Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Language Exchange Community - Practice and Learn Foreign Languages!
    Language Learning Community for Safe Effective Practice

  4. Conversation Exchange - Language learning with native speakers
    Through Conversation Exchange you can have three types of language exchange: face to face conversation by meeting up with native speakers, Correspondence (pen-pal), text and voice chat

  6. HelloTalk | Free Language Exchange | Language Partners
    Language learning app - learn a language by chatting with native speakers around the world. iOS or Android.
    Author: Kris__

  8. Language Exchange - Find friends to practice languages
    Make friends in the world and learn new languages with them. Learn languages in a friendly atmosphere! Discover new cultures!

  10. italki: Learn a language online
    italki is the most loved language learning marketplace that connects students with the most dedicated teachers around the world for 1-on-1 online language lessons. Join our community of more than 5 million language learners and start speaking today

  12. MosaLingua | Apprendre les langues efficacement (en ligne & mobile)
    MosaLingua vous aide à apprendre les langues, ou à vous perfectionner, grâce à sa méthode efficace qui s'adapte à vos besoins et à votre niveau. Découvrez nos cours et nos applications dès maintenant.

  14. Speechling - Speak Languages Better
    Learn to speak foreign languages. Listen to professional recordings, record yourself on 1000s of sentences, and get daily pronunciation feedback from coaches.
    Author: Speechling - Speak Languages Better

  16. Bilingua: Your Language Exchange App & Learning Companion
    Language exchange app for foreign language conversation practice. Chat, play and learn with native speakers. Find the best conversation exchange partners!

  18. Free virtual language exchange site using WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom by Dickinson College | The Mixxer

  20. Интересное и полезное
    Сайт для изучения немецкого языка онлайн. Множество увлекательных материалов, упражнений и тестов - всё для изучения немецкого! Статьи о Германии, форум о немецком языке, уроки немецкого и многое другое.

  22. Polyglot Club Official Website - Practice languages and find friends
    Learn a foreign language: online and offline language exchange, educational resources. Community of teachers and students from all around the world. Register for free and find a native speaker.

  24. Chatterbug - Learn Languages Online and Talk with Native Speakers
    Whatever your current level, learn languages through adaptive courses and one-on-one video sessions with native speakers. Try it out free for 14 days.

  26. Fluent Language Blog, Podcast & Language Tuition
    Blog and Website sharing love of language learning and personal development. Written by German tutor, focus on online teaching and online learning of languages, German, English, French, languages, podcast.

  28. Comme une Française: Learn French with Géraldine
    Learn French online with my free video lessons for beginner, intermediate, or advanced learners. Discover real-life French you never learned before.

  30. Front Page
    Have confident conversations in weeks instead of years! // You can be confident at speaking any language. I'm Benny the Irish Polyglot, and I’m here to help you be confident in speaking a second language. A bit about me: I’m a fun-loving Irish guy and a full-time globe trotter. I'm fluent in seven languages, able […]

  32. Home All Language Resources - Find The Best Tools For Learning A Language
    I got sick of seeing every website recommend the same terrible resources to learn any language. All our reviews are from actually trying the product.
    Author: Nick

  34. I Will Teach You A Language - Learn A Language Through Stories
    Recommended Articles see all articles

  36. Mondly - Learn languages online for free
    Learn languages online for free with Mondly, the language learning app loved by millions of people worldwide. Immersive, interactive, and fun. Start learning today!

  38. Homepage | SmarterGerman
    Author: Tammy Furey

    Other sites like tandem net

  40. Learn Languages Online for FREE!
    Learn languages! Arabic Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English French German Greek Hindi Italian Korean Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Thai Turkish
    Author: Mark Morgans Trustpilot

  42. Language Exchange - Find a conversation exchange partner!
    Looking for Language Exchange? Find over ✔110497 native speakers interested in a language swap. - Find a tandem partner - In your locality - Online - Free!

  44. Easy Language Exchange | Conversation exchange with natives - Free
    Join Easy Language Exchange and start learning English, French, Spanish with natives. ELE is a Free conversation exchange platform. Language Community!
    Author: Chayal

  46. Language exchange, teachers and group activities | Lingua2
    Language Exchange Tandem and Language Teachers face-to-face offline. Find your Conversation Language Partner in your city now.

  48. Scrabbin - Tandem Partner Language exchange
    Tandem Partner Language exchange learning about foreign languages and cultures

  50. Lingoglobe Your Language Exchange is a free Language Exchange Community. Learn and practice foreign languages with native speakers. Discuss on the Lingo Globe language forum or even a live chat.

  52. Free app and website to learn foreign languages online - OtherLang
    OtherLang app is the best and easy way to learn a language for free. Join the community and improve your proficiency quickly by chatting online with native speakers
    Author: OtherLang SAS

  54. Language exchange community - Speaky
    Find and meet native speakers from all around the world. Browse our community to find your ideal language partner and improve your language skills.

  56. Go Speaky Language exchange community
    Find and meet native speakers from all around the world. Browse our community to find your ideal language partner and enjoy improving your language skills.

  58. Panini: Language Exchange App | Panini
    Join the Language Party Panini is the language exchange social app where you can connect with the right language buddies for FREE. Meet friends around the

  60. Fluent Future | Free Language Exchange
    Practice foreign languages with native speakers. Free language exchange, meet people, chat, send messages, make friends and improve your language skills

  62. Justlearn - Language Tutors
    Speak a language online with native speakers worldwide. Learn English, Spanish, French, and +60 other languages. Connect with native tutors and teachers.

  64. World Languages & Cultures - Learn Languages - Know Cultures
    Best free resources for foreign language learners and speakers: info on modern languages and cultures, grammar, language learning tips, study abroad scholarships, choosing a language, finding the right course, free language learning software, and more ...

  66. Lexody | Find a language exchange partner near you
    Practice speaking any language with a native speaker, face to face, in your city! Instantly match with people just like you, find a place to meet, and use our suggested speaking topics to allow you to completely immerse in any language.

  68. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange | Lang-8: For learning foreign languages
    Lang-8 is the best place for learning and practicing foreign languages. Post an entry in the language you are learning, then a native speaker will correct your entries. Currently there are more than 80 languages available on Lang-8.

  70. Conversifi | Virtual Language Immersion On-Demand
    Conversifi connects language learners with native speakers for on-demand virtual immersion sessions over video chat. We believe immersion, alongside formal instruction, is the best way to master another language and learn about another culture.

  72. Language Exchange, Language Partners, Teachers, Jobs, Translators,
    Language exchange, teachers, jobs, translators, teaching material, and more. All under one roof. Find your language needs. Post your advert for FREE.

  74. Mammoth London Language Exchange is London's 18-40 social language exchange community.
    Mammoth London Language Exchange is London’s 18-40 language community. It’s a fun way to practice a language and make friends at the same time. A good mix of guys and girls from all over the world and native English speakers. At our weekly language exchange events you can practise speaking English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, …
    Author: Dominic H

  76. Learn Languages Together | Chatloop
    Helping refugees learn languages. Connecting language learners to volunteer partners. Send a few text or voice messages a day for communication practice.

  78. imulat | free - languages - tests - videos - articles - flash cards
    Best free resource for learning English, Chinese or Japanese online and doing language exchange with many teaching materials, everything for free. Register for free and find your language partner!

    What else alternative websites

  80. LIM Lessons: Online Language Learning Community
    Find an online language teacher, language exchange partner, or volunteer teaching. Practice with flashcards, videos and exercises. Join our community today!

  82. InterPals: Meet the World. Make friends, travel and learn languages today!
    InterPals is a friendly community of over 5 million friends, language learners, travelers and penpals. use Interpals to connect with native speakers, travelers and people from other countries to practice languages, make new friends and make your world more connected and fun! Learn English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and more.

  84. InterPals: Meet the World. Make friends, travel and learn languages today!
    InterPals is a friendly community of over 5 million friends, language learners, travelers and penpals. use Interpals to connect with native speakers, travelers and people from other countries to practice languages, make new friends and make your world more connected and fun! Learn English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and more.

  86. Ditsay | Free language learning commuity
    The App to break down language barriers and connect with others around the world, with Ditsay you can learn to speak any foreign languages with native speakers all around the world. Distay is the revolutionary App that helps you to connect with people speaking different languages. Learning a new language can be difficult, oftentimes you don’t have an opportunity to practice it. In Ditsay, you can learn to speak any language from native speakers all around the world. It can be from a casual conversation to a tutor class. You will enjoy the fun of learning a new language like never before.

  88. Online Language Tutors > Language Lessons on Skype
    Learn a language on Skype. Online language lessons and tuition with qualified native speaking language tutors. Practice and improve your fluency through live conversation with private online language teachers. Learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and more. Take a free trial class today.

  90. Amikumu - Find language partners nearby
    Find and connect instantly with local language partners nearby. We are the only app that supports 7,000+ languages including Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, Esperanto, Irish, Japanese, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Toki Pona and Welsh, all for FREE!
    Author: Amikumu Ltd

  92. Language Exchange Friend 言語トモ | Japan
    a Free & Locally Orientied web site for people to find language friends (language exchange partner, language friends, private teacher, private student) in Japan.

    DO LANGUAGE is an online community created to empower, inspire and motivate women on their language learning journey. We create inspirational planning & journaling tools that will help you to fit language learning into your daily lifestyle and become a confident and fluent language speaker.

  96. Homepage - Learn Polish Language Online Resource
    Learn Real Polish Language - Your Polish Learning Online Resource, here you can find lots of great stuff for Polish learners, free online podcast.
    Author: Piotr RealPolish

  98. Unipals
    UniPals is a friendly community of over 1975 friends, language learners, travelers and penpals. Use UniPals to connect with native speakers, travelers and people from other countries to practice languages, make new friends and make your world more connected and fun! Learn English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and more.

  100. Russian language lessons
    Learn Russian with a native speaker. Communicative approach in my Russian lessons. I offer a variety of Russian language courses: General Course, Business Russian, Conversational Course, Russian for Tourists, Russian Exam Preparation, Russian for Kids or any other category. I focus on your individual learning needs and goals.

  102. Practice Speaking English Online Free - Language Practice Community
    The best website of practicing English speaking, easy to find a conversation partner, improve your English speaking skills, make friends, language exchange ...

  104. Learn English, Speak English, and Practice English Conversations - Your Guide to the English Language - Speak English with confidence in any
    Speak English with confidence in any conversation. Practice speaking English with these free lessons and your English speaking skills will improve quickly. Learn the English grammar and vocabulary necessary to speak English fluently like a native speaker. These free lessons will be your guide to understanding the English language better and to speaking English naturally
    Author: Admin

  106. Norwegian Language Learning - Norwegian Language Learning
    Welcome to the homepage for Norwegian Language Learning! We are a community of learners and speakers of the Norwegian language. We primarily use our Discord server; this website is an additional resource, with lessons and information about the Discord server’s rules, channels, and bot (Heimdallr). If you’re not already on the server, feel free to join us here! If you already are, then you can check out our rules, channel information, our bot, Heimdallr, or change your roles.
    Author: NLL contributors

  108. Get paid by helping others learn a language | italki
    italki is used by millions of language learners from around the world. Our language learning platform helps students find teachers who can help share their knowledge and culture. Join our community and start your journey to fluency today!

  110. [G] Learn German online on Skype: Private German Online lessons : Private German Courses : German language tutor - Learn German Online
    Learn German flexible online via Skype ➤ Good price-performance ratio with native speaker. German Conversation, Grammar, learn from any location. A1 - C2. ➤ Free introductory talk

  112. Find the perfect tutor for you | Scoodle
    Learn anything. Find the best tutors, videos, resources, online learning and more to join our community of over 100,000 students.
    Author: Nina Modak

  114. Interpals at StatsCrop: InterPals is a friendly community of over 5 million friends, language learners, travelers and penpals. use Interpals to meet people and travelers from other countries, practice languages with native speakers, make new friends and make your world more connected and fun! Learn English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and more. at StatsCrop.

  116. swaplang: French conversation online/Parlez anglais en ligne
    Welcome to swaplang - a language exchange website connecting English and French speakers for unlimited speaking practice. Want to learn to speak French? Join us today! Bienvenue sur swaplang - un site d'échange linguistique mettant en relation des anglophones et des francophones pour une pratique orale illimitée. Envie d'apprendre à parler anglais ? Rejoignez-nous aujourd'hui !

  118. I Love This ... Join the Conversation about things you love
    I Love This ... join the conversation online to find out about the things you love; about your local community, about best deals on holidays and shopping

    Other websites similar as

  120. Free online courses and beginners guides – Find free online courses and tutorials in programming, software and discover language courses in
    Find free online courses and tutorials in programming, software and discover language courses in 40 different languages. Learn everything directly on the web.

  122. North Dakota **** - Find Singles into a **** In your City!
    There is always a very active **** community in North Dakota. There are 1000'sthousands of members always online in North Dakota. Join FREE today to join them online & find new partners.

  124. Casual Dating App | Chat to Find Hookup Partner
    Free casual dating app to meet hot single girls & boys all over the world. Find your casual or hookup partner or companion now! Chat & flirt with singles for fun dating experience. Join our casual dating site, now!

  126. #100 Best Dating Sites in Canada to Find Ideal Partner 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
    Online dating is becoming readily popular among men and women of all ages. From teens to seniors, everyone is now looking for the best Canadian dating sites to find the perfect partner!

  128. Home - Denison Area Chamber of Commerce
    Welcome to the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce Promote and serve as an advocate for our community and businesses MEMBER APPLICATION Become a Member Join Today CONNECT Calendar of Events Learn More SHOP LOCAL Find a Business Search Members Explore why people join and navigate Denison’s business environment with a partner who…

  130. Asian Date Net - Free Asian Dating App/Site to Find True Love
    Asian dating for Asian & Foreign singles in Asia and all over the world find a life partner. It is Free, Fast, and Safe online dating app/site that connects you for true love.

  132. Top Lesbian Chat - Lesbian Dating Site & App For Single Women
    Date lesbian women on the best lesbian online dating site ! Register now for free and join our lesbian women community to find the love of your life !

  134. Find the best online Programming courses and Tutorials -
    Google search shows you hundreds of Programming courses/tutorials, but tells you which is the best one. Find the best online courses & tutorials recommended by the Programming community. Pick the most upvoted tutorials as per your learning style: video-based, book, free, paid, for beginners, advanced, etc.

  136. Free Coding Tutorials for Beginners - Coder’s Eye
    Join our Community of 50,000+ Users for honest Coding Reviews Find what you need from 1,300+ courses across 30+ Programming categories Resources Common Programming Languages May 12, 2020 0 Laptops Multiple Offers in Post and Top list Resources 13 Best Machine Learning And Deep Learning Courses In 2020 Resources Best Free & Paid Courses to […]

  138. Blogging Tips & SEO Help To Earn Online » WPbloc
    Become Success Comes and keeps learn to get true success.Start to learn digital marketing Strategy, freelancing, online business will make successful your career. Start Courses Check Out Your Important Portals Subscribe To Our Newslatter Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram Rss Join Our Community Of WP Blogger Most WPbloc Posts 11+ Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes 2021By … Blogging Tips & SEO Help To Earn Online Read More »
    Author: Romo G

  140. Les cépages
    Découvrez les vignobles de la vallée du Rhône : histoire, appellations, cépages... nos vins n’auront plus de secret pour vous !

  142. Bursa GoTürkiye Destinations
    Bursa, one of the industrial hubs of Türkiye, also has an important place in Türkiye's tourism thanks to its historical and natural treasures.

  144. Endeus.TV — Video masak harian yang enak dipraktekin
    Perlu ide masak seru yang nggak pake ribet? Di sini tempatnya! Ada segudang resep yang bisa jadi inspirasimu tiap hari. Lihat video-video masaknya, pasti langsung pengen coba!

  146. دانلود فیلم و سریال الیت لند | Elitland
    دانلود و خرید فیلمها، سریالها، کارتون ها و انیمیشن های سینمای ایران و جهان همراه با دوبله فارسی در سایت Elitland

  148. Shop Women's Shoes, Heels, Bags Online | Shoemart UAE
    Shop women's sneakers, ballerinas, flip flops, slippers, boots, slip-ons, handbags, wallets & accessories. Enjoy fast delivery, free returns & Cash on Delivery!

  150. Женская одежда, обувь и аксессуары | Gepur
    Дизайнерская женская одежда - платья, костюмы, брюки, блузы ❤️ Верхняя одежда, обувь и аксессуары ✨ Уникальные вещи высокого качества ✨ Скидка до -50% на оптовые заказы (от 5 единиц)

  152. Shampoo, Pflegespülung & Haarpflegeprodukte | Pantene Deutschland
    Entdecke Pantene Pro-Vs Sortiment an Shampoos, Pflegespülungen, Stylingprodukten und Intensivpflegen, die geschädigtes Haar und Spliss bekämpfen und für starkes, glänzendes und gesundes Haar sorgen.

  154. Festive - Komum saman á kostulegum stöðum
    🎉 er ný og glæsileg vefsíða sem hjálpar fyrirtækjum sem og einstaklingum að finna leigurými fyrir stóra sem smáa viðburði sem og þjónustu fyrir viðburðarhald.

    More other alternatives for tandem net

  156. italist, ALWAYS LIKE A SALE
    Over 200,000 current fashion products, up to 40% cheaper, express shipped from the best Italian boutiques. Shop 1,000 worldwide luxury designer brands

  158. Qalara | Global wholesale platform for goods from India & South Asia
    Global wholesale platform for sourcing artisanal & sustainable lifestyle goods - Décor, Rugs & Carpets, Kitchen, Fashion, Kids, Toys, Cushions, Home linen.

  160. Explore World's Top Destinations

  162. Home | Journeys Abroad
    I want to provide travelers with vacations to remember. Having 23 years in the travel industry will give me the knowledge to provide this.
    Author: The Travel Agent Next Door

  164. Shawarma Box Cambridge | Curbside Pickup/Delivery
    Shawarma Box Cambridge is a family owned restaurant that offers authentic Middle-Eastern food. Located in Cambridge, Ontario at 545 Hespeler Rd in the plaza behind Starbucks (intersection of Hespeler Rd. & Sheldon Dr.). It’s not just another Shawarma Wrap, Shawarma Plate, Shawarma Poutine..., with our halal certified and diversified in-house middle eastern cuisine we tailor each food item to fit our customers' taste buds.

  166. Agrohof Kft - Landmaschinen und Ersatzteile
    Feste, niedrige Preise, ständig wachsendes Angebot, schnelle Lieferung, für fast alle Bereiche der Landwirtschaft.

  168. گوشی موبایل
    تیمچه یک فروشگاه اینترنتیست برای خرید اینترنتی موبایل، لپتاپ، لباس، لوازم خانگی، لوازم آرایشی، کالاهای سوپرمارکتی و... که به سراسر کشور ارسال رایگان دارد.

  170. SOUNDIS
    Η καλύτερη μουσική 24 ώρες το 24ωρο, 7 ημέρες την εβδομάδα. Όλοι οι αγαπημένοι σου σταθμοί σε ένα μόνο μέρος.

  172. - Read, Lead, Success | Đọc Sách, Đọc Truyện, Tải Ebook Miễn Phí -
    Read, Lead, Success

  174. Yozgat GoTürkiye Destinations
    Yozgat is a province in the Central Anatolia Region, located in the central section of Kızılırmak, which has a very beautiful nature surrounded by forests...

  176. Aussie Hair | Cruelty free products | PETA certified
    There's more to life than hair… but it's a good place to start. Discover our range of cruelty free haircare, infused with authentic Australian ingredients.

  178. 핀다 | 금융을 쇼핑하다
    국내 최대 규모의 금융상품 정보를 바탕으로 금융을 쇼핑하세요. 신용대출 | P2P | 신용카드 | 예적금 | 금융을 쇼핑하다, 핀다

  180. - Trouvez le meilleur équipement pour vos aventures !
    Découvrez la meilleure sélection d'équipement de plein air : randonnée, escalade, trail-running, alpinisme, ski... Livraison gratuite dès 50 € - Retour gratuit sous 30 jours - Plus de 150 marques outdoor

  182. Tampons Tampax et renseignements sur les règles
    Apprenez-en plus sur les tampons TAMPAX et sur les produits de soins féminins, ainsi que des articles informatifs sur les règles et la santé féminine.

  184. Официальный сайт Gillette для мужчин | Gillette RU
    Gillette • Узнайте больше о средствах для мужского бритья и уходу за собой на официальном сайте • Выбирайте лучшие средства для мужчин от Джилетт!

  186. Muş GoTürkiye Destinations
    A city of multiple civilizations in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Muş is an important city that sparkles in all four seasons. It carries its millennia of cultures...

  188. ฟังเพลงออนไลน์ เพลงฮิต เพลงเพราะ ข่าวเพลงใหม่ ข่าวนักร้อง ที่ TrueID
    อัปเดต เพลงใหม่ เพลงออนไลน์ ข่าวนักร้อง เพลงไทย ฟังเพลงฮิต เพลงสากล เพลงเพราะๆ ยุค 90 มีให้คุณได้ฟัง ทุกแนวเพลง ฟังได้เลยที่ TrueID Music

  190. Situs Freelance Online Terpercaya #1 di Indonesia
    Cari freelancer profesional untuk bantu usaha Anda berkembang. Dipercaya berbagai bisnis untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan dengan cepat, jasa mulai 10 ribu.

  192. Portal Belanja Bikin Hidup Sehat Lebih Mudah
    Jual Aneka Makanan sehat, Produk Alami dan Natural, Harga Terbaik dan Terlengkap | Dapat poin belanja, harga jujur, gratis ongkir ke seluruh Indonesia.

  194. Company Hero: onde pequenos negócios, contadores e advogados formalizam empresas. | Company Hero
    Contrate e acompanhe 100% online abertura e alteração de CNPJ, endereço fiscal e comercial, registro de marca, salas de reunião e outras soluções para empresas.

  196. UniCreds: Funding Dreams, Fueling Careers
    Preparing for higher studies abroad? UniCreds offer best-in-class service and ensures 100% transparency throughout the education loan process. Contact UniCreds today for your Education Loan Requirements!