - Por Carla Câmara

  182. متن آهنگ | فارس لیریکس - متن آهنگ، تکست آهنگ، ترانه آهنگ، متن آلبوم، دانلود آهنگ
    متن آهنگ، تکست آهنگ، ترانه آهنگ، متن آلبوم، دانلود آهنگ

  184. دانلود آهنگ جدید | آنزان موزیک
    دانلود آهنگ جدید ، دانلود آهنگ ، دانلود آهنگ جدید با لینک مستقیم ، آنزان موزیک ، دانلود آلبوم جدید ، دانلود آهنگ ایرانی ، دانلود آهنگ غمگین ، دانلود آهنگ شاد ، آهنگ جدید

  186. "Nestačím se divit... - ... a tak píši na blog." | Pavla Růžičková
    Author: Pavla Růžičková

  188. دلنا | سایت جامعی از بهترین مطالب اینترنت
    دلنا پورتال جامع شامل خبر، زناشویی، مدل ، دکوراسیون، آشپزی، اس ام اس، آگهی استخدام، دانلود

  190. Street Art -
    Author: Heike Larisch

  192. SFReader – Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Book Reviews and More

  194. Action(アクション) | 米国株投資の始め方からやり方、個別株、ETFと投資信託、CFDの取引方法(買い方)、証券会社の口座サービスを初心者にお届け。株式投資による資産運用に欠かせない米国・欧州・日本の最新経済情報レポートや株式市場の予想、分析も充実。

  196. Deirdre Ann Roberts – At Være Forvirret Anno det 21. Århundrede
    At Være Forvirret Anno det 21. Århundrede
    Author: Hmm

  198. 复刻表|N厂手表|NOOB手表|2020年最新款

  200. سخت کوشان - مطالب وآزمون های پایه های اول تاششم دبستان وتست آزمون های تیزهوشان
    مطالب وآزمون های پایه های اول تاششم دبستان وتست آزمون های تیزهوشان