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  2. The Unprepared Caregiver
    The Unprepared Caregiver Website speaks to the special challenges and rewards of caregivers who care for loved ones when a cure may not be possible. The goal of this site is to provide first-hand caregiver insight and expertise, much-needed knowledge about the psychological and communication challenges of the caregiving experience, and most importantly, to provide comfort to the millions of Americans who care in the shadow of a cure-focused culture.
    Author: Dr Zachary White

  4. **** boards community
    Community of friends where we talk about daily life, offtopic stuff, and what keeps us busy.

  6. Stream Detroit — The show about cool people doing cool s#!+
    Stream Detroit is about connecting the best of Detroit with the rest of Detroit. How? Through a podcast, you can listen to us talk to all kinds of successful people about their journey and all that great stuff. You’re not going to want to miss out on any of it. Trust us.

  8. Musings of Lanna Lee Maheux - In which I talk about stuff and stuff
    In which I talk about stuff and stuff
    Author: Lanna Lee

  10. Home -
    A podcast with a group of friends that like to talk about Disney, art, food, technology, and pretty much anything we like!
    Author: Emmyao

  12. Two Buttons Deep | Stuff Worth Talking About
    Stuff Worth Talking About
    Author: Taylor

  14. talking about things and stuff
    talking about things and stuff
    Author: Jonny

  16. Paweł Orzech (he/his)
    During the day - I'm working as Senior UX Producer for 11 bits studio. After that I'm doing my best to talk about stuff in (beware, it's Polish) YesWas | Podcast and Nagrany Podcast.

  18. The Mavens — The podcasts that knows things about stuff
    The podcasts that knows things about stuff
    Author: Dbasskin

  20. Thomas Jaskiewicz | Dev Blog
    Let's talk about IT & Tech stuff
    Author: Thomas Jaskiewicz

  22. Everything happens for a reson | Let’s talk about good stuff
    Let’s talk about good stuff
    Author: Everything happens

  24. Thoughts from Inside the Box
    I talk about trucks and life and stuff.

  26. Brainfarts by Blam
    I post things, and talk about stuff
    Author: Ben Lambert

    talks about his activities and the stuff he buys...
    Author: Dahl

  30. ****-kicking Babes - and other film stuff that I care (to write or talk) about
    and other film stuff that I care (to write or talk) about

  32. Bruce's hideout – where I talk about stuff I build or rant
    where I talk about stuff I build or rant
    Author: Florent Revelut

  34. Iraqi Dinar News | Call Chat Room Live Streaming Updates | RV Intel
    Iraqi Dinar holders connect without censorship or MOD dictators controlling what you can talk about. Enjoy your freedom & tell your friends.

  36. PodParadise: Listen To Podcasts Online | Online Podcast Player
    PodParadise is the best online podcast player. Listen to podcasts online for free without iTunes. Stream Joe Rogan, Radiolab, This American Life, and just about any other podcast you can think of.

  38. Creative Friends
    In the Creative Friends Podcast Garth Braithwaite, Host, talks with creatives about the best advice they've recieved, and the lessons they've learned the hard way.

    Other sites like unprepared pinecast co

  40. udienz blog
    A personal blog, talk about life, and other stuff

  42. Radio BrendoMan | A geeky podcast currently featuring Brendan Creecy and Phil Vecchio talking about books, movies, soda, Doritos, video game
    A geeky podcast currently featuring Brendan Creecy and Phil Vecchio talking about books, movies, soda, Doritos, video games, Disneyland, and so much other stuff. Also classic episodes featuring the…
    Author: Brendoman

  44. [ポ] ...My cup of tea...
    Talk about a Mac, iPhone, iPad and Podcast.

  46. D-Brad Music | Best Songs
    Call me unoriginal, but it's impossible to talk about 2020 without talking about the global pandemic.

  48. Original Greek Restaurant - Online, Drive Thru & Delivery in Hagerstown
    Come and enjoy our freshly prepared and cooked food made daily and see for yourself why Hagerstown is talking about Alekos 2 Go.

    ...talking about nerd stuff we do in and outside the office.

  52. This is Dope
    Your place to share, rate & talk about dope stuff.

  54. Ball is Bae NBA Podcast
    Ball is Bae NBA Podcast is India's largest NBA podcast. Hosted by Ashwin and Vineet, the Podcast combines their love for the beautiful game with their need to voice an opinion, and talk about things no one talks about. Vineet is a huge Spurs fan, and Ashwin resents any word which rhymes with long term loyalty. They have both been caught on camera being wrong about their predictions, and right about calling each other out over the other's wrong prediction.
    Author: Ashwin; Vineet

  56. How to Declutter Your Entire Home in 2 Weeks
    Join us for a FREE, live masterclass! We're talking about how to declutter your entire home in 2 weeks - even if you're drowning in stuff!

  58. How to Declutter Your Entire Home in 2 Weeks
    Join us for a FREE, live masterclass! We're talking about how to declutter your entire home in 2 weeks - even if you're drowning in stuff!

  60. REAL LIFE Case Study - Joe McCall Coaching
    REAL LIFE Case Study! - "How We Grossed $155,000 In The Last 2 Months, In A Virtual Market, Without Any Direct Mail, Without Talking To Any Sellers… While The Market Is Supposed To Be Crashing And Falling Apart!"
    Author: Joe McCall

  62. It's Taxes
    A blog mostly about video games but also some other stuff that I really want to talk about.
    Author: Havi S

  64. Michael and Ivanka's Grand Podcast
    A podcast talking about big ideas. Also with showing-off.

  66. Somethin' Disturbin'
    A strange podcast hosted by a strange person about strange stuff
    Author: Awg Tag

  68. Home |
    A web development blog where I talk about stuff I'm learning

  70. Top Clack
    Top Clack; we talk about keyboards and stuff.
    Author: PodBean Development

  72. Home | The Vale Podcast
    A community podcast for the people of Robinvale and district. Talking about all things local. Download the podcast from SounCloud or Apple Podcasts

  74. Tabs and Spaces Podcast
    A straight shooting podcast that talks about software development topics that developers care about

  76. Bshani Radio Podcast Network
    Bshani Radio Podcast Network - Always talking About Everything

  78. All Sooke Days
    Welcome to the All Sooke Days Podcast! Where we pay tribute to the original All Sooke Days celebration, that ended in 2002. We talk about Sooke Businesses, Sooke People, and Sooke History. All Sooke stuff, all the time!

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  80. Andrew Pla’s PowerShell Blog
    This is a site for me to share the stuff that I’m learning/doing and talk about PowerShell.
    Author: Andrew Pla I love PowerShell; Building Tools That Last

  82. Charlouze dev blog
    Blog that talks about Java(Script)?, Ionic, Angular and other cool stuff.
    Author: Charlouze

    Wandering the Interwebs, finding data leaks, talking about security stuff.

  86. Now That's The 80s – Your Best Memories
    Get all the best 80s stories on the web. This is the stuff everyone's talking about.
    Author: Love

  88. A portfolio of thoughts
    An online space for me (Tristan) to talk about stuff and show off my accomplishments!

  90. Home | TravelCommons
    TravelCommons The podcast giving the voice of the travelerIt's more about the journey than the destination Podcast #172 — Timeshares Without the Pitch; Notes on Tucson February 16, 2021 Episode 172 mark Podcasts 28.17 1 Comment Escaped Chicago winter for a week of hiking and eating in Tucson; CEO of Koala talks about renting timeshares;...
    Author: Mark

    Podcasting is the new marketing channel everyone is talking about. Leverage Interview Based Podcasts to reach your market.

  94. Lux Financial Planning | Financial Planning | NSW, Australia
    Lux Financial Planning delivers individually tailored wealth advice throughout NSW. To talk about your options, without any commitment, call 02 9327 1501.

  96. Home | soothingscience
    Companion site for the podcast Soothing Science. Season 1 is all about meditation and relaxation; Season 2 about weight loss and nutrition ( amongst Covid stuff of course). Science based information from a GP.

  98. Songwriting Tips Podcast, Lyrics, Structures - Song Talk Radio - Toronto
    The Songwriting Podcast & Radio Show; Where songwriters talk to other songwriters about songwriting

  100. The Podcast of Mystery
    The podcast where we talk with extraordinary guests about the paranormal, the strange, and the unknown.

  102. The Phasing Line Podcast – The podcast where Marty, KC1CWF, and Sterling, N0SSC talk about ham radio. Usually.
    The podcast where Marty, KC1CWF, and Sterling, N0SSC talk about ham radio. Usually.

  104. Love To Sew Podcast – A sewing podcast for makers where we talk about sewing a handmade wardrobe.
    A sewing podcast for makers where we talk about sewing a handmade wardrobe.
    Author: From Blackbird Fabrics

  106. Talking with Painters
    The podcast where Australian painters talk with Maria Stoljar about their life and art.

  108. Rough Book
    Vivin Paliath\'s personal blog. Here, I talk about life, computers, nerdy stuff - basically anything that I fancy. That and a lot of other random stuff.
    Author: Vivin

    Hi, I'm Filipe Kiss and I'm a developer. I talk about software, code and other stuff

  112. Talkingbooksandstuff's podcast
    Dennis Rimmer is talking about books, and writing and stuff.

  114. Víctor Cora Colombo - Víctor Colombo
    Hello there! I’m Víctor and this is my website. Here I will talk about my projects and write some articles about interesting stuff.
    Author: Víctor Cora Colombo

  116. Bad at Sports | Contemporay art talk without the ego
    Bad at Sports is Contemporary art talk without the ego, the Midwest's largest independent contemporary art podcast & blog.
    Author: Christopher

  118. Fresh Art International // art podcast // contemporary art
    Fresh Art International // Art Podcast // Fresh Talk // Conversations About Creativity
    Author: Freshart

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  120. Home • The Couples Blog
    Let’s talk about my favourite podcasts. Podcasts have quickly become a must-have for me especially at work, it makes my work day go by so much quicker.
    Author: Dalton

  122. John Faulds
    My blog where I talk about web design and development and other random stuff. Oh and there's some DJ mixes too.

  124. Sound Code
    a place for me to talk about programming and .NET ... because my friends and family aren't interested
    Author: Unknown

  126. The BakeOut Show - we get to the heart of cannabis
    Join celebrity hosts and their friends talking about the medicinal value of cannabis.

  128. ln -s
    Simplest and coolest URL shortener without any statistics, analytics, monetising or other unnecessary marketing stuff.

  130. Best bike and car reviews | Latest news | New releases
    We talk about cars; we talk about bikes and all the fun stuff in between! We do the best bike and car reviews in India and get the latest news on new releases.
    Author: Dancingpistons

  132. Matteo | Entrepreneur — Computer Engineer — Designer
    Here I talk about my business experiments, spiritual adventures, insightful podcasts, and business books that touched me.

  134. In which I talk about machines
    Yet another random tech blog in which I talk about problems I solved and stuff I found interesting.
    Author: Machineperson

  136. PopLyft - Your Buzz Delivered
    Get all the latest trending, hilarious, and mind-blowing stories on the Web. This is the stuff everyone's talking about.

  138. Priyank AI Blogs | This is a place for Priyank to display his projects and talk about stuff and ideas he’s interested in and looking forward
    This is a place for Priyank to display his projects and talk about stuff and ideas he’s interested in and looking forward to 2021.
    Author: Priyank AI Blogs

  140. ViralNova – Get all the latest interesting, hilarious, and mind-blowing stories on the Web. This is the stuff everyone's talking about.
    Get all the latest interesting, hilarious, and mind-blowing stories on the Web. This is the stuff everyone's talking about.

  142. Uber Eats | Livraison de repas à domicile | Commandez à manger
    Trouvez les meilleurs restaurants qui livrent des repas à domicile. Faites-vous livrer sans contact vos plats préférés, vos courses et bien plus encore ! Commandez des repas en ligne ou via l'application Uber Eats et soutenez les restaurants de votre quartier.

  144. BoomRoom - Live, Visual, Radio

  146. Lootex - Discover, Share and Trade Digital Items
    Lootex Marketplace provides a zero-fraud, transparent, and safe trading platform built on Ethereum blockchain.

  148. Home | WooChat
    WhatsApp Plugin for your Shopify Powered Stores

  150. Fraud Detection Solutions Powered by Network Analytics - Cylynx
    Blockchain analytics and forensics

  152. Greative | Digital Agency
    Digital Agency , web design

  154. Greative | Digital Agency
    Digital Agency , web design

  156. Gergely Nemeth on engineering leadership, web and open-source
    My name is Gergely, and this is where I write about engineering management, web and open-source.

  158. Uber Freight
    Uber Freight

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  160. Postmates: Food Delivery, Groceries, Alcohol - Anything from Anywhere
    Order delivery or pickup from more than 600,000 restaurants, retailers, grocers, and more all across your city. Download the app now to get everything you crave, on-demand.

    Технологии сохранения здоровья в условиях современной жизни.

  164. Uber Health
    Uber Health is a dedicated solution for healthcare organizations to arrange rides on behalf of others, enabling them to expand access to care while remaining HIPAA compliant.

  166. Wspieramy klientów w cyfrowej transformacji - Atende S.A.
    Poznaj nasze kompetencje z zakresu integracji IT, bezpieczeństwa ICT, migracji do chmury i usług chmurowych, cyfryzacji procesów w oparciu o blockchain. Sprawdź!

  168. Home | Björn Borg
    Björn Borg

  170. The VapeGround - olist shops
    The VapeGround

  172. 42 Family Holiday Parks in the UK - Park Holidays UK
    The UK holiday park specialists; we offer great value caravan holidays at a large range of fantastic holiday parks across England and Scotland.

  174. - IT/Digital community
    Сообщество digital, IT специалистов: администраторы, программисты, маркетологи

  176. Italic | Quality, At Cost.
    Luxury goods straight from the same manufacturers as your favorite brands. No logos, no markups. Shop exclusively at

  178. Tochat - Сообщество путешественников и иммигрантов
    Сайт создан для обсуждения стран, туристических поездок и иммиграции. На сегодняшний день мы охватываем 190 стран и порядка 350 городов.

  180. Support Ottawa Businesses during COVID-19 | Together Apart
    With businesses in the National Capital region temporarily shut down due to COVID-19, many folks are struggling. Support them by buying today!

  182. Do More With Less Code | Everbase
    Real world datasets and utility functions over a GraphQL API

  184. Sydney's Best Vegan Lebanese Street Food Located in Bondi
    We’re Australia’s First Vegan Lebanese Restaurant and we’re on a mission to re-define ‘fast food’ with ridiculously tasty (and healthy) Plant Based Lebanese food.

  186. Livraison Natsukashii Sushi à Saint-Gall - Menu et prix | Uber Eats
    Saint-Gall : utilisez votre compte Uber pour commander chez Natsukashii Sushi et vous faire livrer. Parcourez le menu, découvrez les plats populaires et suivez votre commande.

  188. Chaide - Colchones y productos de descanso. Tienda en línea.
    Chaide es la tienda en línea número uno de productos de descanso en Ecuador. Colchones, almohadas, ropa de cama, muebles de dormitorio, sofás cama.

  190. Base Web - Base Web React UI framework

  192. Uber | Careers Center | Welcome
    Build a career at Uber. Browse and apply to job openings, from entry-level to senior positions, in marketing, design, engineering, and other Uber teams.

  194. EDGARDO Import Company S.A.C. AREQUIPA Cel. 958871728
    EDGARDO Import Company S.A.C. AREQUIPA Cel. 958871728 - olist shops

  196. Order Sushi Factory Schuman Delivery Online | Brussels | Menu & Prices | Uber Eats
    Use your Uber account to order delivery from Sushi Factory Schuman in Brussels. Browse the menu, view popular items, and track your order.

  198. WESTSHADE | #1 Canopy and Umbrella in Southern California
    #1 canopy and umbrella in Southern California. Industry leading quality instant canopies and market umbrellas for all occasions. Easy set up.

  200. میزبان توسعه‌دهندگان | سرور مجازی ترید، هاست پرسرعت
    میزبانی هاست وردپرس ،سرور مجازی ترید، هاست برای سایت های وردپرس , هاست سی پنل , هارد پرسرعت SSD، هاست ری اکت، هاست react