Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Altaf Hussain's Blog
    A tech blog of web development, php source codes, php custom functions, php scripts, code snippets and of everything which comes in between.

  4. VGizmo - Everything between Tech and Web!
    Everything between Tech and Web!
    Author: Editor

  6. Web Development,Programming,Web Design,SEO | Art Of Developing
    All About Web Development,Web Design,Coding,Technology News - Art Of Developing

  8. Home 2 | Mey Adam
    I'm a web designer and developer based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. I have profound interest in UI/UX design, WordPress, Bootstrap and everything in between
    Author: Mey

  10. Dexteroid — Everything Tech!
    Everything Tech. Android, Windows, Gadgets, Hardware, Game, the Internet, How Tos, Fixes, Reviews, News, Coding, Design & Development.
    Author: Dexter

  12. Audiosootra - One stop destination for all things audio
    The latest audio/music tech news, reviews, tutorials and everything in between.
    Author: Team Audiosootra - June

  14. WebSlake - Interesting Web Development and Tech Stuff.
    Interesting Web Development and Tech Stuff.

  16. Vic ICT for Women | The organisation championing women in STEAM careers
    Supporting women in digital and technology Women in tech are a smart lot, working as developers, analysts, programmers and everything in between. However, while some can code in a number of complex languages and have…

  18. When Programming
    Learn code, tutorials, tech thoughts and more
    Author: Author

  20. Big Yang Theory
    Math, Code, & Everything in Between

  22. Musings by Mathias
    Coffee, Code and everything in-between.
    Author: Mathias Hansen

  24. RL | Radu Luchian
    Design, coding and everything in between.

  26. The Interface
    Tech, People and Everything In Between.
    Author: Pratik Patel Jul

  28. Tech Programs for Kids | Minds of Tomorrow
    Minds of Tomorrow is a Tech club for kids to develop their natural creativity. Learn CODING, DESIGN, ROBOTICS

  30. · another tech blog.
    Another tech blog by Dennis Schütt. Everything about development, coding and stuff. Moved from
    Author: Dennis Schütt

  32. Decoding the Web
    Tech news, Web apps and Coding bits

  34. Devs ♥ Security
    Code, Cloud, Security, and Everything in Between.

  36. DT Modern tech
    DT Modern tech is one of the best software house. DT Modern tech provides web development mobile App development and Digital Marketing Services

  38. modern marketing | clevermethod
    Modern marketing is more than our tagline. It’s our approach to branding, website design, website development, social marketing, analytics and everything in between.

    Other sites like theodore ie

  40. Shaishav Gandhi
    Thoughts on life, tech and everything in between
    Author: Shaishav Gandhi

  42. Training for digital jobs - Wild Code School
    Web Developer and Data Analyst training in 5 or 10 months at Wild Code School, the new generation tech school that trains the digital tech talent of tomorrow.

  44. Kalogeropoulos Theodore | Web Developer
    Web Developer & Wordpress Developer. Writing well designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices. Creating website layout/user interfaces by using standard HTML/CSS practices. Integrating data from various back-end services and databases.
    Author: Kalogeropoulos Theodore

  46. Lynk Former
    One man's interests, from anime to video games and everything in between.

  48. Descriptive Audio - We love audio, coding and everything in between
    We love audio, coding and everything in between

  50. Technology consultant
    Cloud, Linux, Coding, Electronics and everything in between.
    Author: Vignesh N Aug

  52. Šimon Appelt - Simple and Modern Solutions
    The mixture of different interests brings new points of view and innovative solutions. Apart from web development, I love Data Science, Optimization and Behavioral Economics.

  54. Blog | Stelios Gerogiannakis
    My thoughts on software, tech, the future and everything in between
    Author: Stelios

  56. GrSpy - Electronics, programming and stuff
    Electronics, security, programming and everything in-between
    Author: Grspy

  58. Elom | Hello world!
    I'm Elom, a full stack developer, interested in the web & tech in general.

  60. Learn Web Programming Online with the Web Code Geeks
    Web developers resource center. Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, HTML5, news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
    Author: Byron Kiourtzoglou

  62. Golang News - Jobs, Code, Videos and News for Go hackers - everything about the go programming language
    Jobs, Code, Videos and News for Go hackers - everything about the go programming language

  64. Iptv StbEmu M3u TaghdouteLive
    The Iptv StbEmu M3u TaghdouteLive blog is interested in everything new in the field of IPTV, such as Stbemu, m3u, xtream codes
    Author: Taghdoutelive

  66. Linux, Android, IOS, Web Dev | IceWalkers
    We cover everything Tech. Software and Device. Linux, Android, iOS, Web Apps and Services, Web Sites of interest and more!

  68. Not code.
    A podcast for tech people about everything but code.

  70. Benjamin Tumbleson
    A collection of thoughts from tech consulting, engineering, and everything in between.

  72. My Tech Blog | Socon - A blog about tech, the internet and everything in between | Socon
    A blog about tech, the internet and everything in between | Socon
    Author: Boss

  74. Dev Induct - Programming Articles And Cheat Sheets
    Welcome to Devinduct, a place where developers connect by code examples. Find the topic you're interested in and learn by reading the articles written in a practical manner

  76. Zompler
    Tech Design & Everything means that we just post about everything which interests the reader.
    Author: Anurag Singh

  78. Chetan Verma
    I'm Chetan Verma, a full-stack web developer & ui designer working in New Delhi, India. I create websites, brand identities, packaging, and everything in-between.

    What else alternative websites

  80. All Things Tech I Like
    Computer code to apps to spacecrafts - everything tech that fascinates me!
    Author: Shine

  82. Nology - Notes about scripting (Javascript, PHP), programming (Java), mobile development (Android, iOS, WP8, Cordova / Phonegap), web develo
    Notes about scripting (Javascript, PHP), programming (Java), mobile development (Android, iOS, WP8, Cordova / Phonegap), web development (HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress) and everything else I'm interested in.
    Author: Maik

  84. Ubiqum Code Academy | Programs to Launch Your Career in Tech
    100% invested in your development, Ubiqum Code Academy is working to get people from any background into fulfilling careers in tech. Find out how!

  86. KEAV is the personal interest site of Chris Keavey. I experiement with web code and blog all about the latest tech or my current activities.

  88. Home › Mitchell McKenna
    Tech junkie and web developer. Sharing the latest tech news, best of Youtube and Vimeo, and web design & development links.

  90. Kernel Panic by Alexis Tacnet
    The startup and tech blog for CTOs and people interested in more than code.

  92. GDG Thailand
    We can make everything possible with community and a little bit of coding, continue supporting Thai developers and tech ecosystem since 2008.

  94. Learn OS Programming Online with the System Code Geeks
    OS developers resource center. Windows, Linux news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
    Author: Ilias Tsagklis

  96. Brand Nuvo Web Services | One Stop Web Shop
    Brand Nuvo agency is a provider of creative services related to Branding, Web Development and Web Presence – and everything in between.

  98. Daniel Prager
    Daniel Prager's collection of interesting snipets, longer thoughts, and everything in-between.

  100. Blue Duck Creative | Web Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, & Multimedia
    Full-service digital marketing from photography and multimedia projects to web design and development with everything in between.
    Author: Don Hill - Blue Duck Creative

  102. Sabbir Hasan
    Sabbir Hasan is a software developer specializing in crafting exceptional websites, web applications, and everything in between.

  104. Coding & Developers - Programming Portal
    Coding & Developers
    Author: Posted By asim

  106. Anthony Mineo
    An exploration in design, development and everything in between

  108. Website about programming and education | The freshest info only
    Blog categories Coding Check out our informative posts on such important part of programming as codingMore Internet Essential materials for front-end developers, web developers and web mastersMore IT Education Everything about the features of education in IT sphere: educational programs, etcMore Other materials Here we gathered some useful articles on another kindes of IT branchesMore […]

  110. Next New Deal
    News, Updates, & Everything In Between!
    Author: Nancy

  112. A Fresh Cup
    Mike Gunderloy's daily list of software development links. Centered on Rails, but covers everything a web developer might be interested in.

  114. Experiments in Web Programming
    Experiments in web programming. Features articles, tutorials and example code related to client-side and server-side web development. Heavy on the standards.

  116. About me, Tomas Perez Vecilla, Web developer
    Web developer! I love to code and learn new things.

  118. Syntocode's Diary - Technology, Blogging Tricks
    tecno,infinix,tech news,tips,blackberry,web design,seo,tech news in nigeria, web developer in nigeria,web designer in nigeria
    Author: Syntocode Tomisin Abimbola

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  120. TechiesBadi - Programming Blog
    Learn Web Development, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax with TechiesBadi tutorials. View live demo and download source code.
    Author: Eswar ch

  122. Max Dev
    The Developer Blog - Coding, Graphics and More Tech!

  124. Learn How To Code by Envato Tuts+
    Thousands of free tutorials and online courses to help you learn software development from mobile devices to web applications and everything in between. Join our community to improve your coding skills and workflow. What would you like to learn?
    Author: Jeremy McPeak

  126. Blogging Technology And Programming
    The solution to your programming queries, view demo and download source code. Topics covering web development, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, android app development and more tutorials.
    Author: TirthRaj Pandey

  128. YahooBaba : Online Programming Tutorials in Hindi - Urdu
    Free collection of video tutorials , code examples, interview questions related to web development, mobile app development and software programmings.

  130. Programming Services of Jim White, Cary, NC
    Web site of White Coding and Maps, business site of Jim White of Cary, NC,web developer, programmer, and web mapping specialist

  132. AllScoop - Gadgets - PHP Code - ASP Code - Web Tools - Technology
    Allscoop Technology blog covers all areas of tech from software to hardware and everything in between.

  134. Malik Abiola
    A place where I share my thoughts, revelation, experience and other things on Faith, Tech and everything in between.
    Author: Abiola Malik

  136. BlueProgrammer – Better Code, Tech Tips, Programming Life
    Better Code, Tech Tips, Programming Life
    Author: Matteskolin

  138. goguda55 Tech Tutorials - Home
    Everything tech; from news to tutorials.

  140. PlanBiz - Business Ideas, News & Everything in Between.
    Business Ideas, News & Everything in Between.
    Author: PlanbizAdmin

    Coding and Technology The Dream
    Author: Snoozey Sep 6

  144. SudoSecurity
    SudoSecurity is a technology news blog that focuses on programming and security in the world of technology from Security, Programming, Software, and more.
    Author: Marcus Cain Sep

  146. SudoSecurity
    SudoSecurity is a technology news blog that focuses on programming and security in the world of technology from Security, Programming, Software, and more.
    Author: Marcus Cain Sep

  148. i'm sam
    Author: Sam Tsai

  150. Bernard Leong
    Official website for Bernard Leong, a pragmatic idealist on business, technology and media.
    Author: Bernard Leong Jul

  152. Cotangent Dev
    Guides and tutorials for coding
    Author: Connor Burns Apr

  154. The Tech Lead
    Proven advice for building performant teams and software
    Author: Oliver Spryn Nov 5

  156. Nineteen80.IO - by Daniel Hoang
    Nineteen80.IO is the membership platform for all things storytelling developed by Daniel Hoang. Learn new skills, get resources, and join a community of change makers.
    Author: Daniel Hoang Jul

    technical, mmo, tutorial, nginx, docker, linux, kiếm tiền online, topcashback, crypto, cách mua bitcoin, cách mua tiền ảo
    Author: Hung Cho Lon Jul

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  160. rideable
    Mobilität heute und morgen.
    Author: Jonathan Noack

  162. Food Adventures with James Brooks
    More food adventures, for everyone.
    Author: James Brooks Aug 3

  164. Flipidea Blog | Discover insights from business failures
    Flipidea offers analytical information about business failures.
    Author: Paul Lee Mar

  166. Cypher's ghost
    Thoughts, stories and ideas.
    Author: Cypher Lockhart Oct 2

  168. Kiwibot
    In a world of data, we connect atoms - Launch a robot delivery service in days with a one stop solution.
    Author: Kiwibot Jun

  170. Hodgeblot
    A site by Deryck Hodge. Software developer, writer, musician, and a fan of all things nerdy.
    Author: Deryck Hodge Jul

  172. Devils' Lane, Hollywood, CA
    A safe space for dangerous ideas and difficult conversations.
    Author: Alex Coppen Jul

  174. Adam Cooke's Blog
    I'm Adam, a software engineer and designer. This is my blog where I'll post bits & bobs about software & other hobbies.
    Author: Adam Cooke Aug

  176. theNOIS - The National Organization of Independent Songwriters
    Empowering Independent Songwriters To Collect Their Music Royalties Worldwide
    Author: Lauren Trahan Sep 1

  178. Polymash Podcasting
    Next Level Thinking For Podcasters — with a focus on podcasting as content strategy for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and businesses.
    Author: Juergen Berkessel Sep

  180. - Oferte personalizate, promotii si campanii
    Fii printre primii care afla despre promotii si campanii. Cele mai bune oferte pentru acasa. Produse si recomandari acum la reducere. Comanda acum!
    Author: Oncity Oct

  182. GeniusBits DEV
    Thoughts, stories and ideas.
    Author: Ghost Aug

  184. Kids Development | Homeschooling
    Kids Homeschooling Development
    Author: Dad V Sep

  186. Ahumada Dev
    Thoughts, stories and ideas.
    Author: Ghost May

  188. Cherryflava | Trends & innovation
    Trends and innovation by Jonathan Cherry
    Author: Jonathan Cherry Sep 3

  190. RubioTV
    Personal blog for Content Producer Danny Rubio.
    Author: RubioTV Jul

  192. Rohan Sharma's Blog
    Developments in Indian Law, Tech Reviews, Getting productive, Fountain pen reviews.
    Author: Rohan Sharma Jun

  194. Rey Katz | gender identity, nature, martial arts
    Blog posts about they/them pronouns, book reviews, writing advice, and more!
    Author: Rey Katz Nov

  196. Ghost
    Thoughts, stories and ideas
    Author: Ghost Aug

  198. Nosible
    Author: Stuart Reid Jul

    Home of the DBA Samurai
    Author: Luis Aug