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  2. Skepticality - The Official Podcast of Skeptic Magazine
    The Official Podcast of Skeptic Magazine

  4. Kiwisinbusiness - Home
    Kiwis in Business - A brand new podcast series featuring interviews with Kiwi business owners. "Kiwis in Business" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Google Podcasts

  6. The Skeptical Theist – Skeptical Articles on Spiritual, Social and Political Issues
    Skeptical Articles on Spiritual, Social and Political Issues
    Author: Ulrich Viridis

  8. Revelations Radio News — A podcast that takes a skeptical and sometimes sarcastic view of the mass media and government propaganda ne
    A podcast that takes a skeptical and sometimes sarcastic view of the mass media and government propaganda news.

  10. Tim Woods – Notes for future reference. Mostly on Product Management.
    Notes for future reference. Mostly on Product Management.

  12. Home - Planet Maynard
    Maynard from Australia. Enjoy his podcast here as well as his work on The Skeptic Zone and What Double J Should Sound Like.
    Author: Maynard

  14. Welcome to It's No Secret Podcast
    It’s No Secret is a podcast for Kiwis who want their money questions answered. Tune in every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

  16. Scott Snibbe - Interactive Art
    Scott Snibbe - interactive artist, augmented reality entrepreneur, host of A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment meditation podcast
    Author: Meditation Podcast

  18. Blokeology | Healthy skepticism and evidence-based life
    Blokeology is a healthy skeptics podcast and blog that aims to guide you towards an evidence-based life. The tone is a warm healthy skepticism that helps to pierce through hokum and flannel but does it in a way that is respectful and inclusive.

  20. Skeptics News | Skeptics News – Skeptics Information
    Skeptics News | Skeptics News – Skeptics Information
    Author: Mary Villareal

  22. Mostly music
    A blog about creative music and music related issues (mostly!)
    Author: Ronan Guilfoyle

  24. Little Empire Podcast Network - Home
    Little Empire Podcasts is a proudly and totally independent podcast network based in Aotearoa New Zealand and home to some of the funniest and most compelling voices in kiwi podcasting. Our roster...

  26. The Chartcast with TC & Georgia: A Skeptical Finance Podcast
    A business & finance podcast with a fraud investigation bent, we interview experts and skeptics with stories about corporate greed and the likes of Elon Musk

  28. Applied Mythology
    What if much that you think you know about agriculture, farming and food isn't actually true? What if there are "myths" that have been intentionally and mostly unintentionally spread about these issues? What if the truth about these issues matters for the future of humanity? That is what this blog is about. I also have a podcast called POPAgriculture and a speaking website,
    Author: Steve Savage

  30. The Brain Dump
    Cayle sharrock's coding blog. Mostly for my own reference, but you might find something useful here too.

  32. Cryptopia Limited
    For information on the status of this liquidation, please refer to the information issued by the Liquidators.

  34. Podcast | Paranoid Planet
    PARANOID PLANET is a podcast about conspiracy theories, paradigm shifts, and critical thinking that offers serious and lighthearted conversations with people who believe in conspiracy theories, and with the skeptics who critique them.

  36. Sultan J. Majeed
    Gabriel Alcaras is a PhD student in sociology, mostly working on digital issues and quantitative methods.

  38. Skeptic Tattoos
    Skeptic Tattoos features galleries of tattoos with Skeptical (or scientific) themes.

    Other sites like thecusp pinecast co

  40. JRE Companion / The Unofficial Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Companion
    Videos, books and references mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. The JRE Fan's Unofficial Companion Website for the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

    Timcast IRL is producing podcasts on cultural and political issues as well as interviews with prominent figures on topical issues.

  44. TheJungle Mountain Retreat
    TheJungle Mountain Retreat - at The Jungle Mountain Retreat. This iconic spa resort is situated in Shimla – Mostly referred as Queen of Hills.

  46. Kiwis Today - Local and National News Delivered 4u
    Kiwis Today is all about news, delivered daily about local and national issues, business articles, entertainment and much more.
    Author: Cornelia Smith

  48. Men and Trauma New Zealand - Home
    Men and Trauma New Zealand - Dealing to the Difficulties of Kiwi Men. Working nationwide, we are specialists in trauma recovery for Kiwi men. Clients come to us for a range of issues they are struggling with. Our clinical team addresses the unresolved

  50. The Skeptic's Field Guide
    A site for skeptics and critical thinkers. Hundreds of real life examples of fallacies, updated regularly. An eBook version of Humbug! The skeptics’ field guide to spotting fallacies in thinking. A weekly podcast on each fallacy: Hunting Humbug 101 – a crash course in shooting down bad arguments. We take fallacies seriously, but not ourselves.
    Author: Theo Clark

  52. Welcome to Blanket | Blanket Insurance
    Ensure Kiwis are Covered with BlanketSoftware developed specifically for the New Zealand adviser market.Blanket enables Kiwi Advisers to quote, issue and maintain their clients’ policies quickly and efficiently to ensure clients have quality cover when they need it.

  54. benny\
    Reference/blog/portfolio/mind dump comprised mostly of posts about programming, linux, and gaming. #cad #csharp #linux #python

  56. Tasmanian Skeptics
    Tasmanian Skeptics
    Author: Paul Turvey

  58. Real Skeptic - Ventures into skepticism
    Ventures into skepticism
    Author: Collin Maessen

  60. PODCAST | Sandy Reynolds
    A podcast for women who are interested in a deeper conversation about the real issues they are facing.

  62. Surfing The NASH Tsunami Podcast - The NASH Podcast - Surfing the NASH Tsunami Podcast
    Surfing The NASH Tsunami Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Buzzsprout, and other podcast apps. Specialists discuss the issues affecting the evolving NASH market from their own unique perspectives on "Surfing the NASH Tsunami" podcast.
    Author: Erichep

  64. Welcome to Come Reason! - Come Reason Ministries
    Come Let Us Reason seeks to demonstrate Christianity as a logical, defensible faith. Here we engage in discussion, answer skeptics and think clearly about issues of religion, faith ethics and worldviews.

  66. FLYING KIWI - Book Distributor. Importing books from around the world.
    Flying Kiwi - Book Distributor, based in New Zealand. Representing and importing books from around the world. Specialising in luxury issues.

  68. Coding & Camembert • Everyday coding problems
    Coding & Camembert serves as a reference to issues I have run into and hopefully as a compendium of answers to new developers.

  70. Swiss Army Librarian :: Brian Herzog
    Swiss Army Librarian is a blog by Brian Herzog mostly about library and technology issues relating to public libraries
    Author: Albert Einstein

  72. Interesting Things | This is a brain dump of things I learn at work and home, various projects I’ve worked on, etc. It’s mostly for my own r
    This is a brain dump of things I learn at work and home, various projects I’ve worked on, etc. It’s mostly for my own reference, but if other people find it interesting or helpful, great!
    Author: Grant Emsley

  74. Aggregate.Org
    The Aggregate (Aggregate.Org) refers to a collection of researchers and the mostly public domain technologies that they create and use to make the components of a computing system work better together.

  76. Ultimate Issues: Life | **** | Values : Inspired By The Wisdom of Dennis Prager – Blog • Podcast • Video : About the Ultimate Issues in Life
    Blog • Podcast • Video : About the Ultimate Issues in Life Inspired By Dennis Prager

    What else alternative websites

  78. Playing the Devil's Advocate
    Upholding Dissent and Skepticism
    Author: Dissention

  80. Skeptics Shop
    Your skeptical resources in one place

  82. Skeptics Stack Exchange
    Q&A for scientific skepticism

  84. Sandwalk
    Strolling with a skeptical biochemist
    Author: Larry Moran

  86. The Official Skepticism Website
    The Official Skepticism Website

  88. Katatrepsis – Science, skepticism and dragonflies
    Science, skepticism and dragonflies
    Author: Katatrepsis

  90. Scepticemia – Musings of a Skeptic Oslerphile
    Musings of a Skeptic Oslerphile

  92. Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre – Child Protection Specialist Centre
    Big Love was set up to support families referred for issues of child abuse, neglect and welfare.

  94. WordPress Web Design with an Emphasis on Divi
    A Little Piece of the Web designs websites, mostly using WordPress and the Divi theme, and troubleshoots issues with domains, WordPress, and Divi.

  96. Designer based in Utrecht working on citizen engagement.
    >I like to design digital and analog solutions for real problems—mostly centered around governmental issues such as safety, health and education.
    Author: Nick van den Tol

  98. Pinball Spots — Passionate About Pinball
    Find out where to play pinball, listen to a podcast featuring Kiwi pinball personalities, read news and history on the blog, and even hire a pinball for your venue or event.
    Author: Jul

  100. Kiwi Park App | Parking Mobile App
    Solve your parking problems today with the Kiwi Park app. We have worked tirelessly to solve the ongoing issues other parking apps still have not solved.

  102. The Journal of Nordic Skiing - Cross Country Skier

  104. Review Skeptic
    Skeptical of online reviews? Review Skeptic is based on research at Cornell University that uses machine learning to identify fake reviews.
    Author: Myle Ott

  106. Stadt-und-klimawandel - Why We Need Climate Change Skeptics
    Why We Need Climate Change Skeptics
    Author: Henry

  108. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe - Index
    The Skeptics Guide to the Universe - Index

  110. Healthy Skepticism
    Healthy Skepticism, Healthy Scepticism
    Author: Peter Mansfield - peter mansfield edu au

  112. NZ Business Podcast - interviews and advice from top leaders and entrepreneurs
    NZ Business Podcast exists to support, teach and inspire New Zealanders in business and leadership by providing access to the wisdom and experience of others. Paul Spain is the host of NZ Business Podcast and his interviews feature many top Kiwi leaders and entrepreneurs.

  114. Skeptic Friends Network
    The mission of the Skeptic Friends Network is to promote skepticism, critical thinking, science and logic as the best methods for evaluating all claims of fact, and we invite active participation by our members to create a skeptical community with a wide variety of viewpoints and expertise.

  116. Steffen Hotel
    I am a Graphic-Design Student from Mannheim. I was working as an editor for the komma-Magazine for 3 Issues and was Art Director of the 18th Issue. My work mostly involves Editorial and Posterdesign, but I am always open to explore new Creative Fields!

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  118. Fretboard Journal | The official home of the Fretboard Journal magazine
    The official home of the Fretboard Journal magazine. Exclusive interviews, videos, podcasts and more. Subscriptions and individual issues available.

  120. Cast Feed Validator
    Submit your podcast RSS feed for analysis and get notified if there are issues with your feed, server, media, or artwork.

    the Canadian Skeptics and Secularists web site.
    Author: Brad Reddekopp

  124. The Sober Heretic
    Skeptical thinking about addiction and recovery.
    Author: Admin

  126. Thincs - The International network of cholesterol skeptics
    Thincs - The International network of cholesterol skeptics
    Author: Uffe Ravnskov

  128. Booksquare - Dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism
    Dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism

  130. Free Inquiry
    The Humanist and Skeptic Website of Steven Schafersman

  132. Home | The Religious Studies Project
    Exploring contemporary issues in the academic study of religion through podcasts. The Religious Studies Project is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated

  134. Homepage - Ancient wisdom for modern women
    "I have referred many patients to Elizabeth for more than twenty five years, some with complex health issues. All have been pleased with her attentiveness and c

  136. homeAllabuzz | Allabuzz2.0
    Made by Kiwis for kiwis

  138. NZSESBA | Kiwis supporting Kiwis
    Kiwis supporting Kiwis

  140. Uber Eats | Livraison de repas à domicile | Commandez à manger
    Trouvez les meilleurs restaurants qui livrent des repas à domicile. Faites-vous livrer sans contact vos plats préférés, vos courses et bien plus encore ! Commandez des repas en ligne ou via l'application Uber Eats et soutenez les restaurants de votre quartier.

  142. BoomRoom - Live, Visual, Radio

  144. Lootex - Discover, Share and Trade Digital Items
    Lootex Marketplace provides a zero-fraud, transparent, and safe trading platform built on Ethereum blockchain.

  146. Home | WooChat
    WhatsApp Plugin for your Shopify Powered Stores

  148. Fraud Detection Solutions Powered by Network Analytics - Cylynx
    Blockchain analytics and forensics

  150. Greative | Digital Agency
    Digital Agency , web design

  152. Greative | Digital Agency
    Digital Agency , web design

  154. Gergely Nemeth on engineering leadership, web and open-source
    My name is Gergely, and this is where I write about engineering management, web and open-source.

  156. Uber Freight
    Uber Freight

    More other alternatives for thecusp pinecast co

  158. Postmates: Food Delivery, Groceries, Alcohol - Anything from Anywhere
    Order delivery or pickup from more than 600,000 restaurants, retailers, grocers, and more all across your city. Download the app now to get everything you crave, on-demand.

    Технологии сохранения здоровья в условиях современной жизни.

  162. Uber Health
    Uber Health is a dedicated solution for healthcare organizations to arrange rides on behalf of others, enabling them to expand access to care while remaining HIPAA compliant.

  164. Wspieramy klientów w cyfrowej transformacji - Atende S.A.
    Poznaj nasze kompetencje z zakresu integracji IT, bezpieczeństwa ICT, migracji do chmury i usług chmurowych, cyfryzacji procesów w oparciu o blockchain. Sprawdź!

  166. Home | Björn Borg
    Björn Borg

  168. The VapeGround - olist shops
    The VapeGround

  170. 42 Family Holiday Parks in the UK - Park Holidays UK
    The UK holiday park specialists; we offer great value caravan holidays at a large range of fantastic holiday parks across England and Scotland.

  172. - IT/Digital community
    Сообщество digital, IT специалистов: администраторы, программисты, маркетологи

  174. Italic | Quality, At Cost.
    Luxury goods straight from the same manufacturers as your favorite brands. No logos, no markups. Shop exclusively at

  176. Tochat - Сообщество путешественников и иммигрантов
    Сайт создан для обсуждения стран, туристических поездок и иммиграции. На сегодняшний день мы охватываем 190 стран и порядка 350 городов.

  178. Unprepared
    Unprepared is a podcast where 2 friends talk about stuff without any preparation.

  180. Support Ottawa Businesses during COVID-19 | Together Apart
    With businesses in the National Capital region temporarily shut down due to COVID-19, many folks are struggling. Support them by buying today!

  182. Do More With Less Code | Everbase
    Real world datasets and utility functions over a GraphQL API

  184. Sydney's Best Vegan Lebanese Street Food Located in Bondi
    We’re Australia’s First Vegan Lebanese Restaurant and we’re on a mission to re-define ‘fast food’ with ridiculously tasty (and healthy) Plant Based Lebanese food.

  186. Livraison Natsukashii Sushi à Saint-Gall - Menu et prix | Uber Eats
    Saint-Gall : utilisez votre compte Uber pour commander chez Natsukashii Sushi et vous faire livrer. Parcourez le menu, découvrez les plats populaires et suivez votre commande.

  188. Chaide - Colchones y productos de descanso. Tienda en línea.
    Chaide es la tienda en línea número uno de productos de descanso en Ecuador. Colchones, almohadas, ropa de cama, muebles de dormitorio, sofás cama.

  190. Base Web - Base Web React UI framework

  192. Uber | Careers Center | Welcome
    Build a career at Uber. Browse and apply to job openings, from entry-level to senior positions, in marketing, design, engineering, and other Uber teams.

  194. EDGARDO Import Company S.A.C. AREQUIPA Cel. 958871728
    EDGARDO Import Company S.A.C. AREQUIPA Cel. 958871728 - olist shops

  196. Order Sushi Factory Schuman Delivery Online | Brussels | Menu & Prices | Uber Eats
    Use your Uber account to order delivery from Sushi Factory Schuman in Brussels. Browse the menu, view popular items, and track your order.

  198. WESTSHADE | #1 Canopy and Umbrella in Southern California
    #1 canopy and umbrella in Southern California. Industry leading quality instant canopies and market umbrellas for all occasions. Easy set up.