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  2. Vik's Blog
    Writings on machine learning, data science, and building a company.
    Author: Vik Paruchuri

  4. Data Science and Machine Learning Consulting | Deep Learning Analytics
    We are a consulting firm specializing in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We build machine learning model for computer vision and NLP applications

  6. Building Critical Software – Cloud-Native Apps, AI Applications – Grape Up
    Building your most impactful applications using cloud-native technologies, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, DevOps and Agile methodologies.

  8. Building Critical Software – Cloud-Native Apps, AI Applications – Grape Up
    Building your most impactful applications using cloud-native technologies, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, DevOps and Agile methodologies.

  10. Jovian: Learn Data Science & Machine Learning Online | Courses, Projects & Tutorials
    Learn data science & machine learning. Participate in live online courses. Build real-world projects. Earn certifications. Interact with a global community.

  12. Sourabh
    Sourabh’s portfolio and writings on machine learning, data science and distributed systems.
    Author: Sourabh Bajaj

  14. Dylan Castillo — Data Scientist. Python Developer. Technical Writer.
    Data Scientist by trade. On my free time, I write about topics in Data Science and Machine Learning.
    Author: Dylan Castillo

  16. About – Mooncascade
    Mooncascade is a Data Science company focused on Data Analytics, Data Engineering and Machine Learning applications.

  18. DataOptimal | Learn Data Science, Build Projects, Get Hired!
    Learn Data Science using Python and R. Build real-world Data Science projects on Machine Learning, Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

  20. Learning Data Science and Artificial Intelligence – Learn Statistics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
    ABOUT AI SCIENCES AI Sciences is a learning platform where you can start learning from scratch the skills you need to build better Artificial Intelligence and data science projects and start working. We help you mastering Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and start your data science and AI career.
    Author: Aisciences

    Data Mining Blog covers both research and applications in data science, data mining and machine learning.
    Author: Sandro Saitta

  24. Jovian: The platform for all your Data Science projects — Jovian docs
    Jovian is a better place for your data science projects, Jupyter notebooks, machine learning models, experiment logs, results and more.

  26. EnviroAI Search Engine | Environmental Artificial Intelligence
    EnviroAI is building a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to protect the environment - one commercialized application at a time. Our applications scrape and utilize big environmental data, machine learning, and remote-sensing to aid you in your journey towards sustainability.

  28. AoX.Dev
    Rambles, tutorials, and technical articles about data science, end-to-end machine learning with JavaScript, and software development by Aronis Mariano.
    Author: Aronis Mariano

  30. Jeroen Janssens • Data Science Consultant and Instructor
    Jeroen Janssens is an independent data science consultant and instructor. He enjoys visualizing data, implementing machine learning models, and building solutions using Python, R, JavaScript, and Bash. He’s passionate about helping others to do such things.
    Author: Jeroen Janssens

  32. Meng Lim | Engineering, Tech enthusiast, Foodie
    I am a Software Engineer that strives for minimalistic design and is interested in Big Data and Machine Learning. I am currently writing Elixir && Javascript at @myxplor.

  34. | AI and Data Science as a Fully Managed Service, Custom AI Solutions and Advanced Data Analytics using Open Source Technologies.
    Xen.AI - Custom AI solutions and applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science technologies.
    Author: Param Namboodiri

  36. Data Science and AI Notebook | This is my Blog for Data Science Notebook which includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural L
    This is my Blog for Data Science Notebook which includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graphs, Information Visualization, and Data Mining.
    Author: Cheng-Lin Li

  38. Home Page - LaussenLabs
    Multidisciplinary research lab focusing on systems physiology, data science, and machine learning in a pediatric critical care environment.

    Other sites like weblab ai

  40. F1 predictor – Machine-learning based F1 race prediction engine
    Covering anything related to Formula 1, Data Science and Machine Learning. We're also building our own chatbot you can discuss with.
    Author: Asterios Stergioudis

  42. Ambolt - We use technology to empower people
    Ambolt AI is a software consultancy specialized in machine learning and big data. We use data science and machine learning techniques to help companies build state-of-the-art AI-Solutions.

  44. Fuxlab Product Development - Fuxlab Technology Group
    Product Intelligence. We develop environment friendly digital productsdriven by applied machine learning technologies. Technologies. Search Make users find what they are looking for. Nothing else matters! Machine Learning | CV Let machines decide what a user wants to see, or evaluate what a user sees. Data Insights | Analysis Do not talk without knowing the […]

  46. Cristian Perez Brokate
    I use data science tools to process multiple source of data and build robust data process pipelines. I build web applications with modern frontend javascript frameworks. I’m also in charge of IT management for large compute servers. In my free time I build IoT applications.
    Author: Cristian Perez Brokate

  48. — The Platform for Machine Teaching
    Watchful automates the process of data labeling in your machine learning workflow and accelerates your ability to build, deploy, and maintain machine learning applications in production.

  50. Unique Software Development | Custom Software Development Company in Dallas,Texas
    Unique Software Development is a Dallas-based software development Company specializing in Machine Learning, Data Science, Mobile and Web Applications applications.

  52. Data Science for Managers
    Gain a comprehensive overview of Data Science. Taught on campus at EPFL, the DSFM program balances theory and practice to quickly cover the most-important aspects of Data Science. You will learn in a highly-interactive environment, through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, exercises, case

  54. F.J. Sánchez’s blog | I don’t have enough time to write a blog, that’s why I am creating this notebook-blog where I am learning and simply m
    I don’t have enough time to write a blog, that’s why I am creating this notebook-blog where I am learning and simply making it public. The main theme is computer science and engineering with special attention to artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep-learning and robotics.
    Author: F J Sánchez's blog

  56. Data Science Blog: Understand. Implement. Succed.
    Data science blog with a focus on applications in R: ✓ statistics, ✓ machine learning ✓ coding. 5 ★ quality content guaranteed!

  58. Forums
    Where web developers and designers learn and share how to design websites, build mobile applications, create WordPress themes, write code, HTML, JavaScript,...

  60. My Data Science Portfolio | Ndcharles Nweke
    Data Scientist Machine Learning Intern Storyteller An engineering graduate who is now in data science/ML. An awesome journey so far🙌. My interests are in real-life applications of data science/ML to business to tackle every day problems. Let’s Connect LinkedIn Twitter Email View my Resume

  62. Aman's Career Blog
    Learn about Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Mobile App Development and other strategies to build a successful career in tech.

  64. Hola,I’m Bishrul Haq.
    You'll find tutorials for Machine Learning, Data Science and Some Software Engineering Technologies based on Laravel, PHP, Django, React Native, JavaScript.
    Author: June

  66. Learn to Code - for Free | Codecademy Free Tutorials
    Learn to Code - for Free | Codecademy Learn the technical skills you need for the job you want. Start with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Data Science.

  68. Digital Thinking - A coder's Blog about applied artificial intelligence
    Explore cutting edge applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning driven by software engineering and data science in Python and Java.

  70. AI, ML, Data Science Articles | Interviews | Insights | AI TIME JOURNAL
    Artificial Intelligence news and articles. Learn Data Science and Machine Learning with guides and tutorials. Discover top AI companies and business applications of Artificial Intelligence.
    Author: Melissa Drew

  72. Practical Data Science
    Practical Data Science provides articles and tutorials on data science and machine learning in Python to help you get better at your day job.

  74. Learn Data Science with our Training Programs | 365 Data Science
    Build your career in data science! 365 Data Science online training will help you land your dream job. Learn data science and get the skills you need. Try for free!

  76. Home
    Welcome to the website for our book, Malware Data Science, a book published by No Starch Press and released in the Fall of 2018. The book introduces you to the application of data science to malware analysis and detection. We explore the uses of social network analysis, machine learning, data

  78. Data Science and AI | Chalmers
    The Data Science and AI division engages in research and education within a growing area encompassing Data Science, AI and Machine Learning. With an increased demand for advanced information systems, computer applications, and autonomous decision making in nearly all areas of society, data science a

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  80. Coding & Data Science Bootcamps | SIT Academy
    Full-Stack & Data Science coding Bootcamps in Zürich. Start a new career in Tech using Javascript, Python, R, Django, React, Docker, Machine Learning and AI.

  82. Coding & Data Science Bootcamps | Propulsion Academy AG
    Full-Stack & Data Science coding Bootcamps in Zürich. Start a new career in Tech using Javascript, Python, R, Django, React, Docker, Machine Learning and AI.

  84. Eugene Yan - Home
    I design, build, and operate machine learning systems that serve customers at scale. I also write about data/ML systems and career.
    Author: Eugene Yan

  86. John Bussell - Freelance Website and App Designer
    I make great websites and beautiful applications. If you have an idea, let's build it together.

  88. JSON TOOLS gives you a complete coding environment with a collection of useful JSON utilities for working with JavaScript Object Notation data structures.

  90. 👋 Welcome! | categitau
    Catherine Gitau is an Applied Data Scientist based in Nairobi, Kenya that works on building data and machine learning models to improve businesses. She’s currently interested in getting into machine learning engineering so that she can be able to build machine learning systems to benefit customers at scale. She’s keen on writing technical blog posts to teach and at the same time learn.
    Author: Cate Gitau

  92. Data Weekends - A crash course with real exposure to code and data
    Data Weekends™ is a data science workshop where you can quickly get started practicing Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
    Author: Sep

  94. RMOTR: Become a Data Science expert.
    A self paced Data Science course to make you an expert in Python programming, Data Analysis, Machine Learning.

  96. The Little's Place
    Welcome! I am an engineer passionate about many things like machine learning, scalability, k8s etc. I work at a data science engineering team in Microsoft and I write about those topics. Hope you enjo
    Author: Jilong Liao

  98. Welcome To - Your Guide To Writing Academic Papers
    Not a big fan of writing science, literature, business, marketing and history essays and research papers? Let us help you write great college papers.

  100. learn something new :in our site you will programing ,cloud, Analytics, Machines, Machine Learning, Analytics Data Science, Analytics, and more
    Author: Sure-study

  102. Computer Science Hub
    Hi there, we at ComputerScienceHub are a team of Developers, Programmers, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Specialists trying to bring really helpful/useful information to you about Computer Science. Here on ComputerScienceHub, you can find a lot of resources for learning Programming, Machine Learning, Data Science.

  104. Joachim Weise - Joachim Weise
    I write this blog mainly to support my own learning process in AI, machine learning, data science, physics and other areas. My main goal is to summarize things in a way so that even I can understand them.
    Author: Joachim Weise

  106. HomePage - xPersona
    Launch your new application with xPersona Team. We help you build Web application, Mobile Applications and Network application baked with machine learning.

  108. RAAIS - Leading AI Summit
    The Research and Applied AI Summit is a community for entrepreneurs and researchers who accelerate the science and applications of AI technology for the common good. RAAIS is a leading London AI event exploring machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, data science, healthcare, life s

  110. Machine Learning Blog - Machine Learning Applications
    Machine learning – subfield of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data.[1] Due to numerous applications of machine learning in different fields, the use of machine learning ... Read more

  112. Enterprise Software and Solutions on Demand
    Enterprise Software and Solutions on Demand, Data Science, Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Business Intellegence, Omni-Channel Commerce, Business Applications, Business Simulations, ERP
    Author: ARI PD Software; Engineering Services LLC

  114. Samyak Jain: Data Science Enthusiast | Developer | Avgeek
    Samyak Jain - A computer science student with a passion for data science and machine learning, focused on building quality software and delivering valuable insights using the latest technologies.
    Author: Samyak Jain

  116. Eight Dots
    Eight Dots - Software Engineering company building IT products for Mobile, Web, Machine Learning/Data Science, Computer Vision, IoT

  118. Tryolabs | Machine Learning & Data Science Consulting
    Tryolabs is a machine learning and data science consulting firm that helps companies build and implement custom solutions that drive business results.

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  120. Data Science without Code | Obviously AI
    The entire process of running Data Science - building Machine Learning algorithm, explaining results and predicting outcomes, packed in one single click.

  122. Masasana AI - Machine Learning & Data Science Consulting
    Masasana AI is a Machine Learning and Data Science consulting firm that helps companies build and implement custom solutions to solve business problems.

  124. Home Company - TrendAI
    DATA SCIENCE AS A SERVICE (DSaS) Change how you do business in the age of AI and let's grow together ! DATA SCIENCE AS A SERVICE (DSaS) Change how you do business in the age of AI and let's grow together ! DISCOVER THE FEATURES What all you will get from us Enterprise Application Transformation […]

  126. Data Science, Career Coaching & Digital Marketing Institute | Board Infinity
    Are you looking to build a great career in data science & digital marketing? Board Infinity is your one-stop shop for Learning, Career coaching and assured job opportunities.

  128. will debug and collect data quickly and safely in any environment from development to production without redeploying your code. gives you the insight required to build faster, more reliable and more resilient applications.

  130. Scientific Programming School - Interactive Learning Platform
    Scientific Programming School is an interactive learning platform for Linux, Devops and Scientific/ Data programing. It gives you the opportunity to run codes/ OS commands as you learn with playgrounds and interactive shells inside your browser.
    Author: Scientific Programming

  132. React Rainbow Components
    React Rainbow is a collection of components that will reliably help you build your application in a snap. Give it a hack and let us know what you think.

  134. Thecleverprogrammer | Data Science | Machine Learning | Python | C++ | Coding | Programming | JavaScript
    Welcome to Thecleverprogrammer, I am Aman Kharwal, I am a programmer from India, and I am here to guide you with Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, and C++ for free.
    Author: Aman Kharwal

  136. Kory Becker - Github Project Page
    Kory Becker is a software developer and architect, skilled in a range of technologies, including web application development, web services, machine learning, and data science.

  138. Tech Talks Group
    This blog collects and showcases some great work related to the latest on-going trends in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence..
    Author: Theprogrammer Harshit

  140. Mutt Data | Boost your business with Machine Learning & Big Data
    Mutt Data is a technology company that helps you develop custom data products using Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data to boost your business.

  142. | ¡Adquiere Tu Avalúo en Línea en Segundos!
    Conoce el valor de venta, metro cuadrado y arriendo de tu inmueble, junto con los argumentos que lo justifican. ¡Genera tu Avalúo en Línea, Rápido y Fácil Acá!

  144. Offsyte | Discover and book high-quality virtual team events
    Stay connected with your remote teams & bond over high-quality virtual team events such as cooking classes, mixology classes, online woodworking workshops, magic shows and many more.

  146. Crypto Tax Calculator
    Online Crypto Tax Calculator with support for over 400 integrations. $49 for all financial years. Money Back Guarantee.

  148. Badania genetyczne, testy DNA - Bezpłatna porada Genetyka **550 punktów pobrań**
    NAJSZERSZA oferta badań: ✓ genetycznych ✓ na nowotwory złośliwe ✓ na nietolerancje pokarmowe ✓Koronawirus ✓ pod kątem diety DNA ✓ na choroby intymne ✓ badań krwi. ZADZWOŃ do specjalisty: ☎ 22 123 95 55 ➜ **CERTYFIKOWANE LABORATORIUM** Wykonaj test i działaj PROFILAKTYCZNIE.

  150. Geojet - manage your listings and reviews with style
    Geojet is a marketing tool for promotion of business on online maps and review services.

  152. Planned Grocery - Home
    Planned Grocery

  154. KidBit | Coding Classes for Kids Online
    KidBit is the best coding class for kids where kids learn to code online through an “Engage-Play-Reflect” approach. Book a free coding classes trial now.

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  156. ZapytAI | Rest in Belarus: online booking of houses, rooms, camping and fishing. - a platform for fast and reliable reservation of tourist services in Belarus. Here you will find always topical and comprehensive information about the best places to relax.

  158. Chainpro Energy | Miljøvennlige energiløsninger
    Miljøvennlig, brukervennlige, energiløsninger, lithium-ion, lion, batterier, solcelle, hydrogen, vannkraft, Buddy, Sjark, Båt, bobil, batteripakke, landbruk, næring, ferge, kraftleverandør, hjelpestrøm, elbil, rederier, chainpro, energi, el-bil, hytte, solfangere, nødstrøm, sykehus, leaf, strømkolaps

  160. Pakke
    Pakke - ¡Todo lo que necesitas para tus envíos, en un sólo lugar!

    Türk Patent ve Marka Kurumu

  164. All games - Soccer - Penalty
    All games list.

  166. Web App Design & Development Services in UK - Will Squire
    Full stack web applications development specialists. Our company provides Software Engineering, UX & UI design services to deliver the most ambitious projects.

  168. Fryde - Customer Communications Evolved
    Using Fryde, your customers can order, pay, and communicate with your business - all from the palm of their hands.

  170. arttac solutions
    Auf Sie maßgeschneiderte Lösungen im Bereich der Software- und Webentwicklung, sowie Unterstützung und Beratung bei der Digitalisierung Ihres Unternehmens.

  172. Μετατροπέας νομισμάτων και τελευταίες ισοτιμίες για 160 νομίσματα | Currency Fox
    Μετατροπή νομισμάτων με ακριβεια και ισοτιμίες για κάθε νόμισμα

  174. Welkom bij Mambeco
    Verbeter de wereld, begin bij jezelf.

  176. Smartferry | Home page
    Smartferry is a platform that allows you to book your ferry crossing. Book you ferry for an unforgettable travel.

  178. 3DShot app - Create interactive 3D images and record 3D reviews
    Shoot products in 3D for Instagram, Facebook, online stores, and marketplaces. Make 3D reviews and use them to sell products on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, any other marketplace or website.

  180. Peer-to-business platforma, lidé půjčují firmám |
    Firmy získají šanci na dostupné úvěry, investoři zhodnotí peníze lépe než na spořícím účtu v bance.

  182. لَبلِب | خِدمةُ بحث مُخصّص
    Lableb Cloud Search is a fully functional search application added to your website. It helps you get the right answer to more people on your platform and surface relevant content for your readers and followers. The search results are fresh, complete, and relevant to your audience. Full-text Search supports (Arabic – English) languages and popular search features such as highlighting, autocomplete, and geospatial search.

  184. Le Cèdre Familles - Ensemble pour des économies bienveillantes !
    Le Cèdre Familles est un groupement d'achat engagé qui a pour mission d'aider les familles à faire des économies et à consommer autrement.

  186. Home – Innowell
    We deliver digital health solutions to promote mental fitness & ensure people receive the right care at the right time.

  188. - Manage less and play more
    Manage less, play more.