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  2. Home
    Ethology Academy provides correspondence courses and seminars on animal behaviour and companionship.

    Ghost Research Society investigates ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal.

  6. International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE)
    The ISAE is the international, professional society devoted to the scientific study of applied animal behaviour
    Author: Applied Ethology

  8. E D I
    EDI offers musing, research and investigation on chronic conditions in healthist societies

  10. Immunology | Serbia | Immunological Society of Serbia
    immunology, society, serbia, society, history, science, investigation, research, Belgrade, Kragujevac, medicine, biology

  12. Welcome to the SSCI
    The Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (SSCI) is a regional academic society dedicated to the advancement of medically-related research.

  14. Home -
    Hooved Animal Humane Society promotes the humane treatment of hooved animals through education, legislation, investigation, and intervention.

  16. Welcome - Zoospensefull
    Who We Are We are an international animal training and behaviour consultancy. A leader in behaviour modification and team communication for animal care professionals, we work with zoological collections and animal facilities across the world Read more…

  18. NeuroMotor Behaviour Lab at the University of Ottawa
    The NeuroMotor Behaviour Lab at UO is focussed on investigating the neural processes underlying motor behaviour in humans using behavioural and neurophysiological methods. Our areas of research are motor control, neurophysiology, motor adaptation, and rehabilitation.
    Author: Tony

  20. Home - Sleep Research Society
    Learn more about the Sleep Research Society (SRS), an organization for scientific investigators who educate and research sleep and sleep disorders.
    Author: Andrew Sampson

  22. Supporting and stimulating collaboration among virologists across the globe | The American Society for Virology was founded in 1981 to provi
    The American Society for Virology was founded in 1981 to provide a forum for investigators of human, animal, insect, plant, fungal, and bacterial viruses, whether the research involves clinical, ecological, biological, or biochemical approaches.
    Author: Ecropolis


  26. About Us - ISHE
    The International Society for Human Ethology (ISHE) promotes ethological perspectives in the scientific study of humans worldwide. We aim to achieve this goal through: Encouraging empirical research in the field of human behavior, using the full range of methods developed in biology and the human behavioral sciences, and operating within the conceptual framework provided by evolutionary theory. Promoting the exchange of ethological knowledge and opinions with the other empirical sciences of human behavior. We administer our funds in order to pursue these goals.

  28. Heritage of the Air
    An ARC funded research project investigating how aviation has transformed Australian society over the last 100 years.

  30. Indian Paranormal Society - What you fear ! We Chase!
    Indian Paranormal Society founded by Gaurav Tiwari is a professional association of dedicated Paranormal Investigators, Researchers and Enthusiasts

  32. NAVS : Home
    National Anti-Vivisection Society -- campaigning against the use of animals in research.
    Author: National Antivisection Society

  34. Home – Pacific Salmon Lab
    We research on pacific salmon's ecology, behaviour and physiology to provide insights for conservation and to promote sustainable use of fish resources.
    Author: Admin

  36. ISSBD - Home Page
    The International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD) promotes scientific research of human development throughout the life span. We welcome researchers from any scientific disciplines interested in human development

  38. MARICE: Marine Academic Research in Iceland
    Marine Academic Research in Iceland (MARICE) is a research group based at the University of Iceland investigating life history variation; reproductive biology; behavioural and physiological ecology; population genetics; marine biogeography and phylogeography.

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  40. The Emperor wears no clothes!
    Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of British Columbia, Canada is a not-for-profit organization that promotes biomedical research and works to outlaw vivisection, or animal research, lab animals, animal tests, etc.; vaccines,pharmaceuticals,**** industry

  42. How Fish Behave / Fish Behavior
    This site is for all those people who are generally interested in fishes, such as anglers, hobbyists, or biology students. Its main purpose is to popularize some of the scientific research that has been done on fish behaviour in recent years.

  44. Kansas Paranormal Research Socieity | KSPRS
    Kansas Paranormal Research Society provides paranormal investigation services, guidance regarding paranormal matters and concerns, and referral services.

  46. Home - Factory Farm Collective
    Factory Farm Collective is an investigative project with a Canadian focus. We examine the immorality of animal agriculture.

  48. Home Page of Karin Fish | Karin Fish Multimedia Artist
    Karin Fish is a multimedia artist. She creates interactive installations, short videos and animated commentaries that explore society.
    Author: Karin Fish

  50. The Dig U Search
    An investigative research and think tank effort to promote curiosity of our world's ancient animal, plant, and geologic history.
    Author: Mommatown com

    EVERYMAN is a design project dedicated to the research and development of men’s clothing as it relates to constructions and performances of masculinity in contemporary western society. Informed by historical research and ethnographic studies, the collection investigates the classic male wardrobe and seeks to redefine the architecture, materials and aesthetics of traditional archetypes to propose innovations in the form and function of men’s clothing.

  54. International Cancer Imaging Society (ICIS) - Home
    International Cancer Imaging Society (ICIS), is a professional body established to promote continuous education in oncological imaging, and stimulate research in the study of human tumour behaviour.
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  56. National Primate Research Centers Home
    National Primate Research Centers offer a wide range of core services and specialized facilities to Principal Investigators conducting research based on the nonhuman primate animal model.

  58. Humane Educational Society | Nonprofit Animal Shelter | Tennessee
    Humane Educational Society is a nonprofit animal shelter that provides adoption services, animal protection, cruelty investigation, pet licenses, and other programs and services to residents of Hamilton County, outside the city of Chattanooga.

  60. Will County Ghost Hunters Society -
    The WCGHS is a society of ghost believers, ghost hunters, and ghost researchers that has a free membership to anyone anywhere. We are dedicated and committed to the research, documentation, education, and investigation of ghostly phenomena recorded throug

  62. European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology |
    The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, EAACI, is an association including 52 European National Societies, more than 9,000 academicians, research investigators and clinicians.

  64. Avoca and District Historical Society Inc – The Avoca and District Historical Society is dedicated to preserving, collecting and researching
    The Avoca and District Historical Society is dedicated to preserving, collecting and researching the history of Avoca and the surrounding district.
    Author: Gavin Anderson

  66. Evolutionary Physiology & Animal Ecology Laboratory (GT Crossin Lab) - Home
    O ur lab has interests in many aspects of animal physiology, behaviour, and ecology, especially in the context of seasonal migrations and reproduction. Research efforts are focussed primarily,...

  68. Home - NESPR
    The official home of the New England Society for Psychic Research. Whether you are interested in the paranormal, want to become an investigator, or are experiencing a haunting, you have come to the right place.

  70. Nadine Goepfert
    Nadine Goepfert is a multidisciplinary designer offering creative direction, design and consultancy on textiles and materials for interior, product, art and fashion. She investigates contemporary culture to create intelligent concepts and material innovations for clients from various fields. Her collections and art installations examine the function and conventional use of materials to develop new design perspectives. Her internationally exhibited research projects question the relation between garments, individual and society to reveal unconscious patterns of behaviour in the everyday use of textiles.

  72. Home - Paranormal Existence research Society (P.E.R.S.)
    Paranormal Existence Research Society (P.E.R.S.) is a professional non-profit paranormal research team. We investigate claims of hauntings, demonic possession, ghosts, shadow figures, haunted objects, ufo’s, and just about all unexplained phenomena.

  74. Holly Society of America
    The purpose of the Holly Society is to stimulate interest, promote research, and collect and disseminate information about the genus Ilex.

  76. Harvey Devereux
    Harvey Devereux's personal page and recreational mathematics and programming blog. Physics PhD Student studying collective behaviour in large scale animal groups

  78. Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system for clinical trials
    Electronic Data Collection system for clinical research, specially designed for small and medium organizations: pharma, biotech companies, CROs, investigators.

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  80. OBR Paolo Brescia Tommaso Principi
    In 2000 Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi established the collective OBR Open Building Research to investigate new ways of contemporary living ...

  82. Design Research Lab
    The Design Research Lab is a laboratory for experimental design and research reflecting on the digital society. Through playful interventions, critical making and collaborative reasoning we investigate possible futures. As a platform and network, we are deeply involved with the requirements and policies needed for an inclusive and sustainable development of the digital society from a design perspective.

  84. Welcome to the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research
    Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, ****. 1938, works in conjunction with the renowned Burton Historical Collection at the Main Detroit Public Library to research, preserve, and transcribe

  86. Deep Sea Waters
    Information about Deep sea fishes, Animals, Explorations, Foods, Creatures, Games, Underwater explorations, Deep sea research, adventures and news

  88. Home - Lieneke K. Janssen
    I am a cognitive neuroscientist interested in the making and breaking of habits. I investigate cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying behavioural control in target populations such as gambling addiction and obesity. My research strongly focuses on the role of the central dopamine system in these processes.
    Author: Jeanette Mostert

    SOCIETY is a collective of theatre makers based in New York City creating new research-driven, radically collaborative works.

  92. Home | Marshfield Historical Society
    The Marshfield Historical Society of Marshfield, Massachusetts collects genealogical and historical artifacts pertaining to Marshfield\'s History and preserves them for research and display

  94. Home - USC Research
    Research at USC The mission of the Office of Research at the University of Southern California is to nurture and promote ethical and rigorous research, scholarship, creativity, and innovation to benefit society. Office of Research Initiatives and Facilities ORIF supports investigators through internal award programs, limited submissions, shared resources, as well as faculty training via the Center for Excellence in Research. Office of Research…

  96. PetExpo | South Africa's biggest pets expo
    PetExpo is a weekend expo for all things pet related! View animals like dogs, cats, birds, fish and reptiles. Enjoy the dog shows, chat to breeders and engage with experts on health, nutrition, behavioural issues.

  98. Medium
    Medium is a research and design collective based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Medium is interested in the convergence of politics, society and built form, and the ways in which they interact.

  100. Silversprite: games in education and healthcare, gamification in society, and the game franchise Animal Crossing.
    I'm an independent researcher in the use of digital games in education and healthcare, gamification in society, and the game franchise Animal Crossing. Common works for academic, public and private clients include synthesising existing research and literature for a specific audience, evaluating contemporary evidence of how games work (and don't work), and collecting examples of good (and not so good) practice.

  102. Welcome to the AETE. - AETE - Association of Embryo Technology in Europe
    The Association of Embryo Technology in Europe is an interaction society for practitioners and researchers in the field of Embryo Transfer, Assisted Reproduction, Embryology and associated areas in domestic animals.

  104. Wisconsin Historical Society | Explore our historical collections, research your family history, teach and learn Wisconsin history, preserve
    Explore the Wisconsin Historical Society's collections, research your family history, teach and learn Wisconsin history, preserve historic properties, donate, volunteer and more.

  106. Numismatic Society of Calcutta - Indian Numismatic Organisation
    An Organisation for Collection, Preservation and Research of Coins. Numismatic Society of Calcutta is an Indian Numismatic Organisation for anyone who wants to become more knowledgeable and confident collectors

    Endocrine Society is a global community of 18,000-plus endocrine investigators and clinicians more than 100 countries. Members focus on improving patient care, advancing research, shaping effective policy, and ensuring the future of endocrinology.

  110. Andreas Bischof
    With a background in media communication, sociology and cultural anthropolgy, I study how humans, society and technology interact with each other. Currently I’m head of a Research Group at Chemnitz University of Technology and principal investigator in three more research projects, one of which is focussing on alternative applications for healthcare robotics.

  112. FishBioacoustics Lab | Lisboa
    Unlocking the Mysteries of Acoustic Communication: Our lab uses mostly fish models to research the acoustic communication using behavioural, physiological and ecological approaches. Team leaders of FishBioacoustics Lab: Paulo J. Fonseca and M. Clara P. Amorim.

  114. Welcome - The National Paranormal Society
    Founded in 2011, the National Paranormal Society is an organization designed to bring together the best the paranormal community has to offer. The society affords investigative groups, scientists, researchers, ghost hunters, and the general public a place to go to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn from each other. In this field, true breakthroughs will …

  116. Home - Pure Advantage
    Pure Advantage is a registered charity led by business leaders and supported by a collective of researchers and writers who investigate and promote opportunities for New Zealand to fulfil its massive potential for green growth.

  118. Antique Arms Collectors Society of Australia | antique arms | long arms | handguns | swords armour
    The Society's aim is to publicize our existence to assist in the locating, the collecting and the preservation of all antique arms. We also foster research into the manufacture, the history and the employment of those arms.
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  120. Brighton Historical Society - Home
    The Brighton Historical Society strives to preserve and promote the history of Brighton, Victoria. We have an extensive collection of resources and costumes of great interest to researchers and history buffs.
    Author: Super User

  122. Research |
    The REACT MCI research project investigating the effect of brain training in individuals with mild cognitive impairment. Effects will be evaluated for the individuals, for their families and for the society. Dette er siden til forskningsprosjektet REACT MCI som undersøker effekten av hjernetrening ved mild kognitiv svikt.

  124. Welcome to the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society
    Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society (SBCGS) promotes research and education in genealogy and family history. It collects and preserves local records and operates the Sahyun Genealogical Library,

    The Montréal Monstrum Society (or MMS) is a collective of horror scholars, researchers, and filmmakers, offering two ten-week semesters of courses in horror and related genres in cinema, television, literature, and other media.

  128. Introduction: Benjamin Victor's webpages on reef fish larvae and research on reef fish ecology with a larval fish guide
    Benjamin Victor's website on his coral reef fish larvae research with his new larval reef fish guide for the caribbean and downloadable publications and a description of his projects and an inventory of the fish collection and tissue available for phylogenetics studies. The collection is primarily labrids (but includes a variety of other families from the tropical Pacific and Atlantic, including Baja, Hawaii, Palau, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Bali (Indonesia), Panama, and Noronha. In addition, there is an extensive collection of late-stage larvae of the Caribbean as well as some eastern Pacific and Polynesian collections.

  130. Micro Technologies | Solutions-based technology innovator, enabling the economic production of livestock while assuring quality, food safety
    Micro Technologies is a cutting edge research and development-based innovator of patented computerized management systems for animal production. Our technology allows for individual and herd animal information collection and management decision making.

  132. Home - Tourism Research Technology
    Tourism Research Technology is a research, technology and consulting partner for sustainable tourism. We use technology to truly understand tourists attitudes and behaviours; local and regional aspirations, and address unmet needs. We build products that provide accurate, actionable insights through a combination of longitudinal quantitative data collection as well as deep ethnographic research methods. Our…

  134. Welcome to our Gaia world - Gaia Organics
    Our love of the earth, its animals & its people inspired a fusion of plant-based and scientifically researched natural & organic skin & health care collection. One of the very first eco-companies to enter the market back in the 1990s, Gaia Research was in fact, researched by herbalist and naturalist, […]

  136. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage - ERP, CRM, logiciel de gestion
    ERP, CRM et logiciel de gestion Microsoft Dynamics 365 ou Sage, Prodware est capable de vous accompagner sur l'ensemble de votre Système d'Information.

  138. Climat Action Pays Basque / Ipar Euskal Herriko Klima Plana - Accueil

  140. Sevea : promoteur immobilier neuf pour habiter ou investir de Vannes à Lorient
    Sevea vous propose des programmes neufs : appartements, maisons individuelle et lotissements de Vannes à Lorient pour achat ou investissement

  142. Bisou | salon professionnel international du cadeau et du souvenir
    Le salon professionnel et international du cadeau, Bisou, est devenu le rendez-vous incontournable des professionnels du cadeau sous toutes ses formes sur la Côte d'Azur

  144. La Pizzeria - Pizzeria La Piazza - Strasbourg
    La piazza à Strasbourg, un restaurant Italien très chaleureux et convivial qui est situé en plein centre de Strasbourg. Pizzas cuites au feu de bois, pâtes à l'Italienne, risottos, bruschettas, salades et grillades.

  146. scan2trace® traceability
    Mobile sites and QR codes draw the link between your products and the consumers. This innovative communication channel offers many advantages to dealers, manufacturers and consumers: traceability, promotions, extended packaging.
    Author: Mynetfair Ag

  148. Décoration de table salle Pontarlier déguisement Lausanne Yverdon Neuchâtel Besançon Doubs
    La Boutique du Sourire à Pontarlier vous propose tout un choix de déguisement et de décoration de table et de salle dans le Doubs.

  150. Jean-Marc Blengini, Artiste Sculpteur Acier à Grimaud | JMB Arts
    Jean-Marc Blengini façonne une nature brute aux couleurs éclatantes. Découvrez ses créations florales et insectes, symbiose entre métal, sculpture et nature.
    Author: Www Facebook Com; JMB-Arts

  152. Crédit immobilier Morteau - Le Courtier Mortuacien
    Avec Le Courtier Mortuacien, négociez votre crédit immobilier à Morteau au meilleur taux que ce soit en franc suisse ou en euro. Le Courtier propose également le rachat de crédit et l'assurance de crédit.

  154. Socleo - Partenaire logiciel des circuits courts
    Panier Local devient Socleo ! Le logiciel web permet aux producteurs, transformateurs, collectifs et plateformes territoriales de gérer la vente en circuits courts.
    Author: Matthieu

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  156. Accueil - Odynéo
    Odynéo est une association de familles qui agit dans le Rhône, l’Ain et le Jura, pour les personnes en situation de handicap et de leurs proches.

  158. Bati-Nantes : promoteur immobilier neuf à Nantes et Loire Atlantique
    Promoteur immobilier Nantais, Bati-Nantes propose des programmes immobiliers neufs pour votre achat ou investissement immobilier à Nantes et sa périphérie

  160. BATI PARIS PROMOTION | Promoteur immobilier neuf à Paris et région parisienne
    Vente de logements neufs : appartements pour habiter principale ou pour investir. BATI-PARIS PROMOTION vous accompagne dans votre achat ou investissement dans l’immobilier à Paris et sa région. Contactez-nous au 04 78 62 02 00.

  162. Concours infirmière Besançon Prépa médecine Dijon Franche-Comté
    Bienvenue sur le site internet de Biomédal, institut de formation et de préparation au concours infirmière à Besançon et prépa Médecine en Franche-Comté.

  164. Bati Armor : promoteur immobilier neuf à Rennes et Saint Malo
    Promoteur immobilier rennais, Bati Armor propose des programmes immobiliers neufs pour votre achat ou investissement immobilier à Rennes, sa périphérie et St Malo

  166. BATI-AMÉNAGEMENT : terrains constructibles et viabilisés à vendre
    Bati Aménagement : aménageur, lotisseur immobilier spécialisé dans la vente de terrain constructible viabilisé en Bretagne, Loire Atlantique et Vendée

  168. BATI LYON PROMOTION | Promoteur immobilier neuf à Lyon et métropole Lyonnaise
    Vente de logements neufs : appartements pour habiter principale ou pour investir. BATI-LYON PROMOTION vous accompagne dans votre achat ou investissement dans l’immobilier à Lyon et sa région. Contactez-nous au 04 78 62 02 00.

  170. VHYG - La nouvelle hygiène de vie !
    VHYG est la première solution d’hygiène globale pour vivre en harmonie avec notre corps, notre esprit et notre environnement.

  172. Michel Dugard, Sophrologie à Morlaix - Michel Dugard sophrologue à Morlaix
    Sophrologue professionnel, membre de la Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie, je me suis engagé à respecter la charte d’éthique et de déontologie des (...)

  174. Salon Hexagone, salon professionnel incontournable du cadeau
    Le concept du salon Hexagone s'est imposé comme une référence auprès des professionnels du cadeau, de la décoration et de la bijouterie fantaisie.

  176. Épicerie Pontarlier Haut-Doubs charcuterie crèmerie vins
    Cette épicerie à Pontarlier, dans le Haut-Doubs propose, un grand choix de spécialité de Franche-Comté et de Bourgogne, en charcuterie, crèmerie, épicerie salée et sucrée, ainsi que des vins fins.

  178. Crédit immobilier Pontarlier Morteau Valdahon - Le Courtier Pontissalien
    Votre crédit immobilier à Pontarlier, Morteau et Valdahon au meilleur taux, crédit en franc suisse et assurance de crédit.

  180. Page d'accueil > L’association Tri

  182. Maison du Lac de Castet | Activités sportives et Snack Bar - Vallée d'Ossau
    La Maison du Lac est au cœur de l’espace naturel du lac de Castet. Détente, snack bar et activités sportives, il y en a pour tous et pour tous les goûts... Venez profiter de ce magnifique site de la Vallée d'Ossau !
    Author: Www Facebook Com; La-Maison-du-Lac-de-Castet

  184. La mairie de Morestel vous informe
    La mairie de Morestel,ville fleurie du nord isère vous accueille et vous informe.

  186. Communauté de Communes Aunis Sud - Site Officiel : Aunis Sud
    Située au nord de la Charente-Maritime, la CdC Aunis Sud réunit 24 communes et rassemble près de 31 000 habitants à proximité de La Rochelle et Niort.

  188. Systèmes de manutention continue, convoyeurs à rouleaux et à chaînes, dépileur de palettes
    Systèmes de manutention continue, convoyeurs à rouleaux et à chaînes, dépileur de palettes

  190. ProTech Securité -Sécurité et protection pare-balles des infrastructures
    Spécialistes du pare-balles - Conception, fabrication et sous-traitance fort de 28 ans d’expertise internationale

  192. Restaurant italien à Port Grimaud, vente à emporter plats italiens
    Découvrez le restaurant italien Pasta & Via à Port Grimaud avec sa terrasse sur les canaux romantiques de la cité. Vente à emporter, commandez maintenant !
    Author: Www Facebook Com; Pastaevia