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  2. Business Process Automation Using Crowdsourcing & A.I. | ClassifyIt
    Get 5x improvements on your data operations. ClassifyIt platform uses A.I. and crowdsourcing to automate and scale your core business processes.
    Author: Dalton Pereira

  4. Hexomatic - no-code, point and click work automation platform
    Hexomatic is a no-code, work automation platform that enables you to harness the internet as your own data source, leverage the most sophisticated AI services and a crowdsourced team of human assistants to automate and delegate time consuming tasks.

  6. Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence Solutions |
    AmyGB is a leading Intelligent Automation solution provider in document processing and customer support automation using Deep Technology
    Author: Decode; Decipher; Decide

  8. Artificial Intelligence Automation for Better Customer Engagement
    Conversations on AI is a Haptik initiative which is one of the world's largest AI & automation Virtual Assistant platforms. We help businesses with AI automation.
    Author: Jio Haptik Technologies Limited

  10. AltViz - Intelligent Automation Platform
    AltViz improves business performance by allowing you to access, analyse and act on data with our pragmatic approach to intelligent automation. We help our clients transform and automate critical business processes with a focus on revenue, efficiency, customer experience and regulatory compliance.
    Author: Creating Supply Chain Resilience Through Better Planning with AI

  12. Insurance Artificial Intelligence & Automation Solutions | PointConversion
    Empowering and Accelerating the insurance process We help your staff, clients, and brokers access and exchange information. Carrier Solutions Automating and accelerating workflow for staff and brokers. Intelligent systems built to do more – Efficient & automated workflows, conversational intelligence to service and retain clients, and finding new opportunities – So you can grow. Learn more. Brokerage Solutions Simplifying ... Read more

  14. Serimag - Artificial Intelligence for document automation
    Artificial Intelligence solutions for document processing and automation. Completely tailored for the client and in a pay per use business model
    Author: David Morales

  16. Intelligent Process Automation for the Enterprise - Indico
    Learn how Indico's Intelligent Process Automation software allows companies to quickly automate document-based workflows for unstructured content.

  18. Automation and Artificial Intelligence Solutions | Acquire.AI
    Acquire.AI provides automation and AI solutions to help companies fast-track operations, improve customer experience and increase the bottomline. Call us today.

  20. AIWAS Plus - Artificial Intelligence with Automated Scoring
    Artificial Intelligence With Automated Scoring application for PTE instant practice, mock test and learn grammar.

  22. Automated Contract Review With Artificial Intelligence | Legartis
    Legartis automates contract review and optimizes cooperation between your legal department and other specialist departments in your organization.

  24. Robot Writers AI - How artificial intelligence is automating writing
    How artificial intelligence is automating writing
    Author: Joe Dysart

  26. Automate Document Communication with Artificial Intelligence |
    To automate document communication and focus on your business instead, read more about Rossum’s unique approach and its document gateway.

  28. Repetere - Automated forecasting with machine learning and artificial intelligence
    Automated forecasting with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  30. - all things ai (Artificial Intelligence)!
    Check out all things ai! Videos on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and much more! is organizing the Internet's information about A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) through crowdsourcing! You can submit videos and suggestions from the web or upload your own videos!

  32. Artificial Intelligence | | Accounting | Automation | Europe
    Automation of book-keeping entries using AI: fast, error-free and at lower costs, to free humans for higher value added jobs

  34. Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation Solutions – Botomation
    Botomation is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation technologies that empower organizations to transform customer service to provide near human or superior interaction experience.

  36. All-in-One Marketing Automation Solution
    All-in-one marketing automation software that allows you to communicate with your leads over all channels of communication.

  38. AutoStats – Automated Statistics Using Artificial Intelligence

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  40. Top Talent Summit - Canada's Signature Talent Acquisition Conference
    If you want to prepare for the Future of Talent Acquisition in the age of automation, A.I. and robotics, don't miss this conference in 2020!
    Author: Your Name

  42. artificial intelligence technology
    Schweiz AIT is an expert in artificial Intelligence software development and customization of complex enterprise-level. We leverage most popular techniques of machine learning and deep leanring to build powerful applicationes in healthcare, insurnance, pharmaceutical and e-goverment to help them achieve their goals. We deliver consulting , addresses problems-challenges and offers highly smart solutions in business intelligence, IOT, home automation, blockchain, energy appliaction, autonomous safty car technology and cloud hosting AND MORE

  44. Empower Audit with Artificial Intelligence | Automated Vouching | GenialAI
    Read more about GenialAI’s unique approach to automate routine audit tasks and focus on higher-value work.

  46. Findem - Talent Acquisition
    Findem's talent acquisition platform helps you fill your talent gaps with diverse and qualified candidates. Centralize your teams sourcing and outreach processes to one powerful platform.

  48. Big Data Analytics | Directed Energy | Artificial Intelligence | Theia.AI
    Theai.AI modernizes electro-optical sensors for critical impact and automates meticulous analytical processes. Our solution leverages AI & ML to accurately assess image quality and degradation.

  50. | Voice Control - Artificial Intelligence - Smart Home Automation | Voice Control - Artificial Intelligence - Smart Home Automation
    Author: Josh ai

  52. - build intelligent automations
    textcloud helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, and busy people automating time-consuming tasks. By combining powerful text analysis with easy-to-use workflow automation, you can finally automate tasks that used to require human intelligence

  54. Visage Group | Credit Solutions and Repair Melbourne - Visage Group
    HAVE YOU BEEN DECLINED CREDIT/FINANCE? Visage is one of the oldest, largest and most successful credit repair and debt solution business in Australia. FIX MY CREDIT CREDIT REPAIR We can assist you with the removal of negative listings from your credit file and to allow you to obtain credit and finance. More CREDIT SOLUTIONS No […]

  56. Automated Video Ads | Creative Automation Software
    Automate and scale your video marketing. Vidyou's creative automation allows marketing teams to automate video creation for all items, across channels and formats - at higher volume and quality. Vidyou is fully automated, so you can focus on your most important work.

  58. PandaFlow - No Code Automation and Integration Platform
    Pandaflow is a no code/low code automation and integration platform. It allows you to integrate with any systems and automate your workflows.

  60. Jepto — Digital Marketing Intelligence and Automation
    Analytics and Automation platform to help you automate tasks and data analysis. Monitor your sites and marketing data across all channels in one place.

  62. Home | rapidMATION | The Intelligent Automation Gurus
    The Intelligent Automation Gurus We are Intelligent automation consultants and technology experts, that can partner with you to build an enterprise-grade intelligent automation platform that strategically combines technologies like: Build applications faster and automate smarter Make your automation solution intelligent Liberate humans from robotic tasks
    Author: Techno

  64. Clarifire Workflow Automation Platform
    The CLARIFIRE(R) application is a powerful workflow automation software allowing you to transform your business more efficiently!

  66. Whippy | Artificial Intelligence Any Business Can Use
    Automate support, marketing & sales with conversational messaging. Whippy is your secret new employee powered by real AI any business can actually use.

  68. Used Die Casting Automation Equipment for Foundry Applications
    Buying Automation Die Casting Machines From Many Sources

  70. Carcheck - Automated car inspections using Artificial Intelligence

  72. Automate | Celerium
    The Automation of the Cyber Defense Network lets you leverage the power of STIX/TAXII data, letting organizations publish, receive and route important cyber threat intelligence.

  74. Artificial Intelligence Mentor
    This is your personal study Mentor. His sacred mission is to help you in exploring new fields or extending your knowledge by generating a nicely designed courses. The materials of the courses are always to be built personally for you and adapted to your level and free time. There are various materials sources and types updating daily and brought to you for free.

  76. AI-Driven Automated Underwriting Software |
    Our automated underwriting platform lets you leverage customizable automation, enhance the borrower experience through analytics, reduce risk using AI, and improve your cycle times for new accounts.

  78. Crowdsourced QA testing solution and QA testing services - Ubertesters
    Ubertesters is the leader in crowdsourced software testing to allow you to launch any digital product with confidence. With a community of 30,000 global, freelance QA experts with devices, companies can scale their QA testing in the most flexible and cost-effective way, with short turn-around time.
    Author: Silence; REPT

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  80. Home - Lean IA (intelligent automation) - Lean IA technologies
    Faster, leaner, lean intelligent automation analysis and delivery. Let's talk about how we can optimise how you automate

  82. Delivery Chain – Supply Chain Intelligence
    SUPPLY CHAIN INTELLIGENCE SUPPLY CHAIN INTELLIGENCE Automated Processes Involved With Freight & Goods Automated Processes Involved With Freight & Goods LEARN MORE EMPOWERING INSIGHTS LEVERAGING THE POWER OF IOT EMPOWERING INSIGHTS LEVERAGING THE POWER OF IOT Set it and forget it. Let Delivery Chain's dynamic system do the work for you.
    Author: Matt Riale

  84. Google, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook Ads Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation Technology
    Enhance the performance of your Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Ads by merging with Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation technology.

  86. Abeyon - Artificial Intelligence Solutions & Strategy
    We build custom applications that utilize Artificial Intelligence solutions to bring immediate value to your business. Our familiarity with AI technologies will enable you to pick the right technology for your solution and will reduce your learning and development time allowing you to go to market quicker.

  88. Smartify - India's Leading Home Automation Store
    Smartify helps build functional homes. We provide professional home automation solutions, allowing you to fully automate and control your home.
    Author: Mr. Anil Shah; Lead Architect; County Group

  90. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Intelligent Automation | Venturiq
    We specialise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Cloud solutions to help you work effieciently to save time and money.

  92. Automated trading using Prorealtime
    Obtain regular profits thanks to an automated trading system is hard to achieve. Good news: everything you need to know is here!

  94. Orangebeard | Where Intelligent Automated Testing starts
    An intelligent dashboard based platform, showing you real time results of all automated tests (of any kind!) throughout your test pyramid.

  96. Statapile - Improve Your Sales and Service With Artificial Intelligence
    Analyze every call to identify operational or service-based issues before you lose customers, automate coaching for all your agents, and gain insight into not only how many sales you receive, but also how many sales you lose—and why.

  98. Intelligent Automation - Sunshine Coast Electricians
    Intelligent Automation Sunshine Coast can help you with all of your electrical needs including lighting, Home Security, data cabling and Gswitch.

  100. Data Interactive - DI Consulting | Automation Service | Insights & Learning
    We help your business leverage your most valuable asset, your data.We CREATE Time, Accuracy and Productivity through automation so you can CREATE more VALUE

  102. - Automated Masternode Sharing is a fully automated masternode sharing solution that allows you own a part of a masternode with only a small percentage of the required collateral

  104. Intelligent Test Automation for Agile Teams | mabl
    Mabl's intelligent test automation, you can easily create reliable, end-to-end tests that improve application quality without slowing you down.

  106. OAPPS — Omni-Channel helpdesk connection, Artificial Intelligence driven automation
    Connect Zendesk, Freshdesk, Livechat to Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Telegram account. Automatically classify incoming customer requests and make sentiment analysis, helpdesk automation

  108. Impaxive Solutions| Artificial Intelligence & Automation Solutions | Chatbot Development | Data Analytics
    Chatbot Development, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, Mobile Application Development & Website Development Services

  110. Networklore - Exploring Network Automation
    Articles, tutorials and open source tools to help you to automate your network.

  112. Convai - Automated Intelligent Conversations | AU
    Imagine a contact centre solution that enables you to better manage your customer conversations? A solution that utilises artificial intelligence to automate conversations and improve both your customer’s experience and the efficiency of your call centre. Drawing on the latest generation of speech recognition technology, Oration asks “how can I help you
    Author: Wsme Admin

  114. Fully automates screenshots for your digital campaigns
    Adwallet automates Publisher and Agency campaign screenshots and allows you to download them into presentations to share with your client. Get a free trial today.

  116. Hireflow: AI Sourcing and Recruiting Automation
    Hireflow accelerates sourcing so you fill your roles. Automate your sourcing and outreach with our simple platform - all for free.

    4th annual Digital Talent Acquisition SummitBoost Organizational Effectiveness with Digital Talent Acquisition ahead of your competitors by incorporating Digital Talent Acquisition into your HR strategy.*Eliminate unintentional bias to improve diversity * Improve candidate experience by keeping the human touch even as you leverage technology * Transform your application process with AI to free up time for things that add value * Build your online brand to resonate with top talent * Integrate DTA with People Analytics to accelerate the implementation of corporate strategy

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  120. Drop Ship Automation - Nimble
    Nimble allows you to easily import products from AliExpress to your Shopify store and fully automates order fulfilment including order tracking and inventory management.

  122. TexAu | Growth automation to scale your business faster
    TexAu is a growth automation toolbox that will allow you to generate new leads, contact them quickly and effortlessly, and improve your knowledge of your users.
    Author: Vikesh Tiwari

  124. CAESES - CAD for Automated Shape Optimization › CAESES
    Your CAD platform for design studies with simulation tools. Allows you to automate the CFD analysis and provides shape optimization strategies.

  126. AI SEO: Use Artificial Intelligence to Guide Your SEO
    Big Data has been a challenge for SEO for a long time. But, it's also an opportunity, because Machine Learning has revolutionized the game. Now you can feed millions of data points into well-trained models to get actionable SEO recommendations that change as the engines change.

  128. RPA Master - Intelligent Automation & RPA Blog
    Learn RPA market news, study successful projects, case studies, and watch solution demos – everything you need to understand automation

  130. Kofax Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation
    Kofax intelligent automation solutions help you work like tomorrow, today, by digitally transforming your information-intensive business workflows.

  132. Kofax Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation
    Kofax intelligent automation solutions help you work like tomorrow, today, by digitally transforming your information-intensive business workflows.

  134. Kofax Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation
    Kofax intelligent automation solutions help you work like tomorrow, today, by digitally transforming your information-intensive business workflows.

  136. ReportPortal test automation analytics platform and real-time reporting, powered by Machine Learning
    Provides real-time analytics in reporting, automated test results visualization and an integration with your existing test automation process. Powered by Machine Learning to categorize test automation fails, leveraging historical data. Free and Open Sourced. Fork Us on GitHub.

  138. PLCJOB :: The #1 Job Board for Automation, Robotics, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 and Remote IT
    Local Jobs, Remote Jobs, Relocation Jobs, Industrial Automation Jobs, Building Automation Jobs, Robotics Jobs, Industrial energy management Jobs, Building energy management Jobs, Industry 4.0 Jobs, Artificial Intelligence Jobs, IT Jobs, Information Technology Jobs

  140. The First AI-powered Conversational Cloud | LivePerson
    LivePerson's Conversational AI-powered chatbots & messaging tools help businesses understand customer intent, increase conversions, & reduce costs.

  142. Ve Global | Digital Revenue Optimisation
    The personal shopping assistant for your website. Digital Assistant helps sell products and support customers. Enabling brands to recreate their in-store experience — online.

  144. LARVOL | Pharmaceutical Intelligence, KOL Monitoring, and Pharma News
    LARVOL provides customized market intelligence reports, KOL monitoring, conference planning, and biomarker tools that give customers the insight they need to remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

  146. Home | Lighthouse Global
    With our modern tech-driven approach, we're reshaping how ediscovery and information governance solutions are defined and delivered, bringing what's next into the now.

  148. Lookout | Integrated Endpoint-to-Cloud Security
    Lookout is deployed on over 200 million mobile devices. With 155 patents and analysis of over 100 million mobile applications, Lookout delivers the best mobile threat and phishing protection.
    Author: Lookout CASB June

  150. Lookout | Integrated Endpoint-to-Cloud Security
    Lookout is deployed on over 200 million mobile devices. With 155 patents and analysis of over 100 million mobile applications, Lookout delivers the best mobile threat and phishing protection.
    Author: Lookout CASB June

  152. Designing and Executing Warehouse Networks | WarehouseQuote
    WarehouseQuote is an intelligent warehousing platform with a scalable 3PL network, managed operations, integrated warehouse management software, and data-driven intelligence.

  154. Banx | Samen op het ritme van de planeet
    Banx, da’s slow banking. Minimaal bankieren met een maximale impact. Zomaar vanuit je broekzak. 100% digitaal, lokaal en duurzaam. Zonder zever.

  156. Global Enterprise Software Solution Provider | IFS
    Recognized as a leading enterprise software solution provider, IFS develops and delivers ERP, EAM, FSM and ESM to businesses worldwide. From cloud technology to easy-to-use interfaces, our solutions are for customers who maintain assets, manage service operations, or manufacture and distribute goods.

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  158. Single Digits - Leading Provider of Managed Wi-Fi Network Experiences
    Single Digits is the leading provider of Wi-Fi network experiences for top hotels, student housing, multi-family communities, convention centers & more.

  160. Home : Northern Trust Capital Market Assumptions 5 Year Outlook 2022
    Get our Capital Market Assumptions 5 year outlook. Download the full research paper today for our market outlook, fixed income forecast and more.

  162. Cleverly | Take your operations to the next level
    A super-agent with real-time triage and intelligent automation, manages your knowledge base and provides a friendly customer self-service experience.

  164. Napier: AI powered Anti-Money Laundering platform to combat evolving threats
    Advanced Transaction Monitoring and Sanction Screening platform to combat evolving threats.

  166. AI for your business. Easy, fast, guaranteed.
    The super.AI platform accelerates machine learning projects by using AI & humans to generate, structure, and label any type of data. We help companies with manual processes to lower costs and scale their crowd with AI & human data labeling and AI model training & deployment.

  168. Herman Miller Professional - Find, quote, and order inspiring designs for your business
    Shop the best in modern design for your business. Enjoy easy ordering and business pricing on hundreds of products from across the Herman Miller Group family of brands on Herman Miller Professional.

  170. Industriell blekkutskrift, lasermerking og eskekoding | Videojet
    Videojet produserer industrielle blekkskrivere og blekk, lasermerkingssystemer og eskekodingsløsninger for identifikasjon av produktemballasje – alt av høyeste kvalitet.

  172. SentinelOne | Autonome KI Endpunkt-Sicherheitsplattform
    Sicherheitsplattform zur Vermeidung, Erkennung, Abwehr und Suche nach Bedrohungen. Kontrollieren Sie das bislang Unbekannte – in Maschinengeschwindigkeit.

  174. Medable - The Decentralized Clinical Trial Platform
    Medable is powering the future of clinical trials, with our decentralized and remote trial platform.

  176. Digital Realty | Data Centre Services
    With Digital Realty, you can leverage our full interconnection capabilities across our global ecosystem including data centres, connectivity and cloud services.

  178. Student Apartments | Your Urban Student Home |
    Student Apartments situated at the Amsterdam Diemen Campus. Comfortable & Vibrant environment to facilitate your Urban Student Lifestyle. Visit our Website!

  180. Digital Realty | Datacenterdiensten
    Met Digital Realty kunt u gebruikmaken van onze volledige interconnectiemogelijkheden in ons wereldwijde ecosysteem, zoals datacenters, connectiviteit en clouddiensten.

  182. Windstream Enterprise - Network Solutions for Enterprises
    Windstream Enterprise builds and manages network solutions, including SD-WAN and UCaaS, to leverage the power made possible by the cloud.

  184. TRISOR - Wertschließfächer der Trisor GmbH
    Zertifizierte Sicherheit auf Bankenniveau. 24/7 jederzeit zugänglich. Anonym und Diskret.

  186. Euler Hermes UK | Trade Credit Insurance, Surety Bonds and Guarantees
    Trade credit insurance, bonds, guarantees and risk management solutions: Euler Hermes helps companies take control of tomorrow, to grow in safety. Find out more!

  188. Performance-Critical Solutions - Dover Precision Components
    Dover Precision Components delivers efficiency and productivity for rotating and reciprocating machinery with custom-engineered, precision-manufactured solutions.

  190. Read Dashboard - Real-Time Sentiment and Engagement Metrics - Zoom App - Read

  192. Sales Commission Software & Incentive Compensation Tracker | Everstage
    Everstage is a modern, no-code platform to automate commissions and motivate sales teams with real-time visibility and insights on their commissions
    Author: David Levanon

  194. Telemedicina Hermes Pardini
    O Hermes Pardini oferece o que há de melhor em telemedicina, telerradiologia e telecardiologia! Cobertura médica da sua clínica ou hospital 24 horas em Radiologia e Métodos Gráficos.

  196. Keittiöt, Kylpyhuoneet ja Liukuovet - Keittiömaailma
    Keittiömaailma on keittiöiden, kylpyhuoneiden, säilytysjärjestelmien ja oheistuotteiden palveleva kotimainen monimerkkimyymälä. Tutustu laajaan valikoimaamme!

  198. Home
    No matter where you fit into the payment's ecosystem, manage your merchant portfolio with total confidence, support them in achieving & maintaining PCI DSS compliance & protect them against cyber risks. Learn More.
    Author: Neira Jones