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  2. Something People Want | YC alums building digital products
    YC alums building unique, delightful digital products

  4. Thomas Rasshofer
    Hello, I’m Thomas Rasshofer, an interdisciplinary developer and designer who loves to build products and services that delight people.

  6. Pavel Macek — Hello
    I’m a Product Designer, formerly at Slack and InVision. I love to design & build products that solve tough problems and are delightful to use.

  8. Matthias Solberghe - Digital Product Designer
    Hi, I’m Matthias. A freelance digital product designer from Belgium. You should probably hire me, if you want to.

  10. Me and my projects 👨🏻‍🌾 | Jan Raasch, web developer building software for product value 🚀
    Jan Raasch. Hi there, my name is Jan. I’m a software developer with a passion for building (digital) products. I have 9yrs+ of experience working as a professional software developer in the industry. In another life (9yrs+ ago) I used to be a Mathematician. For more details check out my resume. I’m happy to talk about work engagements, reach out!

  12. Nick Lenko - Product Leader & Innovator
    Technology obsessed, smart home living product leader who loves to build useful software products and experiences that delight.

  14. Bjorn Jacobs - UX/UI Designer
    Hi there, I'm Bjorn. I'm a Berlin based Product Designer. I build meaningful digital experiences with love and care based on research and testing.

  16. Digital Media for a Better World - Sentience Media
    I’m a designer, front-end web developer, and content creator. I’m also an advocate for animals and the environment. Building digital media products that facilitate meaningful change is what gets me up in the morning.

  18. We Build Better Futures | We Are Mammoth
    digital, digital product design, design, software development, lean, agile, waterfall, build, software, website development, chicago, studio

  20. Nextacloud | Top Mobile App & Website Development Company in Brunei
    Develop digital solutions to extend your business reach. We are a Software Development Agency, based in the heart of Brunei. We help companies identify, build & launch digital product. Let's Talk Software Development Is Our Forte We take delight in
    Author: Nextacloud

  22. deuxpi’s blog | Hi! I’m a software developer building subscriptions at Shopify.
    Hi! I’m a software developer building subscriptions at Shopify.
    Author: Deuxpi'S Blog

  24. Home - Brennan Moore
    Hi, I’m Brennan. I build innovative digital products people love.

  26. Better Software Products. Faster | Belighted
    Let's build a software product that will grow your business and will delight your users. Belighted is a custom Software / SaaS development agency that helps Startups, Scale Ups & Software publishers build a revolutionary digital product.

  28. wetpaint | digital design and web development
    I'm a freelancer specialized in digital design and web development, based in Madrid. I love creating digital solutions with meaningful, useful and functional experiences to users.

  30. Developer - Tommy Dunn
    Creative Software developer based in Los Angeles building complex digital products and solving intricate problems using beautiful, human-centric solutions.
    Author: Tommy Logan Dunn

  32. Home | Tech|Product|Life
    Bangalore-based Software Engineer.Currently working with Grofers as SDE 2. Passionate about building useful, meaningful, and well-crafted products.

  34. Pragma Labs
    Pragma Labs is a Sydney based software company building delightful products.
    Author: Pragma Labs

  36. Janus Møller– freelance User Experience Consultant
    Hi I’m a UX designer. I love to conceptualize, design and build digital services and products.

  38. Bob Sermon | Front-end developer
    I’m a front-end developer based in Belgium who specializes in building digital experiences.

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  40. Frederik Balslev – Digital Designer
    Freelance digital designer based in Copenhagen working with like-minded brands to build digital products that people love using.

  42. Home - Simon Rahm
    I love to design and build digital products, with over 8 years experience in Webdesign & Development, UI & UX and Software Engineering.

  44. Heidi Taperson - Product Designer
    I’m passionate about building digital products - providing delightful user experience while solving complex business problems.

  46. Yazin builds a SaaS business
    My name’s Yazin, and I’m a Product Manager building a Software as a Service (SaaS) business from the ground up.
    Author: Yazin Alirhayim

  48. Home | Invetive | Design, Build, Maintain, Market in Melbourne
    Home Invetive is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products. Based in Melbourne, our passion is to develop new ideas to help you build your future using outstanding abilities taking you through design, build, maintain and market stages. We provide intense design...
    Author: Hidayet Hayri Caran

  50. Boral Australia: Build something great™
    Boral Australia is the country's largest construction materials and building products supplier with operations in all states and territories. In Australia, Boral supplies concrete, quarry products, asphalt, cement, roof tiles, timber and masonry to build infrastructure, residential construction and commercial buildings. Visit site.

  52. Ben
    I want to build digital products that people love to use.
    Author: Ben Goevaerts

  54. SISU Technologies - Software Development and Design
    Sisu is a software development consultancy based on México that designs and builds new digital products and services.

  56. | I’m Bastien Montois, and this is my blog. I’m a Web Explorer. Here are my thoughts on building software, programming and developer
    I’m Bastien Montois, and this is my blog. I’m a Web Explorer. Here are my thoughts on building software, programming and developer tools.
    Author: Bqst fr

  58. Jan Ustohal - Product Manager
    I'm Jan, a product guy based in Berlin. I love building meaningful products and solving interesting problems. Check out what I do!
    Author: Jan Ustohal

  60. Charlie Weber | Design Portfolio
    A Product Designer based in Chicago, I use intentional and data-based design decisions to build meaningful, long-lasting products.

  62. About Me. I’m Vitalik Demin. I’m a Product… | by Vitalik Demin | Medium
    I’m Vitalik Demin. I’m a Product Manager. I help companies build elegant, cost effective and easy to use software products while…
    Author: Vitalik Demin

  64. Appro
    We deliver the Software You need, no more no less Mobile apps and dedicated software Build better apps faster Predictable pricing Secure and reliable We love building meaningful and useful software products Loyalty programs Realized in the program application or based on the mechanism of the client’s internal systems Integration with the customer’s cash register...

  66. Purpose Five | We Build Software, Solutions, Ideas, Innovation, Purpose
    A software and web development/digital marketing agency committed to diversity in tech and building outstanding products for all devices.
    Author: Purpose Five

  68. HonTran Personal Site
    I'm a full-stack developer who loves to build beautiful and meaningful online experiences. I’m proud to have worked alongside award winning teams and international clients.

  70. Jason Nedell - Software Developer 😎
    I’m Jason, a software developer and maker. I design and build creations, large & small, digital & physical.

  72. We build digital products that matter — Salt & Pepper
    We are a full-service software development company focused on building digital products that matter. We work with our clients to define their products, create their prototype, build it, and scale it. Your journey from an idea to launching a product is supported by over 30 experts in software development, UI/UX, and business analysis.

  74. Ẹnlẹ́ | Build with proven software teams
    Build digital products with a team of product managers, designers, and software engineers

  76. Dan Cotton - Tech Lead
    Hey! I'm Dan Cotton, a Tech Lead and Software Engineer who loves to build meaningful, groundbreaking digital experiences for real people.

  78. 👋 | Dan Toro - Software Engineer
    A Software Engineer that enjoys building products, that people loves to use.

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  80. aleksovApps - we love to build awesome apps.
    AleksovApps - we are experience developers love to build great software solutions

  82. Brand & web designer. I design logos, build brands, design websites & build with WordPress.
    I’m a designer, specialising in branding, logo and web design. I build websites with WordPress. Based in Beechworth, North East Victoria, I help people create clear, meaningful brands & web experiences through design.

  84. Hey, I'm Georgia | I love building great products
    With 10 years experience in startups & technology, I've learned how to build products people love and teams who love building them. I can help you do the same.

  86. Seven Degrees Labs - By Dominik Sobe
    Building digital experiences and creating stunning digital products that people love to use.
    Author: Dominik Sobe

  88. George Kerridge
    I’m an independent digital designer and front end developer based in London. I create bespoke websites that help businesses connect with their customers in a unique, meaningful way.

  90. Sustainable development | Gringgo Tech
    Gringgo is creating a meaningful impact for Sustainable Development Goals through digital technology by promoting inequality gap reduction through impact-based programs, focusing on digitalization to improve inclusivity.

  92. Carlos Beneyto - Product Guy. Problem Solver. Product Manager
    Product guy with a developer background (I’m a Software Engineer), focused on creating digital products and solving problems. Product Manager

  94. Raffy Alcoriza – software engineer building online platforms
    A software engineer that builds online platforms and digital products.

  96. Software product building and development |
    Leaware builds the software right basing on well understanding of users’ unmet needs and builds the right software choosing proper methodologies, frameworks, technologies, tools and processes. We create mobile and web apps and other digital solutions and offer professional software development.

  98. PDC 2021 • Join us and learn how to build something people want
    Learn to build outcome-oriented products at Tech in Asia’s Product Development Conference

  100. Freelance Digital (UI/UX) Designer Rotterdam — Bas van Straaten
    Freelance Digital (UX/UI) Designer based in Rotterdam. Builds meaningful brands, websites & platforms that people love. Let's work together!

  102. Really Quite Something | a digital products studio
    Based just outside London in the UK Really Quite Something is a digital products studio offering app and website design and development services and cutting edge software consultancy.

  104. The Traveling Twins Co., Ltd.
    We are a digital agency based in Tainan, Taiwan. We design and build meaningful (and beautiful) products, brands, and experiences.

  106. genuineq – custom digital solutions
    Genuineq is a Bucharest-based software development agency that builds mobile and web apps. We transform ideas into custom digital products.
    Author: Gabriela Rosca; Founder; Joblee

  108. Home / Nick Smirnoff
    I’m Nick Smirnoff — a developer from the UK, focusing all his efforts on creating useful software products and slaying dragons.

  110. We build meaningful brands, digital products and experiences that create lasting value for modern businesses
    At Leaf, we build meaningful brands, digital products and experiences that create lasting value for modern businesses.

  112. Builderwire - Ecommerce Solutions for Lumber & Building Materials
    Top eCommerce software company using the latest web based ordering systems to help distributors of building materials sell their products and service their customers online.

  114. Rootcode Labs | We build great apps! Mobile & Web.
    We work together with businesses worldwide to build mobile apps, Web applications and Enterprise software. Build UX driven software products with us today!

  116. EvilRAT Technologies - Let's build a better tomorrow, TODAY
    A startup dealing with hardware and software-based product development.

  118. Carbono | Digital Product Development Firm
    Carbono is a Digital Product Development Firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and founders to build and launch their 1st software product. Based in Austin, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico.

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  120. UpTech - Build. Launch. Refine.
    UpTech is a leading product, design, and development company that partners with companies to build, launch, and refine their digital products.

  122. Gradle Build Tool
    Accelerate developer productivity. Gradle helps teams build, automate and deliver better software, faster.
    Author: – Justin Ryan; Senior Software Engineer

  124. Saurabh Shukla (Software Developer) - Home
    Hello, I’m a Saurabh Shukla, software-developer based on Bangalore. I thrive on building quality systems that surpass end users’ expectations. I believe in smart work and love to explore new ideas and implement in the most efficient way.

  126. Build your digital product business - Automatela
    I’ll help you choose what tools to use to build your digital product business.

  128. Slalom Build: Building tomorrow’s technology products today.
    Combining design, product engineering, analytics, and automation to custom-build the software, data & cloud products of tomorrow. We are the Build as a Service (BaaS) firm ready to create your digital transformation.

  130. Spring Interactive · Behavioural Design Studio
    Spring is a digital agency based in Paris with an itch for behavioural and data science, busy designing and building meaningful digital products and services for clients worldwide.
    Author: Pierre Bravoz

  132. Custom Software Development and Cloud Consulting Services in San Diego | HyperTrends Global Inc.
    Reach out the HyperTrends which is a SaaS/Software/Digital Innovation Agency based in Los Angeles and Orange County that has the experience of building software in 11 different verticals and helping small businesses to grow revenues using high-quality agile software development and product management strategies.

  134. ninetyfive OG - we build software
    We are Klagenfurt, Austria based ninetyfive OG and we build lightning fast web applications and backend solutions. We'd love to build your next software project.
    Author: Florian Untermoser; Rico Ocepek

  136. :: Home
    CryeCSS, pronounced 'crisis', is an independent software development company with a mission to just build good software that people love to use.
    Author: CryeCSS; LLC

  138. Bownee | State-of-the-art software tailored to your needs
    Bownee, a software development company based in Zurich, Switzerland. We create software based on your needs - We build applications that users love.

  140. York freelance website developer | Reet Good
    Hi, I’m James, a freelance web developer from York. I build great websites that people love using. I’ve been doing so for 16 years.

  142. Aminess Campsites - Accommodation in camps and mobile homes
    Find the best pitch or mobile home in Aminess camps in Istria, on the island of Krk or Dalmatia for an unforgettable camping experience!

  144. Vybavení pro horolezectví, outdoor a práce ve výškách | VERTONE
    Distribuce a obchodní činnost outdoorových značek Petzl, Thermarest, MSR, Montane, Chillaz, Platypus, Sealline, Packtowel, Summit to Eat, VAE a Alb. Poskytujeme revize materiálu, školení a servis. Ochrana proti pádu a práci ve výškách a **** volnou hloubkou.

  146. Keeback: Powering your modern, mobile lifestyle.
    Keeback - The most advanced IOT wearable backpack designed to power your modern, mobile lifestyle. Keeback is what possible when cutting-edge design and IoT technology meets style and functionality. Be bold. Be expressive. Have fun.

  148. Posebne ponude
    Posjetite službenu web-stranicu Aminess hotela i kampova i odaberite odmor u Istri i Dalmaciji u skladu s vlastitim željama. Kliknite za više detalja!

  150. TRVL - Together we've been everywhere
    Travel agents, connect with customers all over the world

  152. Socioculturele organisaties verbinden en ondersteunen | Sociare
    Als Nederlandstalige werkgeversfederatie overkoepelen we meer dan 800 lidorganisaties: kleine, middelgrote en grote socioculturele werkgevers die tot de paritaire comités 329.01 of 329.03 behoren. We zijn actief op 3 domeinen: adviesverlening, belangenbehartiging en opleiding.

  154. 100% Unbiased Reviews and Comparison of Insurance plans in India |
    Make insurance decisions confidently, without worry. 100% neutral insurance comparison, reviews, advice you can trust. We don't sell or advertise insurance.

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  156. Prénatal Store Online
    Tutto per il tuo Bambino. Scopri le offerte sui prodotti di Puericultura, Abbigliamento bebé e premaman.

  158. Κρεοπωλείο Κρεατούπολη | Παλαιό Φάληρο
    Κρεοπωλείο στο Παλαιό Φάληρο με απίστευτες παρασκευές και συνταγές φτιαγμένες από εμάς με πολύ αγαπη για το τραπέζι σας

  160. Galleria Dallas | Galleria Dallas
    Galleria Dallas is now open! We are also offering curbside pickup from participating retailers and restaurants.

  162. Fernstudium für Bachelor und Master | IU Fernstudium
    Das IU Fernstudium bietet Dir Bachelor, Master und MBA Abschlüsse, Weiterbildungen, flexible Online Klausuren und starke Praxisbezüge. Jetzt starten!

  164. ereignisschmiede GmbH - Agentur für Konzept und Produktion
    Die ereignisschmiede versteht sich als ein unabhängiges Konzept- und Produktionsbüro. Mit Einsatzwillen, Kreativität und Risikobereitschaft schaffen wir ein Umfeld, in dem erfolgversprechende Ideen schnell entstehen und zielorientiert umgesetzt werden.

  166. Lumin Sports
    We collaborate with teams to give every decision maker the tools to interpret complex data.

  168. Lumin Sports
    We collaborate with teams to give every decision maker the tools to interpret complex data.

  170. Molonglo Falls | An ambitious apartment project by Zapari

  172. In Touch Ministries – Home
    Online home of In Touch Ministries and the ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley.
    Author: Charles F Stanley

  174. Official Merchandise | Represent
    We build direct-to-fan brands for the world’s top talent. They are the dreamers, the creators, and the doers – the pioneers who are raising the bar in their respective fields.
    Author: Represent com

  176. Custom Night Guards | Sentinel Mouthguards
    Dentist Quality Custom Night Guards for Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching. 20+ Years Lab Experience. Fast, Free Shipping at a Price That Will Make You Smile.

  178. Частным лицам - ГК Содействие
    ГК Содействие — Финансовые услуги частным лицам. Выгодные сбережения с доходностью до 10,74% годовых. Потребительские займы до 60 000₽. Ипотечные займы с участием материнского капитала. Займы под залог недвижимости до 2 000 000₽

  180. Duck Products and Recipes
    For over 60 years, we have provided delicious, farm-raised duck for your table. We are committed to quality duck products and creative culinary experiences.

  182. CAN | Community Arts Network | CAN - Community Arts Network
    CAN creates positive social change through the arts, building inclusion and understanding between people.

  184. Petiole Asset Management - Private Markets Made Accessible
    Zurich-based asset manager for institutional and qualified investors with exclusive co-investments in private equity, real estate and private credit.

  186. Voor nieuwe developers | CodeGorilla
    Leer programmeren door deel te nemen aan onze bootcamp en vind met onze hulp je droombaan in de ICT. Wij geloven dat je het kan. Jij ook?