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  2. The Best Choice of Augmented Reality for BIM and GIS
    XRGIS is a visualization platform that transforms traditional BIM, CAD, GIS and other types of data into stunning augmented reality visuals. XRGIS could aggregates data from multiple sources, to become a unified augmented reality view. Including Autodesk models. BIM, GIS, etc
    Author: Kraken technology

  4. ArtiShock: Augmented Reality bedrijf Nederland
    Full-service Augmented Reality bedrijf gevestigd in Nederland, regio Rotterdam. Onze mensen zijn al sinds 2011 actief met het turn-key verzorgen van oplossingen met Augmented Reality (AR). Dat is later aangevuld met Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) en Extended Reality (XR) projecten.

  6. mixedrealitylab: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Productivity Work
    Research on the Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, Mixed Reality

  8. Drop anchor! The future is here | ViRA | Virtual Reality Applications |
    We design and develop custom extended reality applications (XR). Depending on the app's scope we make use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality.
    Author: Vira Design

  10. XR1 - Augmenting your Reality
    We help businesses engage their customers using Augmented Reality (AR) on their mobile phones. Overlay fun & engaging elements to your unique image, product or location! Augmented Reality, XR, AR, VR!

  12. INCLUSIFY - Augmented Reality für eine bessere Welt
    Wir stellen den Mensch in den Mittelpunkt. Wir beraten zu immersiver Informationstechnologie und planen mit Dir den sinnvollen Einsatz von Mixed Reality, Extended Reality, Augmented Reality und Virtual Reality. INCLUSIFY - für eine bessere Welt.

  14. Diva Karya Utama | Motion Capture, Render Farm, Augmented Reality
    Motion Capture, Render Farm, Augmented Reality

  16. Augray | Augmented Reality Company - Experience Redefined
    Augray's Augmented Reality (AR),Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) platform combines our cutting edge technology with our surroundings to develop whole new and immersive experience.India's leading Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Based Solution Provider

  18. Amber Waves VR Data Vis, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality Data Visualization and Data Analytics
    Amber Waves VR Data Vis, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality Data Visualization and Data Analytics

  20. 7DX Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Sydney. Top AR & VR Agency
    Contact us 1300 747 846. 7DX is the leading AR, VR, MR production agency. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality. VR Simulations, AR.

  22. CrunchySound - Home
    Extended Reality ( XR ) is an umbrella term encapsulating Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and everything in between. Although AR and VR offer a wide range of...

  24. Augmented Reality for GIS, Mapping and Surveying - ITS Geo Solutions
    GeoAce, StockAce and ITS View are Augmented Reality application that enable users to display, visualize and survey infrastructure asset data, underground utilities, GIS information or to compare and verify planning information.

  26. Laser Scanning | Ontario | GetReal - Reality Capture and BIM Services
    Laser scanning, BIM services, advanced store planning, scan-to-BIM, reality capture, store planning, virtual reality, virtual tours, precision as-built documentation, GetReal

  28. Scirrus – A Virtual Reality Capture & BIM Modeling Studio for 3D Digital Design, Data Integration and Marketing.
    A Virtual Reality Capture & BIM Modeling Studio for 3D Digital Design, Data Integration and Marketing.

  30. Handbuilt - UX centric Augmented Reality
    Industry leading, next-gen XR creation company focusing on advanced augmented reality / mixed reality sculpted by user experience (UX) design. Global brands. International awards. Friendly sheepdog on staff (woof).

  32. Augmented Reality for Business - Augmented Reality New Zealand
    Affordable Augmented Reality Experiences without the need of glasses to help your brand message stand out. Excite and Engage. Rapid Growth. Data at your fingertips. Talk with one of our specialists today about using Augmented Reality to supercharge your next campaign

  34. Aryzon - 3D Augmented Reality Headset
    Step into a new reality with Aryzon. World's first affordable and accessible 3D Augmented & Mixed Reality headset. Share knowledge in a fun and intuitive way with volumetric Augmented Reality! Also as Microsoft HoloLens spectator! And even better, soon Aryzon World will be thé go-to platform for VR & MR!

  36. Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality company in India, USA | DoradoLearning
    Dorado Learning is amongst the best company to provide ImmersiveTechnology Solutions. Augmenting Human Capital through AR, VR,MR, and XR | Enterprise Reality Solutions Company in USA and India

  38. AR/VR/MR Conference - The IV international conference on Augmented, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies | AR/VR/MR Conference
    Visit the IV international conference on Augmented, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies. AR/VR/MR Conference — modern AR/VR/MR technologies, trends, future development and application areas. | AR/VR/MR Conference

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  40. SSVAR - Swiss Society of Virtual and Augmented Reality
    The Swiss Metaverse. A swiss society and business network fills the gap between the masses and the professionals in the fields of virtual,augmented and mixed reality. VR/AR/MR Consulting Society.

  42. Applause Digital Agency | Augmented Reality AR Publishing | Sydney Brisbane
    Applause Digital agency transforms digital content & information into real-time Mixed Reality MR, Augmented Reality AR user experiences. Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Australia.

  44. Die XR-Messe in Stuttgart für die Themen Virtual, Augmented und Mixed Reality
    Bei der XR Expo in Stuttgart dreht sich alles rund um die Themen Virtual, Augmented und Mixed Reality. Das Tech-Event bietet sowohl Expo als auch Kongress für die Bereiche Industrie, Architektur, Medizin, Handel und Handwerk.

  46. VR AR MR - Virtual and Augmented Reality
    VR AR MR is an award-winning high-tech enterprise based on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. At VR AR MR, our passionate result-oriented team works towards enabling and empowering your brand to foster performance and growth using revolutionizing cutting-edge immersive technologies.
    Author: Daniel Davidraj

  48. Render360 - Point Cloud reality Capture for BIM, 360° walk-throughs and CGI Visualisations
    Render360 are a reality capture (scan to BIM / Revit) studio offering comprehensive CAD and CGI modelling and 360° walk-through experiences.

  50. Augmented Reality for Construction - HoloLens iPad Android | VisualLive
    VisualLive is the Augmented Reality (AR) solution for the manufacturing, Building, Architecture & Engineering industry. Push your BIM to the Microsoft HoloLens 2 or iOS Android device with our Revit and Navisworks plugins

  52. Very Real systems - 100% mobile, high quality, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality systems. No wires needed!
    Virtual, augmented and mixed reality systems. High quality, mobile and NO WIRES AT ALL !
    Author: Ray Very Real Systems

  54. Select Surveys: Utility & Land surveying for Government, Transport and Energy Sectors
    Select Surveys is a leading geospatial consultancy experienced in 3D data capture for Utility Surveys & Topographical Mapping using Augmented Reality & BIM.

  56. Applause Digital Agency | Augmented Reality for the Mobile Web AR | Applause Digital | Sydney Brisbane
    Applause Digital agency transforms digital content like 2D 3D into real-time Augmented Reality AR, WebAR and Mixed Reality MR user experiences. Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Australia.

  58. Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality Consultancy | AltReal Studios
    AltReal Studios offers expert consultancy, development and training services for emergent technologies such as virtual, augmented, mixed, extended and hyper realities. We also apply and integrate IoT, 5G, AI and machine learning with these solutions. Contact us at

  60. Augmented Reality Diamond Search Company | Diamond Comparison Using Augmented Reality
    Diamond Hedge is Diamond Search Engine which offers diamond comparison using Augmented Reality technology. Find the Perfect Natural or Lab Grown Diamond & Engagement Ring from over 1 million certified conflict free diamonds from all the leading diamond companies on one platform.

  62. Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality analytics platform, industry reports, strategy consulting
    Digi-Capital’s augmented, virtual & mixed reality analytics platform and industry reports give you hard data you can rely on, analytics you can trust

  64. Augmented Reality App - Visual Live
    Men spreekt van Augmented Reality wanneer een digitaal beeld – een animatie – over de werkelijkheid wordt gelegd. Dit kan via een beeldscherm zijn op een smartphone, een AR bril met een speciale prismalens of via een specifieke wijze van projectie. Je kunt nog steeds de omgeving zien, maar er wordt extra informatie aan toegevoegd. "Onze Mixed Reality App brengt de kracht van BIM (Building Information Modelling) over op het werkterrein. In combinatie met de HoloLens® of mobiel / tablet, hebben eindgebruikers **** gereedschappen om te zien hoe het model past bij ‘real-world’-omstandigheden. Met behulp van onze eenvoudige aanpassings functies, kunnen 3D-modellen snel worden...

  66. Leading Augmented Reality (AR) Remote Assistance solution provider for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Marine, Defense and Telecom industries
    Xassist is a premier Augmented Reality (AR) remote assistance solution provider of service providers that enables service engineers to connect, interact and co-ordinate their activities more efficiently through Mobile, Tablet, PC and AR headsets.