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  2. VAT API | EU & UK, VAT Rates, Number Validation & Compliant Invoicing API
    VAT API is a leading EU vat api. Retrieve up-to date vat rates, validate EU vat numbers, calculate vat prices and produce compliant vat invoices for your business.

  4. VAT Sense - Free UK & EU VAT Number Validation API, EU VAT rates API
    Free and secure instant VAT API and UK & EU VAT number validation API. Australian, Norway, Switzerland VAT number validation. EU VAT rates API and VAT compliant invoices API for developers & businesses.
    Author: VAT Sense

  6. VAT VALIDATOR - Bulk VAT Number Validation Service & API
    Bulk VAT Number Validation Service with VAT Number Validation API. Check Multiple VIES VAT Numbers at once, absolutely easy! Bulk VAT Number Validater API
    Author: Inno Coders

  8. Express API Validation Essentials
    You know there must be a better way to handle validation in your Express APIs, but you don't know what it is.

  10. Phonebooth - API för validering av telefonnummer
    Phonebooth är ett REST-API som hjälper dig att validera nummer både till mobiltelefoner och det fasta nätet.
    Author: Finn Hensner

  12. Real Email - Validation API
    Email validation API. Check if an email address is valid to protect marketing email reputation bounce rate and prevent spam.

  14. Currency Exchange Rate API - Get Exchange Rates API
    Use the Free Get Exchange Rates API to convert currencies in real-time and retrieve simple currency exchange rates in JSON format.

  16. Rates Exchange API
    Free exchange currencies converter API

  18. Swift Email Verifier API | Email validation API
    Reduce email bounces and complaints

  20. Email Address Validation Service & API
    Validate email addresses with ease, one-by-one or in bulk. Sift out the junk emails from your sending list.

  22. ValidKey : Key Validation Services and API

  24. Exchange rate API | Currency conversion API
    Fast currency converter API | Fast foreign exchange rate API | Our currency conversion API is REALLY fast. Real-time JSON REST API for 145+ World Currencies with an average response of just 21ms.

  26. Currency Exchange Rates API
    Exchange rate API for live and historical currency rates and currency conversion, supporting 40+ currencies. Data updated every second and ability to request up to data up to the minute

  28. Free International Phone Number Validation API
    Convert any local phone number to the standard international phone number and validate, based on personal name and phone number formatting.

  30. VIN code validation and analysis API - Vinalyzer
    Validate VIN code format and analyze VIN code content. Vinalyzer can tell you more than you think. Our REST API is fast, simple and free.
    Author: Zdeněk Novotný scatter cz

  32. Malaysia Prepaid Credit API,Topup APi, Reload API, Highest Prepaid Rate, high prepaid rate API for Topup Business
    Malaysia Prepaid Credit API, Malaysia Topup APi, Reload API, Top Up System, SMS Top Up Prepaid, Maxis ereload, DiGi Flexi e-load, Celcom easy reload Online, SIM Application Toolkit, Recharge System, SIM Card,Topup Business
    Author: Kent Lee

  34. Top Rated CBD Oils • CBD Validator
    Search through the largest database in the world to find the best CBD oil for you based on quality, price, safety, and more.
    Author: Dr Robert Portman

  36. SWOP - Currency Exchange Rate API
    Transparent, secure, fast and easy-to-use GraphQL and REST foreign currency exchange rate and currency conversion API

  38. Mosses – Mosses
    Just another WordPress site

    Other sites like taxtools io

  40. MOSS / MOSS
    ontwikkelen van software

  42. Email Validation API - Verify Email Address | MailboxValidator
    MailboxValidator email validation clean email lists and reduces bounce. It connects to the mail server and checks whether the mailbox exists or not.

  44. Email Verifier API: Email Address Verification/Validation
    Enterprise Grade Cloud Hosted Email Verification. Clean Email Lists, Verify Single Emails or Validate in Real-time. Deployed and Trusted by 1000's of businesses.

  46. Moss – Moss-Shop
    Handmade leather handbags - designed, printed and stitched in Cape Town from locally sourced leather

  48. Genability - Electricity Cost and Rate APIs | Genability
    Genability delivers the most accurate savings information for providers and consumers of solar, energy storage, electric vehicles and smart appliances.

  50. APImetrics - API Metrics - Ranks, Ratings, Performance
    API performance metrics code-free solution: monitoring, security , status reports, rankings, from APImetrics the #1 API Intelligence Platform for API Dependents
    Author: APImetrics Info

  52. Foreign exchange rates and currency conversion API
    Fixer provides a free, simple, and lightweight API for current and historical foreign exchange rates and currency conversion. The API tracks rates published daily by the European Central Bank.

  54. Moss Walls & Moss Art | Artisan Moss
    Bring the 100% Natural Beauty of Moss Walls & Moss Art to your home or business. Shop online or let us customize a design just for you.

  56. Aquatic Moss. How to grow Aquatic Moss. Info on Java Moss, Christmas Moss, Taiwan Moss, Peacock Moss, Stringy Moss
    Informations about aquatic moss, aquarium moss, Vesicularia dubyana. Cultivation of Java Moss, Christmas Moss. This site provides all information about the cultivation of the different aquatic moss, aquarium moss, available to all hobbyist in order to create a nature aquarium.

  58. Postal Code Validation API | Zip Code Services™
    Find zip codes in a radius, Find the distance between zip codes, Find zip code geolocation data with Zip Code Services™.

  60. Bulk Email Address Verification and Validation API - Bouncer Checker
    Email verification done right, so you can focus on your business!
    Author: Lidia

  62. BetFair API - A Website where you can get betfair API at reasonable rate
    Free information about live game scores from API, VRNL provides you accurate information about all sports!

  64. Commodities-API | Free Oil, Coffee, Wheat & Commodities Rates JSON API
    Commodities-API provides a free, simple, and lightweight API for current and historical Commodities rates and currency conversion.

  66. Sea Moss Products - All Things Sea Moss
    GTA's premier supplier of Sea Moss Gel and Sea Moss Products.Fresh to order including Sea Moss Desserts, Smoothies, Beauty, Skin & Hair Care, Sea Moss Gummies.
    Author: All Things Sea Moss

  68. Cedar & Moss – Cedar and Moss
    Cedar and Moss. Fine Modern and Midcentury Lighting & Hardware made to order in Portland, Oregon. Artisan light fixtures handcrafted with high-quality brass, wood and ceramic parts.

  70. Moss-space | Moss-space

    Ian Moss Official Website. Ian Moss is one of Australia’s iconic musicians, respected as a guitar soloist, songwriter and singer. Ian's new self-titled album is available now.

  74. Moss Acres - Live Moss for Sale
    Moss Acres ships several species of live moss for landscaping, moss lawns, and for gardening with moss throughout the U.S.

  76. Moss Hardware - Welcome to Moss Hardware

    What else alternative websites

  78. Moss MediaHomepage – Moss Media
    Moss Media, providing digital marketing and content creation solutions for small to medium business as well as photography services for weddings, events, portfolio, profiles and any other areas you can think of.

  80. Moss Automation - Moss Automation

  82. Filadelfia Moss | Menighet | Moss
    Velkommen til Filadelfia Moss sin hjemmeside! Her finner du informasjon om hvem vi er, våre møter, misjon og hvordan du kan kontakte oss.

  84. Moss-dagblad.noHjemmeside -
    I dag er det stadig viktigere å holde seg oppdatert på det som skjer i samfunnet. Større informasjonsflyt enn det noensinne har vært tidligere gjør at man må jobbe stadig hardere for å holde seg oppdatert. Dette gjelder både de nyhetene som skjer rundt omkring i verden, men også på det økonomiske plan. Det skjer …
    Author: Maja

  86. Moss & Rygge Golfklubb i Moss
    Velkommen til Moss & Rygge Golfklubb.

  88. MITT MOSS - Nyheter fra Moss og Rygge
    Nyheter fra Moss og Rygge

  90. Moss Seilforening - Moss Seilforening
    MS - Moss Seilforening

  92. Gaia Sea Moss – Gaia Sea Moss
    The UK’s No1 Provider Of 100% Organic Wild Crafted Sun Dried Sea Moss/ Sea Moss Gel. Free Nationwide DPD Fully Tracked Delivery.

  94. Moss
    Ropa clásica de hombre

  96. Moss.
    Moss is a literary journal of writing from the Pacific Northwest, published annually since 2014.

  98. MOSS

  100. MOSS
    Membership, Offers, Shopping and Services

  102. MOSS
    Онлайн-магазин одежды

  104. No Moss
    The rolling stone gathers no moss, Health products that leave no trace on the earth and remove built up toxins (moss) in your body. Sustainable **** clothing and health based organic tea blends. All to help the planet and save us from disaster. Love our planet earth, reduce our waste. No waste, no trace.

  106. Moss
    MOSS is a Free to use Anti-cheat for most of the FPS competitive games. Moss is unique for it's wide games support and macros detections features
    Author: Syzdem

  108. Moss GU
    Code matters.
    Author: Moss GU No Magic

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  110. Foreign exchange rates and currency conversion JSON API
    FCS API is the best platform that provides a free forex rates, historical exchange rates and currency converter JSON API in USA, UK, Canada, Japan and more

  112. CurrencyScoop - Real-Time and Historical Currency Rates API
    CurrencyScoop is a developer-friendly REST API with real-time and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies and 1600 cryptocurrencies.

  114. Free Currency Conversion and Forex Exchange Rate API
    Free Currency Conversion API and Forex Exchange Rates data through REST API in JSON and XML format.

  116. Bitcoin Price Index API & Exchange Rates - BitcoinAverage
    Register now with BitcoinAverage & get fast free access to our trusted current and historical bitcoin prices for 160+ currencies, accounting tools & more

  118. Høiden Bil og Båtelektro AS Bilverksted i Moss - bilverksted i Moss, Moss

  120. Lookup, validate and autocomplete UK addresses, with a postcode using an API | findAddress is an easy JSON REST API to lookup, autocomplete and validate any UK address with a postcode. Start your 3 Months free trial today.

  122. Free email address validation API service, block disposable email
    Check-Mail is a free API service to validate email addresses, to check if an email is valid or disposable. The API combines blacklists with advanced heuristics to let you know if you should block disposable email or validate an email addresses.

  124. Moss Environmental Consultants - Moss Environmental
    Offering great service and excellent quality in Environmental Management. All Moss staff are Experts in Erosion and Sediment Control (ERSED) and environmental planning for construction. Moss staff have many years of environmental management experience in both the public and private sector. We aim to facilitate a positive outcome in a timely manner for all our clients.

  126. moss: a luxury acne apothecary - moss
    For promos and gifts available only to our VIP list... Full Name Email* Please verify your request* Please note, you can unsubscribe at any time using the link in any moss email footer.

  128. Mosses Animation | Société de développement des Mosses

    A thin library enabling large-scale, efficient reactive programming in Javascript/Typescript.

  132. socialshares - Responsive, secure, and fast share buttons.
    Responsive, secure, and fast share buttons.

  134. WikiTables Documenation
    Import tables from any Wikipedia article as a dataset in Python

  136. Home - drf-tracking
    Utils to log Django Rest Framework requests to the database

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  138. Invig – Breathing new life into old codebases

  140. Choly's Blog · Choly's Blog

  142. env-diff
    Compares expected environment variables to those set in production.
    Author: Jace Browning

  144. Site with notes from my work. | @JS's Notes
    Site with notes from my IT work.

  146. KxのBook | 野生的喵喵 的个人站点 | 分享工作及生活的点滴
    KxのBook | 野生的喵喵 的个人站点 | 分享工作及生活的点滴
    Author: ZHANG JIE

  148. Sitecore Stuff and Such | - by Christian Kay Linkhusen
    - by Christian Kay Linkhusen
    Author: Christian Linkhusen

  150. Lambda
    This blog is about Python, Golang, Django, IT etc.
    Author: Lambda Tw

  152. The Easiest Way To Document Your Project
    The Easiest Way To Document Your Project
    Author: Stéphane Goetz

  154. AbdullahAinun Blog's
    my name is ainun, happy reading and learning with me
    Author: Ainun Abdullah

  156. SparrowHub - Raku Plugins for daily $work
    Author: "Commits; I; "Email

    ci/cd. cloud. devops. docker. kubernetes. openfaas. python. raspberry pi. serverless.
    Author: Ron Rivera

  160. 새싹블로그
    Author: Jungwon Seo; Garden

  162. JS QnA
    Author: Seongbin Kim

  164. greg.lee's blog
    이희창의 개발 블로그입니다.
    Author: Greg Lee; Lee Hee Chang

  166. The Leading HTML to PDF conversion API — PDFShift
    An API to convert HTML/CSS documents to PDF. PDFShift is the reliable, Up-to-date and high-fidelity conversion API with no maintenance costs.
    Author: Cyril Nicodeme